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Benefits Of Green Cleaning

17 Apr 2017 6:18 AM | Deleted user

     There are many benefits to "green cleaning" versus cleaning with household commercial products bought from grocery stores.  One of the biggest benefits of green cleaning is a healthier home.  Chemicals used in most cleaning products can linger in the air and remain on surfaces for some time.  That raises the risk of developing asthma, dermatological or other illnesses.  Green cleaning products, on the other hand, will not cause toxicity when inhaled and are therefore healthier and safer to use around people, particularly children, and pets.

     Most household commercial cleaning products are also harmful to the environment.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lists phosphorus, nitrogen and ammonia--all chemicals found in grocery store household cleaning products, as Volatile Organic Compounds.  Those chemicals then find their way into our waterways after they are flushed down toilets and rinsed down drains.  Although, water is treated by waste treatment facilities, nitrogen, phosphorus and ammonia are not removed by the treatment process and enter our waterways causing environmental damage.

     "Green cleaning" uses all natural compounds that are biodegradable.  No harmful or toxic chemicals which emit volatile organic compounds are used.  Therefore, they are much safer for people and the environment.  Implementing "green cleaning" into my business will reduce the amount of toxins in people's homes and in the environment.  Not only will this create a healthier atmosphere now, but it will help preserve our environment and help make the world a safer place for generations to come.

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