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Benefits Of Having A Green Cleaning Company

21 Mar 2017 7:40 AM | Deleted user

I started out cleaning 5 years ago.  I did it to supplement income but as I got further into it and started researching cleaning techniques and strategies, green cleaning always came up.  I felt strongly about it with houses that had new babies and small children.  But also as a cleaner I am exposed to the chemicals 3-4 times a day with the different jobs I do.  I am in the process of becoming more legit and not a trunk slammer and I was amazed by the MSDS size I have for the cleaning chemicals I used. 

Therefore I am slowly switching out chemicals as they run out.  I have started with using Simple Green.  I also have had to switch cleaning suppliers as one company discouraged me from using green products saying they don't carry them because they don't work. 

I will now clean everything using green cleaning techniques and you can find my service located here in the Green Cleaning Directory. 

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