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Customer Service #1 Priority

16 Mar 2017 6:05 AM | Deleted user

Customers are people, too!

At IJCSA we are learning that customer satisfaction is the most important part of the business. In order to keep the customer's business, we as business owners need to do several things to make the customers experience with our company the best they have ever had.

To gain excellence in Janitorial Cleaning, we must master customer service which is what IJCSA trains us to do. A few keys to good customer service are -

1) Listening to the customer to find out exactly what they think makes a building clean and well-maintained. Every customer and facility is uniquely different.

2) Documenting/Remembering key elements about their industry, facility and even the individual themselves to help the contractor to meet and exceed that particular customer's needs.

3) Continually maintaining open communication so that concerns/problems are identified and resolved quickly before the customer considers looking elsewhere for excellent service.

As Cleaning and Janitorial Business owners we are gaining the training and knowledge thru IJCSA  to succeed in having completely satisfied customers!

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