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Implementing A Cleaning Service

19 Apr 2017 11:43 AM | Deleted user

Our school is going to implement a cleaning service that is safe and useful upon many uses.  The cleaning service we are coming up with includes safety, material data sheets so we know what all our chemicals are, instructions on how to use them properly and what to use them on or for and labels. 

We have steps to cleaning our school to maintain a healthy sanitized building. Our first step is cleaning the bathrooms, which we clean with a heavy duty sanitizer for the sinks and toilets with a clean rag.

We then sweep up the floors and use a mop that sprays out heavy duty tile cleaner, we make sure to clean up every little spot in the bathrooms. The second step is to make sure our tables are sanitized, trash is thrown away and a new liner (bag) is put in. we use a regular sanitizer spray bottle along with a clean rag to wipe down the tables. Our third and final step is to vacuum the whole school every single room and to pick up clothes and put them in lost and found along with throwing away our large trashcans and refilling them.

This is what we currently came up with and are using and it’s working very good.

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