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Benefits of Green Cleaning

16 Apr 2018 6:33 PM | Emanuel Johnson

When someone asks, why go green?  I always make sure to tell them about all the toxic chemicals that are in their everyday cleaning products.  I let them know the effects its having on their different surfaces and to their body.  For example, many people love Windex.  But Windex contains ammonia.  Which is a skin irritant, it can cause headaches, it adds nitrogen to the environment among other things.

The average American household uses about 63 synthetic chemical products.  When you use less harmful products, it cuts down on many human health risks.  There are many things right in many people's cabinet they can use.  For example, vinegar and water can be used to clean windows. One way less toxic than the other but yields the same results. By going green, it benefits the public and environment.

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