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Customer Service Is Key - What is good customer service?

17 Nov 2017 11:28 PM | Shamika Williams

What is Good Customer Service?


Great customer service is essential in the janitorial business and can make or break if you are awarded a specific account.  Customer service is how the client perceives your interaction and attitude when interacting.   

There are times you have to adjust your attitude or personality according to the client.  In the janitorial business, clients are please knowing the vendor they hired is knowledgeable of the service they are providing and the supplies they are using to perform the job.  Your attitude is the primary characteristic clients will use to determine if you are an approachable individual. 

When hiring an IJCSA member, clients can feel comfortable knowing they are hiring a professional that is knowledgeable and customer service is #1. How do they know that?  Members of IJCSA have their certificates to prove they have passed specific courses and can be identified by the IJCSA visible logo.  When submitting your bid package, IJCSA members are encouraged to prove to customers they want their business and that the customer is important to by submitting their Customer Service Certification to prove they have received customer service training along with other professional certifications.  Exceptional customer service skills can set your business from all the others.  Click on the link below to find a host of proud IJCSA members!!


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