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Green Cleaning Is The Best Choice

23 Jul 2018 6:32 PM | Lucia Miringu

Why perform Green Cleaning? Well in my experience customers and employees deserve to be exposed to the least harmful solutions available.  We as employer and professional should be able to provide safe and effective cleaning solutions. We pride our selves in being professional and conscientious about what we provide. We must think about everyone that is involved and effected by us. I am not just referring to our employee or customers but also to the unsuspecting 2 year old that doesn't know the difference between what is harmful or innocent. They are not going to read a label and determine weather or not a chemical can harm them, no that is our responsibility. When ever I think about what to bring to a clients home I image its my home where my children are playing and living. This allows me to have greater compassion and sense of responsibility toward the perspective customer and their home. 

As we all know some of the chemicals being use in the janitorial services are not the best. Of course they will clean and disinfect but at what cost. Some chemicals have long been proven to have negative effects yet we continue to use them. Why then if we know they are harmful do we continue to use them, although we might not admit it, it comes done to money. I don't believe in making a dime at the cost of someones health.  

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