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Benefits of Green Cleaning

09 Jul 2018 8:21 AM | Deleted user

Green cleaning helps people stay healthy. In this day and age many people are susceptible to the effects of cleaning chemicals and other toxins.  Additionally, many cleaning chemicals have toxic effects on the environment.  Our company implements a green cleaning program to benefit the environment, the health of our workers and our clients. Utilizing green cleaning chemicals help reduce the negative impact from frequent exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals and unsafe equipment. The benefits will be no harm coming from harsh chemicals on the skin and breathing in dangerous lingering chemicals in the air. The use of green cleaning chemicals also greatly reduces waste ensuring that we maintain environmental sustainability.

The green cleaning represent compliance with a rigorous set of criteria , insuring that we are current on safe green practice, training and regulations. Green cleaning programs leverage a trend currently in favor of environmentally friendly practices that have proven to have economics benefits for business owners and their occupants due to overall improved health resulting in less sick days. Completing a green clean requires a strict criteria and must ensure that we abide by the rules and policies.

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