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Green Cleaning - Fight Nature with Nature

04 Sep 2018 5:45 PM | Deleted user

As an asthma sufferer and now new home owner, I can say first hand how important it is to have a clean space but one also free of inducing cancer or breathing difficulties. Even more recently in the news, chemical manufacturing companies have come under fire for their continued use of ground and water contaminating substances. Every day improper and over- use of chemicals/cleaners expose our skin (especially the forearms and hands) to a multitude of toxins and that's just in our homes! Another example are the huge populations of pyrethrin-resistent bugs and antibiotic resistant bacteria. 

If we are going to change this then we must implement an action plan. Green cleaning is not a fad. This is a viable way to get and keep living spaces clean and sanitized without the need for toxic chemical exposure. By Cleaning with eco-friendly products and practices such as high grade essential oils, green products, hepa vac's, and steam cleaning, we can eliminate cross contamination and provide safe-touch surfaces for people and pets. This offers peace of mind that not only are areas clean but we've reduced our carbon-footprint producing less waste and chemical run off.

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