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Green Cleaning: Finding the best service

09 Oct 2018 11:01 AM | Deleted user

This is an incredible age we are in! Rapid technological replication and medical advances at the microscopic level to name a few, have given way to many new and exciting devices and products. This also includes the need for cutting-edge cleaning products and practices within our living and work spaces. Unified: cleaning organizations and their accrediting bodies must uphold a high industry standard. 

To meet this ongoing need: organizations like the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association ( ) offer green cleaning certification for the budding cleaning professional as well as a growing community of companies the public can network from.  Proven Green Cleaning practices are the most effective and best cleaning approach for all consumers.

Here's why: Harsh toxic chemicals only "kill" a small amount of pathogens, in fact, they cause more harm to humans and the environment and thus outweigh any benefit. Better cleaning options are available for those seeking LESS chemical exposure while still getting excellent results. This is achieved ONLY through green cleaning best practices.

Some things to look for when deciding on a Green Cleaning Company: cleaning companies and their support staff not just cleaning for appearance. Rather, by using pure, concentrated botanical products, microfiber cloths, sealed Hepa vacuums, and steamers, living and work spaces are cleaned chemical-free. Maintained surfaces are then deep cleaned and sanitized better.

For all these reasons, green cleaning is a very effective and safe practice when used in the correct manner. For more information on locating a green cleaning service visit


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