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14 Jul 2018 12:11 PM | Deleted user

When a customer requests a cleaning of their residence or office, we at SPRUCED! Cleaning Services, LLC understand.  We understand the customer already believes that living and/or working in a cleaner environment means living and/or working in a “healthier” environment.  What the customer may need help realizing is how using traditional cleaning products vs. “green” cleaning products may actually be jeopardizing their health in the process of cleaning.  Becoming a certified green cleaning service will set my company apart from others as professional, trained and knowledgeable cleaners dedicated to providing customers with excellent cleaning and healthier results.

As a certified green cleaning service, we can help our customers understand the pros and cons of green cleaning vs. traditional cleaning. Traditional cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that can cause chronic and acute health issues, including “irritation of the eyes, upper and lower airway mucous membranes, and the skin” (*online article: T.C.Yeomans, N. McKeon, J. McKeon and E.B. Mitchell).  In contrast, green cleaning products and services can significantly reduce these and other types of health risks, while providing effective cleaning results.  While the costs for green cleaning may be a little more—our educated customers will agree that their health is worth it. 

People are becoming more educated about improving the ‘true’ health of their environment. Consequently, they are increasingly seeking professional, “certified” cleaning services from companies who share a commitment to providing excellent cleaning results with the least toxic impact.  Many such green cleaning companies have chosen to become member affiliated with well-known associations like the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA).  The IJCSA not only helps train and certify their member cleaning companies, but they offer a search engine for finding professional certified companies to perform customized cleaning at

As a professional cleaner, soon to be “certified” green cleaner, I personally benefit an improvement to my health as well as to the health of our employees.  Working day-to-day inhaling and using traditional cleaning products, we’ve begun to notice slight headaches, eye and nasal irritation.  As a result, we’ve already begun to purchase green cleaning products and are noticing a big difference!  GET SPRUCED! GO GREEN!!Green Cleaning Services


*The quote in the second paragraph above is extracted from the online publication "Cleaning Agents: The Divide - Human Friendly vs Environmentally Friendly" by T.C. Yeomans, N. McKeon, J. McKeon and E.B. Mitchell, which appeared in the cleaning technology journal Tenside Surfactants Detergents (issue 02/2010, pages 81 -86).


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