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Benefits of Being Green Clean Certified

21 Sep 2018 1:05 PM | Yanira Morales
In the modern world, climate change and environmental preservation has more importance and prevalence than ever before. As people are beginning to see the consequences of pollution both in the environment as a whole and in their own personal health, it has become important for janitorial services, such as those found here, to address the concerns of maintaining cleanliness without sacrificing eco-friendliness or health.

Yanan Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services is located in an area whose culture has emphasized conservation and green living for years. As such, clients looking for cleaning services know the value of green cleaning. With green cleaning certification and the knowledge afforded to us from it, our business can address these issues successfully.

But green cleaning goes beyond business; it helps reduce our impact on the environment. Standard industrial cleaners contain chemicals that will inevitably end up in our oceans or our trash fills and negatively impact the planet. Ammonia, a chemical found in many industrial and household general cleaners, adds nitrogen to the environment, which can have toxic effects on plants, fish, and animals. Alkyl benzene, commonly found in surface cleaners, is very slow to biodegrade and produces carcinogens and reproductive tocins like benzene during the manufacturing process. Phosphorus, which can be found in toilet bowl cleaners, can upset the balance of water-based ecosystems. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and ammonia have all been labeled as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by the EPA, which both attributes to smog and negatively impacts local ecosystems.

Our health, too, can improve with the implementation of green cleaning. Natural cleaning solutions and eco-friendly products tend to be less harsh than standard chemicals, which have been found by the EPA to irritate the lungs, eyes, and skin upon exposure. People with asthma especially can be affected by the harsh fumes and smells. VOCs, the EPA has found, can also impact indoor air quality and expose businesses and homes to higher levels of pollutants. Switching to green products will improve the health of both our team and our clients.

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