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How being Green Cleaning Certified...

19 Sep 2018 10:21 AM | Jillian DeAnnuntis

Using Eco-friendly or “Green” Cleaning Products and techniques to Clean is not only beneficial for my clients and their families and pets, but it also benefits myself, my employees and the environment. Green cleaning companies are committed to using only the safest products and most efficient cleaning methods. More and more people are becoming aware of the harmful chemicals found in most common household cleaners and are turning to Green Cleaning products and methods.

There are many benefits to being a Green Cleaning Certified company. Using a Green Cleaning program reduces exposure to toxic chemicals. This is proven to reduce the risk of asthma and allergies. It improves the overall indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust and chemicals. This will reduce sick time for me and my staff as well as my clients and increase work performance.

By implementing high efficiency Green Cleaning methods, overall cleaning costs can be reduced increasing my bottom line. It includes improved training programs that stress safety which reduces work place accidents and injuries. Regular and improved maintenance of powered cleaning equipment which ensures equipment is always working efficiently. 

Being IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified lets my customers know that I am committed to reducing their exposure, and the environment, from toxic chemicals and reduce waste. For these reasons I received my Green Cleaning Certification thru The International Cleaning Service Association (IJCSA). The IJCSA provides a list of Certified Green Cleaning Companies in different areas. The link is


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