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Importance Of Bloodborne Pathogen Knowledge In The Cleaning Industry

11 Oct 2018 8:22 PM | Lisa Perry

It is important for people in the cleaning industry to know about blood borne pathogens because they will inevitably come across blood and/or bodily fluids at some point.  Without the knowledge of how dangerous a little drop of infected blood or a contaminated bodily fluid soaked garment can be, they risk infecting themselves. 

Not only do they need that education to protect them in their work routine, they also need to know how potentially dangerous it can be to eat, drink, and perform daily actions around contaminated materials.  Something as innocent as applying lip balm or handling a contact can be hazardous.

The knowledge of blood borne pathogens and how to protect yourself from accidental exposure and infection is crucial in a workplace that often accommodates blood and bodily fluids.

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