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Finding A Green Cleaning Service

14 Nov 2018 8:40 AM | Kellie Turner

                When it comes to finding a green cleaning service for your home or company, there are quite a few things to consider and look for. Among the long list of things to look for there is making sure the company is certified, that it isn’t a greenwashing company, they are bonded and insured, they are committed to being green, and they know how to answer all your questions.

                It is reassuring to make sure the company you are interested in hiring is certified. There are a lot of companies out there that claim to be certified, so it’s best to find out the certification process. One great one to look out for is the Green Seal’s GS-49 Standard. Companies that have this seal use healthy types of tools, processes, products and techniques. The requirement for this certificate is the company’s owners and employees must finish 8 hours of training annually. Making sure the company isn’t greenwashing is important to know before hiring. The best way to go about finding this out is by inquiring about their material safety data sheets. Professional cleaning companies are required by Occupational Safety and Health administration (OSHA) to have safety data sheets.

                Although not exclusive to green cleaning companies, making sure they are bonded and insured gives you protection in case something goes wrong. Their insurance company will be responsible for covering financial losses, not you.  Look for content that specifies the company’s chemistry and describes their processes to make sure they are committed to being green, if the company is committed to being green they will use products and chemicals that are non-toxic. Give the company you are interested in hiring a call and ask all your questions. Questions like, how long have you been in business, do you train all your employee’s in green cleaning, what products do you avoid using and why, do you have certifications, or what kids of tools do you use? All these questions plus more if you feel you need to ask them are great questions to learn more about the company. If they can answer your questions and you feel comfortable with your answer, then you are ready to switch to green cleaning.

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