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Businesses Going Green

02 Nov 2018 2:19 PM | Cameron Serrano

Being green can make our company standout even more than it already does in a small rural community. Many residents here enjoy the views, lake, and scenery. By marketing a chemical that is not harmless to the environment we will be able to show how small of a footprint our company leaves in this county.

By also showing how “Green” our company is we will be able to help expand our services. Many schools and Hospitals prefer the natural cleansers than harsh chemicals such as bleach and others. Being able to get in to these areas will allow us to give back to our community and help reduce the sickness rates and absent rates that our county has a problem with.

Due to the line of work my company does in the Restoration Business, being a Green Cleaning Service will help make us not be just another company. By implementing All Natural and Green Cleaning this will bring many customers interest in our company. Due to our area being very rural making us stand out more with new and improved cleaning techniques will help our company grow.

We run into many elderly homes, people with Asthma, and sensitive clients that can not handle the smell of the other chemicals. We have already implemented All-Natural Chemicals and the clients are very happy with how clean and nice there home looks and smells when done. This also helps prevent unforeseen damage when using regular chemicals as they can damage items just due to the item finish. Going Green will really open more doors for our company.

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