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  • 15 Aug 2018 2:56 PM | Roger Morgans

    Searching for all-natural alternatives to the harsh chemicals of yesterday can be a daunting task. Even the best performing bio-based solutions are only as good as the team using them. 

    This is why it is essential to find the right partner for your operational and environmental goals. A good place to start is IJCSA's Green Service Directory at 

    Sourcing planet-friendly products and processes is only half the battle - implementing them can be an overwhelming task. You'll want the reliable and conscientious professionals like IJCSA member Morgans Cleaning & Property Management.

  • 15 Aug 2018 2:48 PM | Roger Morgans

    The environmental footprint of the janitorial industry has been long overlooked. Just as we have obligations to our clients and employees, we also have even deeper obligations to our communities and environment.

    "Green" chemicals and procedures have advanced to a point where they perform as well or better than their harsher and less safe counterparts and are becoming more competitively priced. This means as we embrace the changes we can depend on safer, cleaner facilities and work spaces.

    Find Your IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Company Here

  • 15 Aug 2018 1:36 PM | jeremy wright

    Being a Green and environmentally friendly cleaning company will make your company stand out from the crowd.  Your company can use this for marketing and will work well in sales calls and when placing bids.  In this very competitive industry any way to make your company stand out from the crowd will help to land more business.

    Although we are all here to make our business strive and be successful we all as human beings owe it to one another and our planet to do what we can to be more green and environmentally friendly.  We need to be more aware of harsh cleaners we are using.  We can also reduce wasted products and recycle when we can. 

    The information provided by the has opened my eyes to dangerous agents used daily such as Bleach and ethyl cellosolve that I may not otherwise have realized were so harmful.  I believe in using green products as much as possible now.

    Find Green Cleaning Services Here

  • 15 Aug 2018 1:24 PM | jeremy wright

    BWH Security LLC has made the move to being a Green Cleaning service.  We are proud to be Green Certified through IJCSA and hope to leave our mark on our buildings and all facilities we maintain.  We are proud to use only Green based cleaning products, and implement a training program that is environmentally friendly to all of our staff members.  To find other Green cleaning companies near you, follow the link!

  • 15 Aug 2018 1:10 PM | jeremy wright

    In todays world "Going Green" has become the gold standard in many industries from fast food to janitorial.  In any sector where harsh chemicals are used, making an effort to use environmentally friendly cleaning agents will be not only better for the environment but for your cleaning company as well.

    Putting in place a green training procedures for all employees is the start to being a Green cleaning organization.  Focusing on recycling, limiting waste, and of course using Green products that are environmentally friendly as much as possible.  Being a green company not only is good for earth and our health but will give your company another avenue for marketing and advertising that may make you stand out from competitors. 

  • 15 Aug 2018 9:47 AM | Nathaly Cruz

    Harmful effects of using every day chemicals compared to using natural green products.

     Cleaning is an essential part of life, whether we enjoy it or hate it, sooner than later it has to be done. Thankfully, you can hire a professional to take care of that problem for you. Another option, is of course, do it yourself, but we are aware that it takes a big portion of your time. So, if is an option, save yourself the hustle and call No More Mess Cleaning Services.   

    We all know that in order to disinfect, sanitize, deodorize, degrease and polish, we need the help of chemical products. But how far are we willing to compromise our health? Research demonstrates that the most acutely dangerous cleaning products are corrosive drain cleaners, oven cleaners, and acidic toilet bowl cleaners. On the other hand, products with high amounts of chlorine bleach and ammonia can irritate eyes, nose, throat and lungs, and should never be used by people with asthma, lung or heart problems. Even the health status of “perfectly healthy people” can be jeopardize due to every day chemical products.

    In the study material from IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification, we learned that Chlorine is frequently involve in poisoning cases in the Unites States. Chlorine is toxic and negative not only for the health but also for the environment, it can also be dangerous to house pets.  Also another name that can be confused or perceived as a harmless agent is: Mineral oil. Mineral oil “is a derivative of petroleum. It can cause decreased absorption of vitamin A, and vitamin K in pregnant women. It is considered both carcinogenic and tumorigenic by RTECS criteria” (IJCSA)

    My customers often ask me: what’s a good natural product to disinfect, other than bleach? According to the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association, ethanol or 100 proof alcohol in solution with water, works as a good disinfector. Another option to disinfect is Borax. Borax is an important boron compound, a mineral, and a salt of boric acid. Powdered borax is white, consisting of soft colorless crystals that dissolve easily in water. Borax is a component of many detergents, cosmetics, and enamel glazes.

    Some all-purpose cleaners contain diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA) although, many all-purpose cleaners have low acute toxicity it can still contribute to “long-term health like cancer or hormone disorders”. Other effects to the health originating from every day cleaners are: decreased sperm counts, increased rates of male birth defects such as cryptorchidism (undescended testicles) and hypospadias.

    Our environment suffers tremendously due to everyday cleaning chemicals. “Cleaning liquids disappear down our drains, threatening water quality, fish and other wildlife”. Also petroleum-based products contribute to the unnecessary consume of oil, a non-renewable resource. And let’s not forget, the negative impact of plastic bottles used to package cleaning products, currently some bottles are recycle but not in massive amounts.

    We have to be conscious and take responsibility for our health, our environment, and the ecosystems around us. There are effective combinations of natural products that can help us to clean effectively, without causing danger. I encourage other cleaning professionals to take the IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification to learn more about safe alternatives, we have to look out for our employers, our clients, the environment and our own health.

    Find A IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Service Here 

  • 14 Aug 2018 1:26 AM | Masseino Anderson

    Customer service is essential to any industry, it is the foundation of a successful business. The same is true in the janitorial business. It is super important as client interaction and satisfaction is the core of what we do. Ensuring clients are happy with the job that was done and how they were treated will keep them calling us back.

    At  IJCSA Business Directory. we value our clients putting them first making customer service a top priority because we understand that our clients make our business what it is.


  • 14 Aug 2018 1:19 AM | Masseino Anderson

    Big Sister Services LLC has gone GREEN!

    It is amazing to be certified GREEN by IJCSA, the information provided has been wonderful and has opened my eyes to the harmful effects of everyday cleaning chemicals and the benefits of Green cleaning.

    It is with utmost pleasure that we help to make our homes and in extension our communities better by using Green products in all our jobs.

    Find Professional Certified Green Cleaning Companies Here

  • 14 Aug 2018 1:08 AM | Masseino Anderson

    Toxic chemical mixtures found in everyday cleaning chemicals have been found to give off severe adverse reaction to living organisms exposed to prolonged use. Over a period of time persons, pets and even plants have shown negative reactions that affect their over all health.

    Everyday cleaning chemicals are costly in comparison to green cleaning products. The side effects of everyday using everyday cleaning products that could lead to hefty doctor bills, can be eliminated by using green products.

    A company may have to deal with liability from workers and less productivity due to being sick more often.

    There is also the effects on the environment, when these substances get into water ways it can cause significant issues for wildlife and humans. Also using products that are not biodegradable and items are not properly disposed of help to deplete the ozone layer making it hotter and hotter as the days go by.

    Find A IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Service Here

  • 13 Aug 2018 1:49 PM | LIBERTY MOON

    Green cleaning programs promote health, safety and social consciousness. Processes focus on improving indoor air quality, recycling and minimizing air pollution, water pollution, ozone depletion and global climate change. Green cleaning also reduces health problems associated with allergens, chemical sensitivities and contaminants, such as mold and bacteria. 

    Green cleaning will also Increase worker satisfaction, improve employee morale, reduce absenteeism and promote productivity, efficiency and retention.  Benefits of green cleaning programs are well documented. 

    Helps reduce the cost to building management and tenants, including costs associated with sick leave and productivity loss. 

    Find A IJCSA Green Cleaning Service Here


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