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  • 12 Oct 2018 5:19 AM | Steven Thomas Jr

     At Platinum Hygienics, it is important to our company to be “Green Cleaning Certified” to demonstrate our commitment to the cleaning industry and the environment.  Platinum Hygienics realizes that choosing to be green certified offers benefits to our company that can be passed along to our clients and staff. 

    Platinum Hygienics believes that being green cleaning certified sets our company apart from the competition.  Our company believes that being a green cleaning company is a unique quality in the cleaning industry.  Our green certification means that we are willing to go the extra mile and research what the best environmental-friendly products are that put the safety of our clients and staff.

    Our company is dedicated to using cleaning products that are safe for our clients and staff. At Platinum Hygienics, the fact that we are a green company means the products that we use do not contain harmful toxic chemicals that cause adverse health effects. By being a green company, we are providing a safe environment using products that eliminate the risks of eye and skin irritation, wheezing, shortness of breath, headaches and confusion. By providing a safe environment, Platinum Hygienics can be a cost efficient company.

    Our company feels that it is important to be a cost efficient company. The advancement in the development of cost efficient cleaning products that do not contain harsh chemicals make it possible to be a green cleaning company. Common household products can be used to clean environments that are cheaper than commercial cleaning products. This is important in today’s cleaning industry because you can pass this savings on to your clients. 

    In conclusion, Platinum Hygienics is committed to the cleaning industry by setting themselves apart from the competitors, providing a safe environment for their clients and staff and being a cost effective company. The best of both worlds is being a company that can feel good about the cleaning products they use while assuring that they not harming the environment.

    If you looking for a green cleaning company in your area, you can look at the following website:

  • 11 Oct 2018 8:22 PM | Lisa Perry

    It is important for people in the cleaning industry to know about blood borne pathogens because they will inevitably come across blood and/or bodily fluids at some point.  Without the knowledge of how dangerous a little drop of infected blood or a contaminated bodily fluid soaked garment can be, they risk infecting themselves. 

    Not only do they need that education to protect them in their work routine, they also need to know how potentially dangerous it can be to eat, drink, and perform daily actions around contaminated materials.  Something as innocent as applying lip balm or handling a contact can be hazardous.

    The knowledge of blood borne pathogens and how to protect yourself from accidental exposure and infection is crucial in a workplace that often accommodates blood and bodily fluids.

    Learn More At THe BP Certification Course Located Here

    Find A BPC Certified Company Here

  • 11 Oct 2018 7:48 PM | Jannette Arrocena
    Is your housecleaner know how to get rid of molds that causes a lot of illnesses? It's time to call us for all your housecleaning needs.

    JEM Cleaners

  • 11 Oct 2018 7:31 PM | Jannette Arrocena

    Mold cleaning is a necessary part of the cleaning industry. We will incorporate in our flyer that mold remediation is our expertise also. 

    The building occupants will be grateful to us because we prevent them from getting any illnesses caused by mold. It will give us a feeling of satisfaction with our work if we see them being healthy and not missing any workday.

    Find A Mold Cleaning Service Here

  • 11 Oct 2018 6:23 PM | Kumasi Rayford

    Being green friendly has many benefits towards its users in our society. One benefit is that it provides a cleaner and safer environment for human beings. One is protected from contact with corrosive elements or products that are considered harmful to the human health thus reducing chances of illnesses such as asthma and other breathing difficulties. Other serious diseases such as skin cancer are also avoided.

    Being green friendly as a company helps us increase productivity among workers. It is often said that a healthy people equate to a healthy nation. Being green cleaning certified guarantees the promotion of health among individuals thus reduces the number of absenteeism cases in the workplace. Less absenteeism, therefore, amounts to more effort in the workplace thus more productivity.

    Being a green cleaning certified company helps address the issue of protecting the population and the world from harmful products. As the world strives for sustainability, going green is the way to go. One of the sustainable goals is to ensure a healthy environment by 2030. This can only be achieved by avoiding spillage of chemicals to water bodies or the atmosphere. Having a green cleaning program ensures this happens as their products go through scrutiny and standardization before being used by individuals.

    Being green friendly certified like those found in the IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory, allows a business to be set apart from its competitors. New customers are attracted towards business that recognizes sustainability and safety as key values in today’s world. They are inclined to buy from natural based products as they are assured that their health shall not be compromised in the long run. Being green friendly helps also in retaining other clients and customers of the business. These, therefore, shows that people end up being satisfied by what is brought in the table.

    Finally going green is very economical as it reduces the amount of expenditure used. Turning a business or company to be eco-friendly is that it comes with a large deposit of savings on it. The fewer expenses used means that the company does not have to struggle financially thus providing job security for its members. In most cases, where there is job security, job satisfaction among individuals in a company is guaranteed. (Dholakiya., 2017)

    Dholakiya., P. (2017, February 22). Retrieved from Saving Money while saving the Environment.

  • 11 Oct 2018 2:55 PM | Andre Thibodeau
    Green cleaning benefits the heath of the employees, the clients, and the environment. At ACT Services Corp we have a goal of helping our clients implement a efficient green cleaning program. Our abundant natural resource here in Maine is our Fisheries. Like you, we want to keep our water protected from toxic cleaning chemicals and products. Green cleaning services go beyond just using environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals. It’s also about reducing waste and cleaning efficiently. 

  • 11 Oct 2018 11:33 AM | Maxine Kennaugh

    Owning a green cleaning company that has been in operation of 15 years by a previous owner, it is important to me to be educated on the reasons why we use green cleaning products in our homes. The products we use as a company in our customers homes will benefit our employees, our customers and the environment. It is important to show our customers and current and new employees that we are Green Cleaning Certified. 

    We only use non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe green cleaning products in our customers homes. We are committed to improving the quality of life in our communities. We make every effort to provide outstanding service now and in the future because we believe that caring for the Earth and peoples health begins at home. 

    Indoor air contaminants have been linked to pregnancy loss, SIDS, cancer, asthma and learning disabilities. Chlorine dioxins pose serious health risks that affect the brain, spinal cord, kidneys and liver. Petrochemicals are used to produce more common household cleaners. In a 2004 Body Burden Study, 287 toxins were found in the cord blood of newborn babies. Being educated by IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory will help me and my fellow colleagues know exactly what products we can use by completing the Green Cleaning Certificate. 

    The Green Cleaning Certificate not only allows me to know what products to use in our customers homes but also within my own home. I have two small children and to keep them from inhaling any toxins from cleaning products is a top priority for me. We only use green cleaning products in our home and being certified gives me other ideas of what natural products to deodorise and clean with. 

  • 11 Oct 2018 10:28 AM | Maxine Kennaugh

    Green World Home Cleaning is a local, family-owned business and has been serving Sarasota and the surrounding areas since 2003. We are a green company and offer only non-toxic cleaning services to our customers. We are proud to be a member of the International Janitorial Cleaning Service Association. 

    We are a member of various organizations like the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, the ARCSI, and the Sarasota Green Connection. We enjoy being green!

    When you choose us, we always make sure that our services are tailored to meet your health requirements. We are insured and bonded and always make the safety of your home our top priority. We believe that care for earth begins at home, so we use only non-toxic, environmentally safe products. 

    Please visit us at for more information or to book a free estimate. 

  • 11 Oct 2018 10:25 AM | Maxine Kennaugh

    Green cleaning is when we use products that are safe for the environment and do not emit any pollutants when used. It is important to use green cleaning not only for the environment and our planet but for the health of our customers, employees, and the general public. 

    Having a toddler and baby at home, we wanted to make sure the products we were using in our home were safe. There are many surfaces little fingers and mouths can touch in your house and knowing that the cleaning products you are using are non-toxic will put your mind at ease. Pregnant women and children that are five years old and younger are very susceptible to harmful chemicals in the air. When making the transition from using traditional cleaners to environmentally friendly ones, you’re creating a much safer atmosphere for the whole family. 

    You can reduce pollutants in your home by better insulation and by using the safest chemicals possible for cleaning. With 15 years of experience, you can rely on us to help you keep your home clean and safe.

  • 10 Oct 2018 8:17 PM | Roderick Dunaway

    Like most families going Green was a foreign concept but over the last 20 plus years we have seen the effects to the environment. With cleaning products that are not only harmful to the Environment but also to mankind. But with today`s environment friendly cleaners there is no reason to use such products.

    There are over 10 thousand Green products that are now available and the cost of these products are at or near the cost of the other more harsh cleaners used today I want to make a difference in the safety of my family employees and coworkers and switching to Green products is a great start!

    Find A Green Cleaning Service Here

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