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  • 02 Sep 2017 10:32 PM | Barbara Gini

    If you are interested in a cleaner, greener home environment, and have been searching for a bona-fide, certified green cleaning service, you have come to the right place!

    The IJCSA Green Cleaning Service Member Directory is a useful resource containing hundreds of listings, of the contact and background information for the green cleaning services in your state. 

    Our members care about your family's health and well being, and are working hard every day to use earth, people and pet-friendly products and procedures to help preserve and protect the environment from unnecessary chemical toxins. Think of the positive impact it could on our families, our neighborhoods and our world if everyone used a cleaner, greener service. You can do your part by contacting your nearest green cleaning service to day, and setting up a consultation.  

    For more information, contact: IJCSA 

  • 02 Sep 2017 10:03 PM | Barbara Gini

    Our #1 goal at Eclectic Domestics is to leave our client's homes, "Clean and Serene". Staring this fall, we will be leaving them Clean, Serene AND Green.

    This summer, we have already begun taking steps to a greener-cleaner system, that will not only leave client's homes sparkling clean, but also less toxic and more safe for our staff, our clients, children and pets. 

    The challenge for us was to use safer products without sacrificing our service quality, so hours of research and field-testing has been done in order to narrow down our core products.

    Our first step was to brainstorm ideas and feedback among our clients, crews and team leaders. Then we set our goal to be "green" by the end of this year. We began to research and identify each ingredient in the products we were already using. We compared products with the help of resources such as the EWG Guide to Healthy Cleaning , networked with a variety of Green Cleaning companies via social networks, and local business groups. 

    Next, we identified the changes that would have the most initial impact-and that were financially sensible to the company budget. For example, we were able to eliminate the use of glass cleaner (ammonia) completely by purchasing reusable microfiber glass cloths & trowels, that our staff and our clients love. In this case we improved the quality of service and eliminated one toxic chemical from our list. In addition, the staff's caddies are now that much lighter, placing less strain on the body.

    Next, we found a citrus/hydroxy cleaner that is biodegradable and safe for pets & humans. It is a virucide and a de-greaser, and can be used in residential as well as commercial settings. This works on any surface, (except wood floors)  including soap scum, so we were able to eliminate bathroom cleaner. One less bottle and a dozen less toxins!

    We replaced our toilet bowl cleaner with Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate - (Oxy-Clean) and powder cleanser with Bon Ami . We are now looking into safer, nautral pH wood floor cleaners. 

    We are on a roll-and right on track to reach our goal to be 100% green by 2018!

    For more Green Cleaning Resources:

  • 02 Sep 2017 7:24 AM | Allison Favero

    Implementing a green cleaning program as our only way of business is our duty to our community, our employees and ourselves. A program such as this allows us the opportunity to assist our customers in maintaining a healthy home, by raising awareness to the dangers of common household cleaners and teaching our employees how simple and effective cleaning can be, with basic green cleaners.

    The Wholesome Home plans to implement Green Cleaning as our only way of business, using only green certified products and cleaning techniques. Green cleaning benefits the environment by cutting down on hazardous waste into our eco-system, benefits our employees by reducing the amount of harsh chemicals they are directly exposed to and it benefits our customers by truly cleaning and purifying a home, not masking it with harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrance. 

    Find Us & Other Certified Green Cleaning Services Here

  • 01 Sep 2017 8:23 PM | Barbara Gini

     No matter how comprehensive or how great your services are, the one thing that customers will remember most is how they are treated by your field and office staff, and by you, the owner.  

    Therefore, one of the most important things you can do to improve impressions and relationships with your customers is to provide them with better customer service.  In fact, how you & your team interacts with customers will likely become your calling card and part of your personal brand. It is a wise move to identify and embrace opportunities to improve customer service, to strengthen relationships with clients and customers .  Here at IJCSA, our members  put customers first, and go over and above to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, each and every time.

    Here are just three keys that IJSCA members use to provide outstanding customer service: 

    • Clear Communication:  We listen first and respond to customers questions and concerns accordingly. We will never end a conversation until we confirm that the customer is 100% satisfied with the information, service, solution or outcome we have provided.
    • Staff Engagement: Team engagement is another area in which we ensure customers have a great overall experience. From regular meetings and ongoing training, to suggestion boxes, and staff surveys, we keep our team members informed, engaged and well is taken care of. Happy and motivated staff results in great service and happy customers.

    • Client Feedback: We want to be sure that we know everything about our customer's  experience: the good, the not-so-good, and everything in between. With regular customer follow up & feedback, we have the insights and the tools to use to improve communication, engagement, and ultimately our services.

    For more information or to find an IJCSA member near you, go to this link:  

  • 01 Sep 2017 3:23 PM | Wayne Thomas

    When searching for a true Green Cleaning Team, don't waste your time with products claiming to be green. Contact Wayne Thomas (T-bone Green Inc.), an official Government Janitorial employee and professional service of green products for all, whose mission is to ensure your company is utilizing true green products in your cleaning and floor care solutions. 

    He'll provide you actual data of the products you need to conduct your green cleaning only with non-toxic environmentally friendly ingredients and chemicals to preserve both human and pet health. Products used contain chemicals and ingredients such as  Borax, white vinegar, non-toxic hydrogen peroxide, Melaleuca oil, olive oil, salt, lemon juice and electrolyzed water just to name a few. His green product recommendations  contain no flammables, benzene, bleaches, sodium hydroxides hydrochlorides, and dioxides that are harmful to the environment and living beings to include pets.

    His recommendations are guaranteed approved for use as green cleaning agents or your money is happily refunded. So if you're ready to be in the game, ready to go and stay green with your customers, give Wayne a call and ask him about his weekly specials. You customers and staff alike will appreciate your concern for their health and the environment.

  • 01 Sep 2017 2:58 PM | Wayne Thomas

    Hello and welcome to my Green Products Post. My job as a Government Contract Officer's Representative (Fort Lee, VA) allows me some leeway in determining products for use in our janitorial contract. I start of with checking with Federal Industries and determining what products they have available, as by law, we must use their products first. This allowed me about a 35% of green products right off the bat in which the contractor had to comply by law.

    For additional products, I sought out information from the contractor Project Manager and determined he too had a list of products that were available for use, but had to be approved prior to use. I worked with him to develop our list of products determining products from bathroom cleaning through floor care products, establishing a list that bought our percentage up to over 90, but had to be both researched and tested. Research was done through the products' data sheets to insure the product was really  "green" and not just labeled as such. One the data sheets confirmed the ingredients of the product and we could verify the product as being green, we tested each and every one to see what the results would be after using the product in different situations and environments.

    Details were measured and recorded for record, placed in a database easily showing it's green content and use for specific types of cleaning and floor work and submitted for approval to be used by the contractor.

  • 31 Aug 2017 11:59 AM | Lavette Ray

    Have you seen green stuff growing under the sink? Are you smelling something that smells kinda musky. Its possible you could have a mold problem. Let 1st Class Cleaning inspect your home or business to see and possibly remedy your mold issue. 

    If 1st Class Cleaning cant remedy the issue we can refer you to a professional that can better assist  is located in the area and can assist with all large mold remediation.

  • 31 Aug 2017 11:50 AM | Lavette Ray

    Mold remediation , recognition and removal of mold will be used in 1st Class Cleanings list of services because let's be honest, there is money in it and the reason for opening a business is to make money. Not just to make money but I want to provide a service that is not generally offered in a cleaning service. Also because being able to notice and remove mold can help your clients to prevent a more costly job later if found early. 

    Knowing what health problems can come from having mold in your home or business and having a local company able to assist in the removal would be a definite plus. 

    Find A IJCSA Mold Removal Specialist Here
  • 30 Aug 2017 3:11 PM | David Josey

    My number one statement to all of my team is, "We are a cleaning business, but more than that we are a people business!" Customer service is our main business regardless of what task we are handling. IJCSA ensures we live customer service through every work practice we perform.

    Clearview Cleaning Services is so proud of joining IJCSA to further push all of our team members to be certified in customer service. Every certificate in the cleaning industry is well needed but customer service is a must for any business to succeed. The way we interact with clients is a pass or fail at any time we are there. Our ability to listen to problems of our clients and bring a solution is our highest quality of service.

    IJCSA brings the highest quality certification to create a better business for us.

  • 29 Aug 2017 3:24 PM | Sasha Kuber

    24/7 Commercial Cleaning and the Members of IJCSA practice customer service that goes above and beyond basic expectations! For a company to truly succeed customer service must be a priority as to ensure that customers are listened to, heard and receive exactly what they are asking for. Here at 24/7 Commercial Cleaning we are interactive with our clients and encourage all feedback as we are always wanting to improve and grow as a company. 

    There is a level of respect that comes from having great customer service that lets our clients know that we care! We are the experts in our field however we want our customers to know that they have a voice and opinion that matters and that will always be taken into consideration. Customer satisfaction is our top priority! 24/7 Commercial Cleaning can be found in the IJCSA Business Directory link provided here:

     For any additional information check out our website at 

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