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  • 29 Mar 2018 6:03 PM | Kumasi Rayford

     The best way to start any green cleaning program is by building your team around it. Green cleaning involves not only training managers, but also requires effort from distributors supplying our cleaning company with eco friendly products trained, cleaning crews, and building a clientele dedicated to being green.

    When running a ‘green team,’ managers should consider what each member brings to the team. Often, a team member is passionate about green issues and has the best of intentions, but is not skilled enough in building operations that lead to the success of the company.

    Also, it is important to address the scope of the program. In some facilities, green cleaning is limited to products, equipment, and strategies. However, some facilities go further and include such measures as introducing environmentally responsible pest-management programs; starting or expanding recycling programs, composting, energy, water, and fuel reductions.

    When transitioning to environmentally-preferable cleaning products, the managers should consider working with a cleaning products distributor that has expertise in green cleaning.

    Managers should do a complete inventory of all cleaning products used in the facility, and source their green equivalents. An issue that inadvertently comes up is what to do with the inventory of conventional cleaning products still stored in closets. If the decision to go green was made a few months earlier, these supplies are likely to already be running low. But if not, the most cost-effective step to take is to finish using what products remain.

    However, if a product is especially harmful to building users and the environment, the manager may want to just go ahead and properly dispose of it.

    The next step is actually one of the most important, but is also the one that is most often overlooked: actually implementing a comprehensive and effective green cleaning program. Develop and maintain written guidelines that govern cleaning procedures, chemical handling, equipment maintenance, communication, training, and inspection programs. Managers should also implement record-keeping procedures that make information available to all cleaning personnel, green team members, and building users.

    Look for cleaning chemicals certified as green by an independent party. Green cleaning also includes choosing vacuum cleaners that meet the minimum standards. It also means selecting floor machines with vacuum systems or other devices that capture and collect airborne particulates.

     Managers must provide easy-to-understand directions for workers, and include documented training on how to properly use cleaning tools and equipment.

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  • 28 Mar 2018 7:58 AM | Juliet Davison

    Walking through a local grocery store one cant help but notice the changes that the major chain stores are making towards offering Greener options to almost everything. Stores are motivated by consumers sales and manufacturers price points. This leads me to assume that we are all buying smarter and healthier products everyday. This is very good news indeed, If the typical shopper only knew about the risks when using window cleaner or oven cleaner etc, would any of us ever buy it again? 

    As the common family starts to move towards a safe and less toxic environment to live in I'm encouraged by the options being offered that are recycled or biodegradable. Many of the products that we come into contact with daily are toxic or known to cause cancer. Why would anyone pay for that type of exposure when we have safe options. The health risks are real, the effects are dangerous and deep down you know this. Every-time you hold your breath while cleaning the oven or put on gloves when washing the floor you know that this is something about that product that is harmful to your body.  

    Its time to give something new a try. If you already haven't tried that new window cleaner that is refillable and is a reusable bottle maybe now is the time? I know that my housekeeper used it with some newspapers to wash the windows and I have never seen them SO clean! 

    Did you know that 1/2 Cup of White Vinegar and a gallon of water is another wonderful window wash?  It also strips old wax off your floors and deodorizes. Vinegar is not the only pantry star that will change your cleaning life. Baking soda is laundry's best friend! Brighter, Whiter and smelling fresh Sodium Bicarbonate has been used for years to handle the washing. It is a great alternative to the synthetic laundry cleaners available that have harmful and toxic chemicals in them. 

    People with sensitive skin recognize the threat and often are among the first to switch to a natural product. I know for me it was the birth of my Son. I wanted to make all his food myself from Raw fresh ingredients. I didn't want any chemicals to taint his little new body. This was a enormous and daunting task that I was not prepared for. While I was successful in some areas like laundry detergent, foods, shampoos etc. It was impossible for me to keep him away from harsh chemicals once I went back to work. In my small town, excellent daycare were limited and definitely not Green. 

    I encourage all of you to join me in doing our part to limit our use of chemicals in our work and homes. Try taking baby steps and replace items as you run out of them. While at work find out what products are used to clean and make sure that they are safe for you and your co workers to use. Educate your coworkers on the benefits of going Green and removing the risk of toxic or dangerous chemicals in your workplace and in our homes.  

    IJCSA Green Cleaning Service Directory

  • 27 Mar 2018 11:38 AM | Luiz Moraes

    ThinkFast Cleaning Services is focused to implement our new Green Cleaning Program (TGCP) in all of our department: carpet cleaning, residential cleaning, commercial cleaning and windows cleaning. Our commitment with the enviroment and well-being of our costumers  is the base to bring the healthy cleaning services, free of chemicals.  

    The chemicals products available today is harmfull to our health in some way. Its may cause skin diseases, cancer, respiratory problems and so on. Our program involves training of all employees, informative blogs in our website and a trimester brochure, bringing news about our company, especially green cleaning.   

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  • 25 Mar 2018 8:08 AM | Kelly Hornback

    Are you interested in a professional and environmentally friendly company to handle your janitorial, construction and specialty cleaning needs?  Intec Building Services is committed to providing an excellent cleaning service and promoting eco-friendly cleaning products.  At Intec, we are your janitorial management solution company where customer satisfaction is not only our goal, but our passion.  Look for us at

  • 24 Mar 2018 8:48 PM | Harry Springer

    We would like to add carpet cleaning to our list of services we provide. Anyone can clean carpets that, however, doesn’t necessarily say that they are being cleaned correctly. Having your carpets cleaned by a IJCSA member lets you know that your carpets are being cleaned by a company that has taken the time to become certified and that they are offering you the best services available.

    Carpet cleaning offers your work area another level of clean that vacuuming alone cannot do.  Carpet cleaning removes stuck in dirt and dust particles while removing stains which doesn’t only improve the look of your carpets but also improves overall health benefits. Providing a cleaner, healthier environment will increase the morale of employees.

  • 22 Mar 2018 4:02 PM | Ivan Tovar

    Need help cleaning your home or business while at the same time contributing to saving the planet? Look no further than Scrub Masters, LLC! Here we provide state of the art cleaning services while using planet-saving green products! Not only are our products eco-friendly, but the actually perform a much better job than conventional cleansers. With our low prices and our efficient services, we can compete with anyone. Feel free to contact us for our free estimate that is guaranteed to leave you with a big smile on your face and lots of cash in your wallet. Make sure you visit to see that we are green certified. 

  • 21 Mar 2018 9:12 PM | Chanae Baker

    To me good customer service means helping customers efficiently ,in a friendly manner,being its essential to be able to handle issues for customers by doing our best to make sure their satisfied.Providing good service is one of the most important things that can set your business apart from the others of its kind. It also means that you go beyond what the customer expects, taking the extra step to make them feel that you understand their very needs, listening to key points paying attention to detail before suggesting a solution.

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  • 20 Mar 2018 7:28 AM | Sasha Kuber

    The harmful effects of using cleaning chemicals compared to using natural green products are proven to be more riskier because of the harsh chemicals and negative affects it can have as opposed to green products that ensure safety. There are pros and cons to everything but overall the likelihood of something going "wrong" will be with chemical driven products than those that do not have it in their products. 

    "There are about 80,000 well documented chemicals commonly used, but there are many, many more in use whose environmental effects have not been studied or tested. These can range from human health to our environment. According to CBS News, unlike the numerous and heavy regulations imposed on food inspection, there is no such governmental regulation on chemical products. In addition, companies are only required to report primary, dangerous first-hand, hazardous chemicals, causing institutions to ignore chemicals with potential long-term effects or even avoid fully reporting all chemical ingredients present in a product (Smith, 2016)."

    A lot of misinformation has to deal with people not being fully aware with what ingredients are being used and what the harmful effects it can cause. If someone is uninformed and just use the first thing they see instead of doing some research and gaining more knowledge into products it can lead to a potential serious situation that could most likely have been avoided. Like mentioned in the material amyl acetate with is used in furniture polish that can attack the nervous system or Butyl cellosolve that is found in all-purpose cleaners and can irritate mucous membranes that attacks the liver and kidney these are just a couple of harmful products that can have serious impact on someone's health. 

    It is important to be aware and informed with every product and equipment being used as to stress the importance of one's health, others around and the environment. 24/7 Commercial Cleaning can be found in the  IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory to ensure the use of natural and safe non-toxic products will be used in services provided. 

    "If you go green, "No longer will there be chemicals absorbed into the skin or breathed in by the person cleaning. Health benefits extend to family members who are no longer breathing in cleaners lingering in the air and sitting on surfaces. Changing to greener methods helps reduce pollution to our waterways and the air and it minimizes your impact on onzone depletion and global climate change with fewer smog-producing chemicals(Weber, 2017)." It provides a healthier and safe environment than that of products with chemicals that most people are unaware of the hazardous side effects it can cause. 

    Like mentioned in the material there are thousands of harmful ingredients in chemical cleaning products and after reading and studying the material provided I will make sure that our services will provide products that are not harmful and dangerous especially now days where there are a lot of great natural and green cleaning products that work just as great if not better without the harmful side effects and pollution. 

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  • 19 Mar 2018 11:21 AM | Noah Belanger

    Peckham is dedicated in providing green cleaning programs as part of our custodial program.  We are also working with many different organizations and agencies such as State and Federal agencies who are now requiring the use of Green Cleaning Programs and the use of Bio-preferred products.  They also require developing reports on practices relating to sustainability. Peckham always uses the Key Sustainable Products requested and required in Sections described in many of the of the Performance Work Statement (“PWS”).in our government contracts.   Additionally, and as a part of meeting these requirements in PWS, Peckham uses Green Seal Eco logo and EPA safe choice products.  Peckham’s Green Program also reviews recycled content and post-consumer recycled content when purchasing waste liners, paper towels and paper products.  Peckham also looks at ways to decreases the amount of items going into landfills by using microfiber products that are reusable in addition to recycling cardboard and paper whenever possible.  The health benefits of green cleaning are helping sustain and protect the future for all of us. 

    So look to Peckham for your future needs in Green Cleaning.

  • 15 Mar 2018 10:29 AM | Deleted user

    My business will provide a holistic approach to facilitate the use of "green" or eco-friendly methods, goods and services to protect and inflict minimal or no harm on our environment.  Chemically reactive and toxic cleaning products are avoided.  They contain various toxic chemicals which causes serious health and dermatological problems.

    Procedures are very important to use because they will maximize cleaning results while keeping clients and employees safe and healthy.  Proper training for employees on eco-friendly cleaning strategies will be utilize for a successful program.

    The benefits of using green cleaning products have to deal with the process in which they are manufactured and mixed.  Mixology is important because that is the phase in which much of the toxicity of the chemicals becomes aerosolized.  If mixed inside a negative pressure closet or outside, keep away from kids because this harm can be neutralized. 

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