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  • 07 Aug 2018 1:15 PM | Kumasi Rayford

    DOES YOUR CARPET NEED CLEANING?  After a long, stressful, hard day at work, the last thing you want to be concerned with is where your feet will step at the end of the day. With that being said, we as an IJCSA certified carpet cleaning companies put our efforts in making sure that your feet stay healthy and free from bacterial diseases that may be gotten through dirt and fungi. We keep your carpets clean and free from moisture; the number one cause for fungal infections. Our products are consumer friendly and cost-effective. We ensure that our products for carpet cleaning have been standardized by the quality assurance team, thus we guarantee you quality in our services. Professionalism is also a part of mission. Become a client, today, by choosing our cleaning service. We assure your safety will begin at home. Carpet Cleaning Directory

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  • 06 Aug 2018 11:10 AM | Rosana Constantino

    In today's world, we are constantly surrounded by toxic contaminants. The most dangerous are known as Volatile Organic Compounds and Persistent Organic Pollutants. The EPA reports that VOCs are emitted by a wide range of consumer and industrial products, among them, everyday cleaning products.

    These everyday cleaners are meant to facilitate our lives, but are, in fact, harming us. Unfortunately, we the consumers are the reason they are being manufactured. Organic chemicals are inexpensive to produce and are very effective, something very appealing to the mass production process.

    Please note that VOCs are not ingredients themselves, rather, they are gases that are constantly being released from organic chemicals used in the manufacturing process. EPA studies indicate that people who clean using products containing organic chemicals can expose themselves and others to high pollutant levels. Even after you're done cleaning, elevated concentrations can persist in the air for hours.

    The novelty of POPs is that they are highly stable organic compounds often used as disinfectants. POPs are a real problem because they persist in the environment, accumulate in human and animal fatty tissues, and are toxic to most forms of life.

    Most everyday cleaning products contain POPs as their main ingredient and are found in household insecticides and moth repellants. According to the EPA, nearly every person on earth can be shown to have detectable levels of POPs.

    There are also variants such as Persistent, Bio-accumulative, and Toxic pollutants that pose a risk to humans and wildlife ecosystems that make them horribly destructive to our planet and our health.

    Overexposure to VOCs can cause adverse health conditions such as coughing, fever, muscle aches, and allergies. High levels of VOCs and POPs have been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, and even death. The use of products that emit VOCs and POPs is also at least in part responsible for many conditions such as Sick Building Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and Asthma.

    Why then are they still being manufactured and sold to the public? The truth is that there are few regulations of these chemicals. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only tests prescription drugs and consumable products. The EPA only investigates after there have been many complaints reported. Basically, if a product ever gets to a point where it warrants an investigation, it's likely too late. Interestingly enough, the EPA already lists most VOCs and POPs as Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS), but unfortunately, chemical production continues largely unregulated.

    To protect ourselves, we need to reduce or eliminate our exposure to these substances. Some of the most toxic are found in everyday products like all-purpose cleaners, oven cleaners, and fabric softeners.

    These environmental poisons need to be replaced with non-toxic and environmentally safe counterparts, if not by the government, then by each and every one of us. For daily cleaning, baking soda and vinegar are wonderful natural alternatives that do a great job keeping things clean.

    For an ongoing green solution, you can seek out a green cleaning service provider at 


    VOC Information:

    POP Information:

    PBT Information:

    Extremely Hazardous Substances:

    Effects of POPs:

  • 04 Aug 2018 9:33 PM | Matthew Bompane

    There are many benefits to utilizing a green cleaning program for both janitorial companies and their customers. First is the health and well being of the building occupants and janitorial staff. With green chemicals, it will reduce the possible exposure to toxic and volatile chemicals. Examples of this can include offgasing, dust, and chemical allergens that cause asthma or other factors that affect the indoor air quality of a facility.

    Another benefit to implementing a green cleaning program is its sustainability. Many companies today take pride in their ability to "go green" and promote themselves as sustainability organizations. With green cleaning chemicals and procedures, it will lower the environmental impact and the facilities affect on the environment. Among many of the awards for going green or sustainable is the notorious LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification which is important to many facility managers to cut costs and increase prestige.

    Find A Green Cleaning Service Here

  • 03 Aug 2018 9:18 AM | Amy Zalkin

    Green cleaning will give my cleaning business the marketing edge it needs. Although the community here is small, there are not a lot of competing cleaning companies that exclusively green clean. This certification will show my customers I understand the value of "green cleaning." I've honed my craft to expertly include, professional green cleaning, incentives and bonuses, customized options, etc. But more importantly, customers health and wellness. I take it as seriously as my own health.

    This manner of approaching cleaning isn't limited to just housecleaning. Eco-friendly practices comes from an awareness already founded in preserving not just our immediate surroundings but the planet and future generations to come. It's a huge responsibility, but to affect change we must embrace a synergistic approach to non-toxic cleaning. This incorporates best practices combined with the most cutting edge GREEN products, that, and the burning desire to help others get and keep their living spaces healthy. 

    However, past efforts to leverage the virtually unregulated chemical industry have had less than favorable results.  "Passed during the mid 1970's, the Toxic Controlled Substances Act (TCSA) set to protect consumers failed to keep up with scientific advances or safely review thousands of products before entering the consumer market place. And once in the market place it was virtually impossible to "recall" those products. In fact, it wasn't until 2016, when then President Obama and Congress unanimously vote Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act into law." Environmental Def. Fund [online] 2018. Available at Accessed 2018, July 10.

    To free ourselves from dependence on our chemical bondage's we must unite and make permanent-- eco-friendly alternatives. This will cause a more harmonious balance and continued awareness to keep us accountable to our surroundings.

    For all these reasons, best practices in the cleaning industry is vital. This industry AND its accrediting body must be upheld to a high standard from manufacture to marketing.  One such organisation, the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Assciation (IJCSA), is a network of like minded cleaning professionals who seek to uphold best cleaning practices so that its consumers have peace of mind knowing their cleaning services found through its directory contain-- laser focused companies set on giving the best, cutting-edge, cleaning services because they are equipped with the knowledge and tools to do so. 


  • 02 Aug 2018 7:27 AM | Jamila Fanfair

    In recent times Green Cleaning has emerged as a globally accepted movement which employs effective cleaning that incorporates solutions which make considerations for both human and environmental health and protection. It seeks to thoroughly address these with the continuous use of green products, equipment, tools and practices. These products and practices usually avoid the use of toxic cleaning products and chemically reactive products which cause respiratory, dermatology and many other life threatening effects.

    Our company plans to embrace the continuous progression towards a greener and more resilient economy by way of the implementation of a green cleaning service program into our daily operations. The program will see the use of more green friendly, Non-Toxic products such as the Simple Green Products which we are currently using, the utilization of more homemade substitutions for cleaning chemicals which encompasses mixtures made from common household ingredients namely vinegar, salt, lemon juice etc., the increased use of recyclable and biodegradable cleaning materials as well as other basic green cleaning techniques.

    The continued implementation of a green cleaning service program will provide several benefits for our company, its employees and valued clients who we aim to provide a Reliable Quality work with guaranteed satisfaction. These benefits will range from Health - Economical – Social and from the health perspective will include added improved respiratory, dermatology and overall health for all from the use of less toxic chemicals when cleaning hence making homes and the environment much safer for us to dwell and socialize in. It will protect the environment, thereby protecting us by reducing our exposure to these deadly cleanings. Not forgetting to mention that green cleaning products also helps to eliminate odors thus making it much easier for us to breathe. The program will also provide much needed economic benefits for the company and its customers since green cleaning products helps to protect surfaces longer so our customers can save money, it will reduce the liability of our company by reducing the chances of our employees or customers becoming ill due to exposure with toxic chemical, improve the level of business productivity and so much more.

    Green Cleaning will help to protect us and our environment for generations to come. 

    Find A IJCSA Green Cleaning Service Here

  • 31 Jul 2018 6:39 PM | Shereen Mokhtar

     Being  certified green certified will help my cleaning business in many different ways. Green cleaning is a cleaning method that involves cleaning process and cleaning products that are designed to preserve one's health and our environment. 

     By offering green cleaning program  my company will benefit from providing a service that is in demand. It will also introduce this concept to some customers that aren't aware of green cleaning, giving them a better option to chose from.

     Being green clean certified will give me the satisfaction of knowing my customer's homes and offices will be less toxic which will in turn contribute to the improvement of their health, their family's health and employee's health. This will also benefit my health and my employee's health as well. Which gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that my company will benefit the health of who all is involved.

     The planet depends on us to keep its preservation. By offering an alternative to the traditional cleaning products, it is also doing a service to the planet to have a green cleaning method that uses all natural products that are biodegradable. Chemicals found in everyday cleaning products contribute negatively to our earth, mammals and the ozone. Being green clean certified helps me be more ate ease knowing my company will contribute to the planet. You can find a green cleaning service here at: 

  • 31 Jul 2018 4:47 PM | Berenice Campos Rodríguez

    Nosotros nos sentimos muy comprometidos con esta certificación en limpieza verde.

    Como Berenice Campos he tenido esa responsabilidad desde pequeña, de cuidar nuestra casa común, el agua, el medio ambiente, nuestro planeta! y cuando iniciamos la empresa The Cleaning Company hace 16 años unos de nuestros valores siempre ha sido el cuidado del medio ambiente, por lo que desde el inicio nos hemos  capacitarnos sobre procesos de limpieza verdes, reduciendo los usos de agua, químicos green seal y procesos del limpieza con químicos naturales, además somos la única empresa en el país que ha importado dry compound para la limpieza en seco de las alfombras.

    Formamos parte del Green Building Council y también cada 15 días tengo una sección en un programa de televisión en donde doy tips de limpieza con productos naturales y explico la importancia de su uso en las labores diarias del hogar.

    El compromiso con nuestra casa común es grande y por eso haber obtenido esta certificación es muy importante para nosotros, porque nos mantiene encaminados a nuestros valores de que nuestros procesos de limpieza sean amigables con el medio ambiente.

    GOOGLE TRANSLATE: We feel very committed to this certification in green cleaning. As Berenice Campos I had that responsibility since childhood, to take care of our common home, water, the environment, our planet! and when we started the company The Cleaning Company 16 years ago one of our values ​​has always been the care of the environment, so from the beginning we have trained ourselves on green cleaning processes, reducing the uses of water, green seal chemicals and processes cleaning with natural chemicals, we are also the only company in the country that has imported dry compound for the dry cleaning of carpets. We are part of the Green Building Council and also every 15 days I have a section in a television program where I give cleaning tips with natural products and I explain the importance of its use in the daily tasks of the home. The commitment to our common home is great and that is why having obtained this certification is very important for us, because it keeps us focused on our values ​​that our cleaning processes are friendly to the environment.

  • 31 Jul 2018 4:22 PM | Berenice Campos Rodríguez

    Todos formamos parte de esta casa común!!, muchas hemos escuchado esta pregunta, Qué tipo de mundo queremos dejar a quienes nos sucedan, a los niños que están creciendo??

    Tenemos un problema real encima de nosotros, el cambio climático es un problema global en el cual todos hemos salido afectados, grandes sequias, terribles tormentas, huracanes, tifones, cada vez mas grandes y con un mayor impacto, una gran contaminación en ríos y lagos, etc.

    El uso de productos químicos en el día a día nos afecta a todos, muchos piensan que no hay impacto, pero si pensamos en todo el proceso que se sigue desde su elaboración, hasta el momento que lo compramos hay un gran recorrido, una gran huella de carbono en todo el proceso, así como también el uso de químicos dañinos  y si añadimos a esto los VOC's y los químicos que contaminan el agua al desecharlos, es increíble el impacto que se tiene, y debemos estar consientes de ello.

    Con algo tan básico como reducir el consumo de agua, el uso de productos de limpieza amigables con el medio ambiente y con nosotros mismo es un gran impacto positivo al medio ambiente.

    Tenemos que concientizarnos del impacto que causamos y el poder que tenemos para ayudar y cuidar esta casa común.

    Recuerde puede contar con expertos del IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory. y por supuesto con nuestro compromiso de impactar lo menos posible al medio ambiente a través de el uso de productos y procesos de limpieza verdes y la capacitación a todos los interesados en conocer mas al respecto, un ejemplo es el video inicial de nuestra pagina en donde explicamos como limpiar los inodoros adecuadamente usando productos naturales.

    GOOGLE TRANSLATE: We are all part of this common house !!, Many of us have heard this question, What kind of world do we want to leave to those who succeed us, to the children who are growing? We have a real problem above us, climate change is a global problem in which we have all been affected, great droughts, terrible storms, hurricanes, typhoons, increasingly larger and with a greater impact, a large pollution in rivers and lakes , etc. The use of chemical products on a daily basis affects us all, many think that there is no impact, but if we think about the whole process that is followed from its elaboration, until the moment we buy it there is a great journey, a big footprint carbon in the whole process, as well as the use of harmful chemicals and if we add to this the VOC's and the chemicals that contaminate the water when they are discarded, the impact is incredible, and we must be aware of this. With something as basic as reducing water consumption, the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and with ourselves is a great positive impact on the environment. We need to be aware of the impact we cause and the power we have to help and take care of this common home. Remember you can count on experts from the IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory. and of course with our commitment to impact the least possible environment through the use of green cleaning products and processes and training for all interested in knowing more about it, an example is the initial video of our website www. where we explain how to clean the toilets properly using natural products.

  • 31 Jul 2018 2:51 PM | Berenice Campos Rodríguez

    Nosotros en The Cleaning Company El Salvador estamos realmente comprometidos con el medio ambiente ya que estamos claros que es un ganar/ganar.

    En un inicio se benefician nuestros empleados al estar en contacto con producto que no son cancerigenos o les pueden causar problemas en en los ojos, nariz, como los acidos sulforicos, ether, amonios.

    Es excelente para nuestros clientes ya que tendran superficies limpias que no tendran residuos quimicos dañinos y lo mejor procesos de limpiezas con el menor impacto posible para ellos y para las personas que trabajan o habitan en sus instalaciones.

    El compromiso que tenemos con las futuras generaciones de dejar un planeta mas limpio depende de lo que realiza cada uno en su entorno y lo que hagamos en nuestros procesos de limpieza tiene un gran impacto.

    Puede confiar en el IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory y contratar servicios de limpieza que estan comprometidos en dar un excelente servicio con procesos de limpieza verdes.

    Para latinoamerica puede confiar en para apoyarlos en procesos de limpieza verdes.

    GOOGLE TRANSLATE: We at The Cleaning Company El Salvador are really committed to the environment since we are clear that it is a win / win. In the beginning our employees benefit from being in contact with products that are not carcinogenic or they can cause problems in the eyes, nose, such as sulphoric acids, ether, ammonium. It is excellent for our customers as they will have clean surfaces that will not have harmful chemical residues and the best cleaning processes with the least possible impact for them and for the people who work or live in their facilities. The commitment we have with future generations to leave a cleaner planet depends on what each one does in their environment and what we do in our cleaning processes has a great impact. You can trust the IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory and hire cleaning services that are committed to providing excellent service with green cleaning processes. For Latin America you can trust to support them in green cleaning processes.

  • 31 Jul 2018 2:33 PM | Berenice Campos Rodríguez

    En estos momentos en que existe una tendencia a estar en armonía con el medio ambiente es imperante que cada uno de nosotros haga su parte en pro de ello.

    En cuanto a las empresas y sus empleados, a comprometerse a cumplir procesos de limpieza verde, en base a los consumidores y en especifico a clientes que buscan servicios de limpieza es necesario que busquen a traves del  Green Cleaning Service Directory empresas comprometidas a dar un excelente servicio y que conocen el uso adecuado de productos amigables con el medio ambiente.

    Nosotros en estamos comprometidos en dar el mejor servicio a traves de procesos amigables, con el menor impacto para la salud de nuestros clientes internos y externos, las superficies y el medio ambiente

    GOOGLE TRANSLATE: In these moments in which there is a tendency to be in harmony with the environment, it is imperative that each one of us do his part in favor of it. As for the companies and their employees, to commit to comply with green cleaning processes, based on consumers and specifically for customers seeking cleaning services, it is necessary that they seek through the Green Cleaning Service Directory companies committed to giving an excellent service and who know the proper use of environmentally friendly products. We at are committed to providing the best service through friendly processes, with the least impact on the health of our internal and external customers, the surfaces and the environment.

    En estos momentos en que existe una tendencia a estar en armonía con el medio ambiente es imperante que cada uno de nosotros haga su parte en pro de ello.

    En cuanto a las empresas y sus empleados, a comprometerse a cumplir procesos de limpieza verde, en base a los consumidores y en especifico a clientes que buscan servicios de limpieza es necesario que busquen a traves del  Green Cleaning Service Directory empresas comprometidas a dar un excelente servicio y que conocen el uso adecuado de productos amigables con el medio ambiente.

    Nosotros en estamos comprometidos en dar el mejor servicio a traves de procesos amigables, con el menor impacto para la salud de nuestros clientes internos y externos, las superficies y el medio ambiente

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