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  • 29 Dec 2017 5:51 PM | Kiante Evans

    Green Cleaning represents a step toward a healthier life for our families and kids! Green cleaning means green bucks for businesses and better air for our communities. Find Your Green Cleaning Service Here! 

  • 27 Dec 2017 12:29 PM | Kiante Evans

    Having a Green Cleaning Program and investing in educating businesses and staff about green cleaning practices in today's cleaning industry and economy can be a savvy, profitable, and morally responsible maneuver for cleaning services owners. 

    Green Cleaning Programs leverage a trend currently in favor of environmentally friendly practices that have proven to have economic benefits for business owners and their occupants due to overall improved health resulting in less sick days. This indirectly adds value to any program because it generally produces the same results of a traditional cleaning program in terms of overall cleanliness.

    Find A Green Cleaning Service Here

  • 21 Dec 2017 6:28 PM | Ed Bubb

    If your commercial or residential property is in need of carpet cleaning a good source for to locate a local company is IJCSA  Carpet Cleaning Directory.

  • 21 Dec 2017 6:26 PM | Ed Bubb

    We are a start-up commercial cleaning company. We plan to use the carpet cleaning training for two main purposes to help us add value to the standard cleaning services we will offer and to ensure that the carpet cleaning staff is professionally trained, the same way.

    The training provides us with a consistent resource that allows us to train new staff members and to allow seasoned cleaners to receive refresher training.

    Find Certified Carpet Cleaning Companies Here

  • 20 Dec 2017 4:04 PM | Akia Booker

    Using natural green cleaning product is an effective way of saving the environment and ourselves. When you select natural green cleaning products, you are in one way or the other protecting the environment. Most ideal green cleaning products are manufactured using sustainable manufacturing practices and naturally derived, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients that have no adverse effect on the environment. On the other side, some conventional cleaning products include ingredients that are hazardous, toxic, non-biodegradable, and are derived from non-renewable resources like petroleum, so they have a negative impact on the earth's eco-systems.

    Even though this conventional cleaning product makes our house dirt free and sparkling clean, they in turn release hazardous solvents and compounds into the atmosphere in the home, and therefore, they have harmful effects on our health. Generally, every household uses different types of cleaning product containing harmful toxic chemicals, such as air fresheners, furniture cleaners and polishes, glass and tile cleaners, detergents, toilet cleaners, carpet cleaners, dishwashers, soap and others.

    There is an adverse effect on the environment as a result of these conventional everyday cleaning chemicals. For instance, “Cleaning liquids go down the drains and thereby threatening water quality, fish and other wildlife”. More so, petroleum-based products also contribute to the unnecessary consume of oil, a non-renewable resource. And let’s also remember the negative impact of plastic containers used in packaging cleaning products; recently some bottles are being recycled, but not in huge amounts.

    Aside the fact that chemical cleaning products are harmful to the environment, some other household cleaning products can affect the throat or the eyes or even cause headaches or other health issues. Some of these products release life threatening chemicals, including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Other dangerous ingredients include bleach and ammonia.

    Volatile Organic Compounds and other harmful chemicals released when we make use of chemical cleaning product contribute to chronic respiratory problems, headaches and allergic reactions. Researchers are still trying to figure out how these chemicals affect individuals with asthma and other respiratory problems. However, previous research has shown that exposure to chemicals from cleaning products can cause occupational asthma and other respiratory problems.

    The best way to have a green cleaning and chemical free atmosphere is to switch from products that includes hazardous chemicals such as Perchloroethylene/PERC, Phthalates, Chlorine, Ammonia, and any other cleaning products that state “Warning Danger Caution, or Poison” on them to products that is made from natural ingredients such as Beeswax, Baking soda, Olive Oil, Vinegar, and other products labeled “no solvents or phosphates.” You can always choose from a wide variety of green cleaning products available in the market today labeled eco-friendly.

    Find Certified Green Cleaning Services Here


  • 20 Dec 2017 12:59 PM | Lucia Miringu
    Cleaning your carpet is an essential way of maintaining clean air in your home. Carpets are part of our homes and are often not properly cleaned. They contain harmful allergens that can become problematic and life threatening when breathed by children and pets. Having your carpets cleaned regularly can become an economical way to preserve and maintain your flooring investment.

    One way to effectively clean your carpets is using a carpet extractor. Now I know that having a carpet extractor is not exactly high on your things to purchase and with that being said there’s a large list of certified well trained carpet cleaning companies in most areas. Here at the IJCSA you can find a qualified company to help clean and protect your home and carpet. Cleaning your carpet regularly helps with air quality, releases trapped airborne pollutants that are infiltrated into your home carpet. Having your carpet professionally clean helps prevent and eliminate spots and stains. find a professional carpet cleaning company here:

  • 20 Dec 2017 10:47 AM | Lucia Miringu

    Why perform Green Cleaning? Well in my experience customers and employees deserve to be exposed to the least harmful solutions available.  We as employer and professional should be able to provide safe and effective cleaning solutions. We pride our selves in being professional and conscientious about what we provide. We must think about everyone that is involved and effected by us. I am not just referring to our employee or customers but also to the unsuspecting 2 year old that doesn't know the difference between what is harmful or innocent. They are not going to read a label and determine weather or not a chemical can harm them, no that is our responsibility. When ever I think about what to bring to a clients home I image its my home where my children are playing and living. This allows me to have greater compassion and sense of responsibility toward the perspective customer and their home. 

    As we all know some of the chemicals being use in the janitorial services are not the best. Of course they will clean and disinfect but at what cost. Some chemicals have long been proven to have negative effects yet we continue to use them. Why then if we know they are harmful do we continue to use them, although we might not admit it, it comes done to money. I don't believe in making a dime at the cost of someones health.  

    Find Other Professional Green Cleaning Services Who Feel The Same Way Here ->

  • 20 Dec 2017 10:23 AM | estrada

    In the modern era we have lost the art of customer service and replace it with a monitor.

    For us a good customer service is all around us from our home were we need to say thank you and please and bring that to our business relation, we work because we had the opportunity and someone trust our service so why not give just the best. We all will be customers at some point and we like to be treated the right way so as business we should do the same.

    Find Cleaning Services That Put Customers First Here

  • 19 Dec 2017 10:53 AM | Matthew Bompane

    There are many benefits to utilizing a green cleaning program for both janitorial companies and their customers. First is the health and well being of the building occupants and janitorial staff. With green chemicals, it will reduce the possible exposure to toxic and volatile chemicals. Examples of this can include offgasing, dust, and chemical allergens that cause asthma or other factors that affect the indoor air quality of a facility.

    Another benefit to implementing a green cleaning program is its sustainability. Many companies today take pride in their ability to "go green" and promote themselves as sustainability organizations. With green cleaning chemicals and procedures, it will lower the environmental impact and the facilities affect on the environment. Among many of the awards for going green or sustainable is the notorious LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification which is important to many facility managers to cut costs and increase prestige.

    Find A Green Cleaning Service Here

  • 17 Dec 2017 10:55 AM | Matthew Bompane

    Can My Green Cleaning Program Make My Workplace Healthier?

    Our Green Thumb Cleaning System is designed to effectively kill and remove germs all while protecting the environment. We are committed to using processes and procedures that reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.

    -High Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectants – Effective at killing germs and avoiding toxic chemicals.

    -Microfiber – Can be reused instead of being thrown away, reducing amount of waste produced.

    -HEPA Vacuums – Ensures no dust particles escape back into the air therefore increasing indoor air quality.

    -Flat Microfiber Mops – Clean water is used on the floor at all times compared to traditional systems which are a source of cross contamination.

    If you are looking to improve the air quality of your facility, reduce waste, and improve your environmental sustainability, always go with a certified green clean provider located here:

    Find A Green Cleaning Service Here ->

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