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  • 21 Aug 2017 8:25 AM | Jamila Fanfair

    For generations carpets have been providing adequate comfort and bringing people together, especially families in common spaces which is why it is equally important to keep them clean as we seek to continuously protect our loved ones. Carpet cleaning over the years has seen the development and introduction of various new products and techniques to achieve that “nothing to complain about” clean. It has even further developed into a progressive and modern practice which involves the use of more eco-friendly products and mechanisms with the aim to contribute to efforts being made to protect humans, animals and the environment from harmful toxins and chemicals which pose several threats to our overall wellbeing. It is against the backdrop of the desire to create safe and healthy environments whether at work, home or elsewhere that the implementation of a carpet cleaning program is necessary.  

    Shield Cleaning plans to continue working towards the development of healthy homes and environments by way of the introduction of an effective carpet cleaning program as part of our various residential and commercial cleaning packages. This program will most importantly facilitate several training sessions for employees on great carpet cleaning. The training will educate and inform employees on the details of carpets which include types, styles, fibers and more which will provide the basis or background needed for tackling the various types of stains or issues which may arise with carpeting. The carpet program will further employ the use of practices such as hot water restoration process and see the use of eco-friendly carpet cleaning products as well as homemade cleaning solutions. However, once again training for employees will be the most important factor included in the carpet cleaning program.

    The implementation of this program will give rise to many benefits not just for our company but for our customers who utilize our services. The first of these benefits will include an economic benefit for our customers. The continuous cleaning and maintenance of carpet will help it to remain in proper condition for years to come which in essence is an increased saving incentive because it mitigates the need to replace your carpeting very often. Another important benefit is the health improvement factor which this program will provide. Carpets have a tendency of holding dust which may very well affect persons with allergies or those who are asthmatic. Moreover, it can contain much dirt and bacteria from trafficking back and forth on the carpeting which can pose serious health risks to humans and animals especially in homes where persons sometimes lay on the carpeting and cleaning them can mitigate these risks.

    Keeping carpeting clean wherever it may be is essential for a thriving society. Find us in the IJCSA Carpet Cleaning Directory here. 

  • 18 Aug 2017 2:21 PM | Nathaly Cruz

    Hire a Professional Company to take care of all your cleaning needs. Hire No More Mess Cleaning & Services a responsible company that cares about your health, the environment and never cuts corners to save money. Go Green Get Healthy.



  • 18 Aug 2017 2:10 PM | Nathaly Cruz

    We are aware of the detrimental effects that chemicals, plastic, and waste have in our health, our environment and our pets. As a responsible janitorial company we feel the need to take care of our employees and our customers. They trust us and the minimum we can do is implement a strict program utilizing only green certified products.  We noticed the difference when we started using green products, we are no longer smelling those strong scents that were affecting our respiratory systems. No more coughing, constant sneezing and even headaches.

    At No More Mess Cleaning Services we use various green cleaning products which have a distinct reputation and make our life easier as janitors and house cleaners. Also we are conscious of the damage of excessive use of trash bags, so we have develop a saving system when possible. Another component of our plan is the use of vacuums with HEPA filters, which are supposed to filter small particles in the air. Vacuuming with a good machine cuts the amount of dust we inhale. Dust can be harmful, potentially triggering asthma, and other allergies.

    FInd Us & Other Certified Green Cleaning Services Here At IJCSA

  • 17 Aug 2017 12:39 PM | Andrew Baynes

    The International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association ( provides it's members with a comprehensive training system to learn about the dangers associated with the commonly used chemicals in todays over the counter industrial and household cleaners.   

    Our members are thoroughly trained and tested to make sure you will receive effective cleaning service while at the same time reducing your businesses eco-footprint.  You can have confidence that your desire to do better for your community will be matched by our trained green service providers. 

    To find an IJCSA certified green cleaning company near you or to verify that your current cleaner has received certification from the IJCSA please click this link: IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Providers

  • 16 Aug 2017 8:15 AM | Lakashanna Corpening

    Choosing the best vendor for carpet cleaning is essential in proper maintenance and preserving the overall appearance of carpets.  Regularly scheduled carpet cleaning helps to avoid buildups of mold, mildew, dirt, and allergens. Finding a skilled service provider can be a challenge. You want to choose the right person for the job. Look no further. IJCSA provides a directory of skilled professional carpet cleaners who know how to maintain the quality and appearance of your carpets.

    To access the directory of award winning carpet cleaners, click here In the directory you will find a list of carpet cleaners that are trained on the best and most effective processes for properly cleaning your carpets. Whether you’re a business owner looking to have your commercial office carpets cleaned, or a home owner looking to have your carpets refreshed, IJCSA carpet cleaners will provide you with the highest quality of service that you can trust! 

  • 14 Aug 2017 10:30 AM | orville miller

    As a building manager or home owner have you ever wondered about the chemicals that are being used by your cleaning service? It might smell clean and fresh but is it harmful to anyone or the environment? If you ask them and they cant't give you a answer, maybe it's time to go green. Looking for a green cleaning service near you? Try our Green Cleaner Directory at

  • 12 Aug 2017 2:35 AM | Anonymous member

    I am going to use the Hydro Force CX 15. I like the extraction method of cleaning when carpet is very dirty. It may requires more time and preparation , But it’s a solution I want my customers to have available for their carpets.. The carpet will be prepped with a carpet soil remover conditioner, after about 15-20 minutes but not allowed to dry, the carpet will be cleaned with a commercial cleaning product mixed in the hot water.

    The mixture I will use in the carpet cleaning machine will be a green product and will thoroughly clean the carpet. The machine’s agitation will be done by the rotation of the machine against the carpet fibers and the hot water is extracted with the machine.  Although this will take more time to complete, this is a service I know my customers will appreciate.

    Find A IJCSA Carpet Cleaning Service Here

  • 10 Aug 2017 9:01 AM | Jamila Fanfair

    According to an article published on the July 1, 2016 by CNN entitled Dangerous Chemicals hiding in everyday products, “It was long believed that you could acquire "better living through chemistry" But that may really not be the case.” 

    For centuries consumers have been utilizing harmful commercial cleaning products which contain high concentrations of chemicals for the purpose of everyday cleaning. This is not just because of ordinary choice but also because in many cases consumers are led by marketers to believe that certain brands and products deliver splendiferous results and benefits over others because of the high level of chemical concentration contained in these products. The products promise a better clean, that they will get the job done faster and to be the cheapest available on the market. However, what is not highlighted in most instances is the numerous harmful effects these products, which we have grown to trust over the years have on our overall health, economic wellbeing and the environment at large.

    Everyday cleaning chemicals in a major contrast to natural green products contain a series of toxic ingredients which have potential adverse health effects from exposure to these chemicals. As listed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency chemicals such as ammonia phosphorous, nitrogen and others which are found in various commercial household cleaning products such as window cleaners, hand soaps, deodorizers, carpet cleaners etc are among these.

    Further, some of the Chemicals found in these products are Volatile Organic Compounds which means that they evaporate into the air and contribute to the formation of smog in the ozone layer. Natural Green Cleaning products on the other hand are not Volatile Organic Compound  but are instead made with all natural compounds which are biodegradable meaning that they can be broken down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass which are all useful to the environment and poses little to no health risks to our person.  

    The uses of these toxic household cleaners against green cleaners have several adverse economic, environmental and health effects on not just our customers and company but also the workers who are responsible for the use and handling of these products. Unlike with Green Cleaning products which are made from all natural or sometimes homemade ingredients, everyday harmful cleaning chemicals which are predominant in general consumer cleaning products such as artificial fragrances, aromatic hydrocarbons, aluminum, chlorine bleach, ammonia, phthalates, etc can cause respiratory, neurological, reproductive, dermatology issues such as irritation of the lungs, issues breathing, irritation of the eyes, asthma, Reproductive abnormalities, penetration of the skin leading to dermatitis. These are all health issues which can become life threatening for persons residing into the homes we offer services to. At our company the aim is to always provide reliable quality services with guaranteed satisfaction to our customers so that they can be happy and healthy. It is never the aim of the company to create health risks to its customers and even further the environment which is why we utilize Green Cleaning Products and practices which are free of these toxic chemicals thereby eliminating many of the identified adverse health effects. Green Cleaning involves many eco-friendly practices such as steam cleaning, the use of green- no toxic brands for example Simple Green which will not cause toxicity.

    The everyday cleaning chemicals are contributors to a series of environmental risks which create an unsafe environment for now and the future generation. These chemicals when burned, evaporated or even used in their normal state can be the cause of air and water pollution. The use of some laundry detergents, dish soaps and more when used can find their ways into drains, sewage and then discharged into nearby waterways thereby threatening the water quality needed for the survival of our fishes and other wildlife that consume this water. Research information taken from The Organic Consumers Association states “In a May 2002 study of contaminants in stream water samples across the country, the U.S. Geological Survey found persistent detergent metabolites in 69% of streams tested. Sixty-six percent contained disinfectants.” Thus, confirming the harmful effects of these chemicals on the environment. Especially when considering the level of air pollution that can be caused from the use of toxins.

    With the implementation of Green Cleaning products against the use of the regular everyday cleaning chemicals we are able to mitigate the number of harmful economic effects which may arise for companies through the use of the everyday chemical products. Use of these can lead to liability on the company’s part if a customer or worker may ever fall sick. Further it could decrease the level of productivity and incur higher costs on customers or the company for damaged surfaces. Taking all of this into consideration we should seek to make advancements towards creating eco-friendly green environments and clean homes by visiting the IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory  for information on company’s and business which provide  friendly and efficient Green Cleaning Services which can keep us happy, health and financially stable.

  • 09 Aug 2017 7:19 AM | Brandon Lanford

    When you call a plumber, you not only want the plumbing problem fixed; You also want to have the peace of mind that you can allow the plumber to work without you having to constantly watch him. Trust is a huge deal to us as members of society, and being able to trust someone who is directly dealing with your property is paramount. As members of the IJCSA, we understand that the customer places a huge amount of trust in us, and we treat that trust with dignity and respect. Without customers, we are out of business, and no matter what type of janitorial services you may need, you can trust that the members of the IJCSA will put your mind at ease. 

    IJCSA members don't treat customer service as another box to check on the to-do list; for us, it's our priority. Attention to detail, face to face relations, fair pricing, and all around top quality service are attributes that you can ensure in when choosing any Janitorial Service from the IJCSA Database. Our membership and certifications are not just handed out, they are earned by each and every individual that owns the company listed. We do our best to make ourselves stand out to you so that we can truly show you the difference in quality between a standard company and a company accredited by the IJCSA.

    Find A Professional Cleaning Or Janitorial Service Here

  • 07 Aug 2017 6:48 AM | Harry Springer

    We would like to add carpet cleaning to our list of services we provide. Anyone can clean carpets that, however, doesn’t necessarily say that they are being cleaned correctly. Having your carpets cleaned by a IJCSA member lets you know that your carpets are being cleaned by a company that has taken the time to become certified and that they are offering you the best services available.

    Carpet cleaning offers your work area another level of clean that vacuuming alone cannot do.  Carpet cleaning removes stuck in dirt and dust particles while removing stains which doesn’t only improve the look of your carpets but also improves overall health benefits. Providing a cleaner, healthier environment will increase the morale of employees.

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