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Janitorial Cold Calling 

I wrote this article for a member who told me they they are afraid when cold calling, that people will get upset with them, or just a huge flat NO response. My response is you will hear a lot of NO`s, for every yes you will ever hear you will probably hear lots of not interested, we have someone, we do the cleaning in house, we do not need cleaning, no soliciting please get out before I call the police, NO, NO, NO,

Regardless of what you hear be persistent and do not get gun shy or become afraid to talk to potential people or customers about your business.

I`m not sure if you have seen the movie Top Gun, but if you have not, or maybe you do not remember. There is scene where the pilot loses his co-pilot due to an accident. The pilot is now afraid to engage his enemy or targets , because it does not feel right. You as a business owner have to engage targets daily. You can not stop because it does not feel right, or you are afraid. What your doing is to benefit you and your family if you have one. If somebody says ......

1-Not interested- You Say That`s fine (sir or mamm) the reason I stopped by was that my friend came in here and noticed the dirty carpet, windows, walls, (whatever)... and I clean for name a local business close by (hopefully one you clean) and we would like to clean for you, are you sure you do not want a free estimate

2-We have someone-You Say "That`s great are they a service or are they in-house?" Wait for answer..... If answer is service -You Say "Great, our prices and service are much better than any of our competitors may I give you a free estimate today, or is there a time is more convenient for you?" If in-house -You Say "That`s amazing, I did not think anyone uses in-house anymore, the cost of having a employee do the work over a service is much greater, may I give you a free estimate today so you can compare prices, or schedule a time when its is more convenient for you?"

3-We do the cleaning on our own--You Say  Very Important compliment them that the building looks very good for in-house cleaners. Then say , "is there some areas you think need improvement? or areas that require special attention, that you would consider outsourcing, or allowing us to clean?" "May I give you a free estimate, or schedule a time when its more convenient for you."

4-No soliciting please get out before I call the police,--You Say "lol... I'm sorry there must be a misunderstanding, I was told by a (Tammy, Bob, James, Dave, Mike, (whatever) ) that you required a cleaning estimate, I might be in the wrong place, but I did notice you name one( dirty carpets, windows, walls, tile, furniture) so is there someone here named ( Tammy, Bob, James, Dave, Mike) what, nobody here by that name, I`m sorry , no reason making a trip for nothing, what is dirty that I can give you an estimate on "then smile?

5- NO, NO, NO!--You Say YES, YES, YES we would like to clean for you, your very close to another account we clean, we can do a great job at a fair price! Can I give you a free estimate? Are you sure there is nothing that does not need cleaning? Can I schedule a time with you that`s more proper for a free estimate?

Regardless of all the situations above you want to get over the turn and run feeling. Get over the feeling of silence, why did I walk in here feeling. Keep talking, and keep engaging the potential customer. Your confidence will build, have fun with it, the person in front of you is only another human being, they can`t harm you with their evil NO

Matthew Carson | IJCSA 

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