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  • 24 Apr 2019 6:16 PM | Kayla Straight

    We have been asked in the past, what is green cleaning? Can it really help protect us and the environment? Do the products work as well as mainstream cleaners? Implementing green cleaning products and services would not only secure the trust in future clients who prefer these services but will also help those who do ask these questions feel at ease to try a more healthier and safer way to clean. Safety of our staff and clients are a priority. Knowing the product you are using, how to use the effectively and showing the client not only does it work, it is also better for your health as well, This allows for under educated clients to gain a new understanding on the toxins that are emitted through the use of most mainstream brands and the health effects it could have on their own bodies. 

    How to implement green cleaning into our business we must be knowledgeable of the products that you are using. Which products is for what type of cleaning job and if they really are (on the commercial product side) a green cleaning product. The chemicals which are in the products you must know in order to wean those out that are not true. There are also natural herb and oil cleaner that would be a true green cleaning investment without chemicals at all. Offer the green cleaning services to existing clients and get their feedback on what they liked and didn't like to make adjustments and improvements on the products you use and how you use them. It is a safer, easy to budget and effective way to help all that is around you for a healthier more manageable way to clean.  

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  • 24 Apr 2019 12:43 PM | Tierney Mokos

    A green cleaning program shines with plenty of benefits. Not only is the environment affected by toxic chemicals, but human health is at risk as well. "Green cleaning", or the use of environmentally friendly cleaning methods, may help reduce the great amount of toxic chemicals which harm humans and the environment daily. Having a green cleaning program is highly beneficial.

    Making the world a better place is truly satisfying. If everybody just makes a small change it has a big impact on the earth. To start, reducing resource usage and pollution can bring acknowledgment from the community. Green cleaning improves self-esteem and efficiency in residents. Improved health becomes fewer sick days taken by employees. Liability from worker safety issues is reduced too. You see, green cleaning practiced by humans can both benefit their health and environment. Plus, benefits are increasing with more eco-friendly products now available. 

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  • 24 Apr 2019 8:55 AM | Alberto Atallah

    I've spoken before about the benefits of green cleaning for people around you. Your customer, the people around them, their overall environment enjoys cleaner air, not burdened by chemicals from conventional cleaning tools. The environment gets a little more breathing room, your employees enjoy a good working morale, and better health as well. It's easy to see how these benefits would add to me as an individual, as well as my business.

    I've mentioned how offering green cleaning adds a selling point to your brand, because of the benefits I mentioned earlier. The satisfaction of knowing you're helping conserve the ecosystem, being responsible and practically adept, helps me find more pride in the work. Natural, green cleaning components are a cost-effective way of providing cleaning solutions in several cases. Did you know an effective furniture cleaner can be made up of a mixture of vinegar, olive oil, and lemon juice? These are common household items you can use, that have no effect on the environment you apply them to.

    As a company, the community that I service has the satisfaction that I'm providing an effective, elegant, but also eco-friendly solution to their problems. Green cleaning is not meant to lower service quality, but rather improve it. The title of a previous post was "There's no excuse to not hire green cleaning services", which I wholeheartedly believe. If companies are going out of their way to provide healthier, cost effective, and quality solutions for their clients, all the more reason to consider them. 

    Becoming IJCSA Green certified is a major advantage for your cleaning company. The standards set in this program make sure anyone running a cleaning service offers an eco-friendly, quality solution for their customers. As an individual, I feel better knowing I can do my trade without condemning the environment, while still helping the community. Look out for a green-certified company in this directory:

  • 23 Apr 2019 9:54 PM | SONJA Nelson

    Cleaning companies that Green clean use products that have less impact on the environment, such as low toxicity, more biodegradability, low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, and reduced packaging.

    You will find that the advantage of using a cleaning company that adheres to Green standards will lower the impact of harmful exposure to your building occupants. It improves indoor air quality, while still receiving effective building cleanliness. This along with less, and recyclable packaging also contributes to an all around better environment!

    In your search for a Green cleaning company use the IJCSA Green Cleaner Directory, there you will find a reputable and professional Green cleaning service provider.

  • 23 Apr 2019 6:18 PM | John Nelson

    In today's modern world, families have become more concerned with the chemicals they come into contact with during their everyday lives. Harmful chemicals are prevalent in many industries and the cleaning industry is no exception. Cleaning chemicals can have a negative effect on human health and on the health of the environment. That's why it is important to consider the benefits of green cleaning products and procedures. 

    A residential cleaning company that makes use of green cleaning techniques can have a positive impact on the environment, the health of customers, and the cleaners who are exposed to cleaning chemicals. This has created an increased demand for green cleaning services in my area and is why I am implementing a green cleaning service. It gives cleaning businesses a way to give back to their communities by providing alternatives to traditional cleaners, which often use harmful chemicals.

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  • 23 Apr 2019 8:15 AM | Lee Manseau

    Being green cleaning certified matters to Mainstay Cleaning Services, it shows a higher-level of understanding and caring. Being certified goes beyond earning a certification, it shows our commitment to learning long lasting values that help us meet or beat customer expectations, and shows our commitment to the safety of our workers and building occupants.

    Being green cleaning certified holds Mainstay Cleaning Services to a higher standard than non-certified cleaning companies by ensuring we only use cleaning agents that meet the standards of containing:Low allergens, being non-caustic, non-toxic, and having 100% biodegradable agents. In addition to cleaning agents, we will also rely on high performance, energy efficient cleaning equipment, micro-fiber cloths, and the use of recycled paper products.

    The largest benefit of having a Green cleaning program is to reduce everyone's exposure to toxic chemicals (EPA, 2018, February 13). By using safe and approved cleaning agents we can safely work towards controlling the spread of germs and disease by focusing on problem areas and properly applying disinfectants, we can also help improve the overall indoor air quality by reducing air-borne dust and chemical gases, and we can help to reduce asthma attacks by keeping the dust, pollen's, and chemical allergens at bay.

    Equally as important, being green certified, Mainstay Cleaning Services will be partnering with our clients in maintaining a cleaner and healthier community. Often-times our clients not only work in a certain area, but also live there as well. By using cleaning agents that are non-toxic, and 100% biodegradable we are being good stewards to the environment, thus ensuring that we leave this planet to our children in better shape than when we received it. By implementing high efficiency / green cleaning programs, overall cleaning costs can be reduced therefore increasing everyone's bottom line.

    Locate us and order your Certified Green Cleaning Service today through the IJCSA Green Cleaning

    Directory located at:

    Greening Your Purchase of Cleaning Products: A Guide For Federal Purchasers. (2018, February 13). Retrieved from:

  • 22 Apr 2019 6:28 PM | Shamona Ervin

    There are many benefits associated with green cleaning. Green cleaning products are environment friendly. Some cleaning products are known to contribute to health problems such as eye and skin allergies, and respiratory irritation. One of the most common ways toxins gets ingested is through air and water. Green cleaners can help reduce pollution by minimizing its impact on the ozone layer and global warming.

    Green cleaning products can be more affordable than traditional cleaning products. A person can use vinegar, baking soda, olive oil, lemon juice etc. Vinegar and lemon juice are considered very effective in disinfecting dirty surfaces. Since these are environment friendly, they reduce the risk of health problems. Vinegar and lemon juice are considered very effective when it comes to disinfecting dirty surfaces.

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  • 22 Apr 2019 7:36 AM | Melodie Moore

    I feel that having the option to have a Green Cleaning Program is very beneficial. Some people even though they have an idea about Green Cleaning may not want it. In my experience a lot of people are not educated about how this program can be effective and leave a fresh clean scent. So I would get the attention of the people that I am in business with and if they are open come to a consensus on what Green Cleaning means to them and then continue to educate. Start by putting a plan together to service their needs.I would have a simple agreement to "Do Green". Which would include walk throughs to observe and audit the surroundings. Enlist steps to processes in regards to the goal of the audits. Assess what is needed  and obtain the Green Cleaning Equipment that has to be utilized.

    Acquire needed educative materials and educate cleaning crew on keeping abreast and current on Green cleaning processes. Evaluate and monitor by being accountable to the program and key people who are involved which would vary depending on who in the market you are servicing. This Came from the Article Implementing A Green Cleaning Program.

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  • 20 Apr 2019 9:18 PM | Ariel Jala

    Carpet cleaning is very important and can be used in so many different aspects of our lives. The carpet in your home can not only affect the quality of your own life but also the lives of your children. Having a pet can cause major damage to a carpet. They can cause bad odor to the carpet as well as stains from urine and can even infect the carpet with fleas. Many home remedies you can use involve steam cleaning and vacuuming. Some products you can use is salt and borax. It is very important to quarantine the animal before cleaning the infected area. Having your home safe and clean will make you want to help others improve their lives around them. Please refer to the Carpet Cleaning Directory to find the right company for you.

  • 20 Apr 2019 9:01 PM | Ariel Jala

    In my cleaning business I plan to target the schools. Schools can be one of the dirtiest places around. The fact that schools house so many students proves that they are succeptable to the germs around them. Once one student is affected then it spreads around the whole school and you have an outbreak.  Implementing carpet cleaning in my business is very important because there are many uses for it in our schools. 

    Many teachers in the teachers lounge drink coffee and there is bound to be coffee stains on the carpet.  The materials used at schools involve inks and paints. I am able to clean these out of the carpet. In many highschools discarding gum has become a major problem. If it doesn't end up under the desk it will end up on the carpet which is why my services are needed. Lastly one of the most important rooms to clean in a school is the special ed room. With students who are unable to take care of themselves there is a liklehood that stains such as blood, poop, and urine will get on the carpet. This can be cleaned by my carpet company as well. 

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