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  • 17 Apr 2019 10:53 AM | Miguel Bonilla-Roman


    The dangers associated with having mold in your home or business are a continued discussion and has been for years. Having a mold-cleaning program is necessary. There are numerous benefits of having a mold-cleaning program, which includes reducing health risks, offer professional solutions opportunities and it can be identified at the source.

    The health risks associated with prolonged exposure to mold are numerous. Having a mold-cleaning program will ensure that you are living in a much healthier environment. You cannot put a price on your health and continued exposure to mold is dangerous. Despite what others may tell, you no one can tell if a particular mold has mycotoxins or could cause you, or your family, any health problems.

    Many people think they can take care of cleaning mold on their own but no matter how hard you try, your cleaning of mold cannot compare to that of a professional. Proper mold remediation does not just contain the cleaning of the mold but also includes getting airborne mold spores down to acceptable levels with the proper HEPA filtration equipment. 

     There is no use in having your home cleaned for mold if you cannot find the source. A professional will not only clean for mold, but they are also able to identify the source of the problem. Finding the source of the growth is the first step to eliminating mold growth and establishing a successful preventive program. 

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  • 17 Apr 2019 10:11 AM | HL Humphries

    One of the first things I have learned since joining is the importance of providing good customer service! Customer service is the most important key to any business. It doesn't matter how good your service is if you treat your customers terrible. Customers today can voice their feelings and demand to be heard. It's important to treat your customers the way you want to be treated. That is the golden rule of life not just customer service.

    The word service is in the name of our cleaning company. This makes services the most important part of our business. Our customers keeping using us because we have proven to give them the type of service they want. Our customers have recommended us to other companies. That is the best proof of great customer service! We listen to them and take care of their needs. These are the key points that IJCSA stresses to all of their members. 

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  • 16 Apr 2019 6:34 PM | Lakita Lee

    How to find a carpet cleaning service in your area? is a great resource to locate a consumer friendly carpet or rug cleaning business in your city. Using google or other search engines is great but how do you know the results will yeild a company that can do everything that you need them to do?

    All American Affordable Commercial Cleaning services can be a 1 stop shop for all of your commercial cleaning.

  • 16 Apr 2019 6:25 PM | Michael & Laure Relihan

    The reason it is so important for employees and staff of cleaning companies to be educated on blood-borne pathogens, is because this is where the spread of these pathogens begin! The more employees that know, the better prepared they will be with precautions in place to stop the spread of these pathogens!

    This is undoubtedly the most important part in stopping and or minimizing the spread of blood-borne pathogens! If cleaning employees are trained properly, they can then take the proper steps in safety, which entails wearing proper protective gear, using proper and approved methods of labeling hazardous or non-hazardous materials, and proper cleaning and sanitation of contaminated areas. It is also important for employees and staff to have a written exposure plan, that way employees are educated on what actions to take in the case of exposure to blood-borne pathogens. 

    The greatest importance of this education is the knowledge that it provides to employers and employees about the risks, proper handling, and cleaning of infected areas. 

    Learn More About Bloodborne Pathogens Here

  • 16 Apr 2019 12:11 PM | Tierney Mokos

    This isn't an intervention for those poor drinking habits, although there is scrutiny of alcohol. There are a few things you may ponder when told an increased risk of cancer is associated with the manufacturing of Isopropyl Alcohol. Can this affect me? Maybe you remember reading the name on different ingredient lists (also called propanol, isopropanol rubbing alcohol.)

    Alcohol Isopropyl is a petrochemical. Through skin exposure some people react with signs of redness, itching, and/or rashes. The petroleum based chemical, like other solvents, has displayed brain and/or nerve damage with repeated exposure. Some study shows buildup promotes illness in the body. The IJCSA Green Certification course offers the suggestion to replace Isopropyl Alcohol with ethanol or 100 proof alcohol in solution with water. A place where harm can be limited is important in the Mixology process--how products are manufactured and mixed. 

    Many more hazardous chemicals exist in the cleaning industry. Remembering toxins may be difficult for most. Common names to avoid are Chlorine, Ammonia, and Flouride. Chlorine and Ammonia are both listed on the EPA's Community-Right-to-Know list as toxic chemicals. Author and Doctor John Yiammouyiannis estimates between 30,000 and 50,000 people die from fluoride poisoning each year. Found in drinking water, an acceptable concentration of 1 ppm isnt farm from 2 ppm which starts health risks.

    In short, everyday cleaning products are assembled with toxins. Harsh toxins exist in places you may not expect. Harmful effects of using everyday cleaning products can involve irritation to the eyes, mouth, nose, throat, and skin. Additional complications may cause eye damage, lightheadedness, confusion, memory loss, headaches, and more. Possibly some of the most important means of damage are VOCs. Volatile organic compounds are the solvents and other compounds which evaporate into the air and help supply the formation of smog.

    Compared to popular everyday cleaning brands, natural green products hold much more value. There is potential to reverse the harmful effects of everyday cleaning chemicals with natural green ones. Common household ingredients for natural cleaning can be lemon juice, conventional and electrolyzed water, borax, vinegar, salt, mineral oil, baking soda, washing soda, vegetable based soap, and plants with high saponin levels. Using eco-friendly products over name brands yields health benefits, increased morale, improved productivity, cost savings, improved community relations, and environmental gain. People who use the right products can be found under Green Cleaning Services

  • 16 Apr 2019 8:44 AM | Adriana Robine
    When you decide to implement green cleaning program into your business you are assembling all your team making a commitment of using fewer toxic chemicals, choosing environmentally responsible equipment and considering processes that are sensitive to vulnerable populations. Green cleaning isn’t just about protecting the environment; it’s also about protecting the health of place occupants and cleaning staff while enhancing overall productivity.

    The benefits of green cleaning are directly related to your business operations are: - Demonstrate the quality of environmentally responsible products and services which can meet or exceed performance and expectations. - Obtain access to new customers and increase loyalty, expanding your Network - Profitability Increase - Show sustainable conscious not only with the environment, but also with clients & staffs - Fewer staff health problems, decreased absenteeism - Help professionals understand the importance of using environmentally-preferable products carefully, safely and with the goals of green cleaning in mind.
    That’s why HCC Cleaning is committed not only on promoting healthier environment but acknowledgement of the importance of being sustainable conscious to make a better Planet to live.

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  • 15 Apr 2019 7:14 PM | SONJA Nelson

    After learning that cleaning chemicals have the potential to cause respiratory and dermatological problems, and even cancer, I have decided to start my business with environment friendly products. I prefer to keep myself, future employees and building occupants away from the effects of harsh chemicals. This in turn may reduce the number of employee sick days.

    When stocking up on cleaning products, I will either mix my own, or purchase products that are certified “green”. All products need to be diluted correctly and in the long run may even be cheaper than harsh chemical cleaners.

    I will be purchasing high performance equipment, such as HEPA filter vacuums that improve air quality, and using microfiber cloths, mops and dusters known for their ability to trap soil and not redepositing it. I worked as an employee in the cleaning industry 20 years ago, and I am excited about the new products, equipment, and the way cleaning is being accomplished now!

    Find Professional Certified Green Cleaning Services Here

  • 15 Apr 2019 6:57 PM | Hwanyong Shin

    When we work at a company as an manager, we always struggle with complaints from customers. And we realize that  "excellent customer service" is the most difficult part of business.

    As an member of IJCSA, I want to treat my customers & clients with ultimate customer satisfaction. I want them very happy that they give me the opportunity to clean for them. I want them to feel that they are the most important & my goal is to serve them 100% all of the time. 

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  • 15 Apr 2019 6:43 PM | Hwanyong Shin

    I have worked for several cleaning companies over the years. I had to use a lot of chemicals which are really harmful to the human body. Although the cleaning result is okay, it is not eco-friendly and it is harmful to the earth, kids, pets, and clients. 

    Now, we can use green cleaning products and it allows us to a run a healthy green cleaning business. As I use green cleaning products, I can proudly explain to customers about what kind of healthy results they will receive. I explain they can have the same cleaning results without any harmful side effects. 

    Green cleaning is new world cleaning. State of the art cleaning! Where we do not have to hide something from our clients and we can be proud to clean an office or home using natural healthy green cleaning techniques. 

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  • 15 Apr 2019 6:01 PM | Joe Isenberg

      Knowing about the risks of bloodborne pathogens is critical in the cleaning industry. Bloodborne pathogens can be easily spread if protective procedures are not followed properly.

      Blood, vomit, saliva and other bodily fluids may be infected with bloodborne pathogens that can cause HIV and Hepatitis B and it is for this reason that specific guidelines must be followed in cleaning and removal. Splashing with a mop can spread the pathogens about the area and enter the mucus membrane through the nose, mouth, eyes or skin. 

      Needle bins, trash receptacles and hazardous waste must be handled with care in order to prevent injury and exposure as well. International guidelines, if followed, may prevent or reduce infectious waste exposure. Wearing disposable gloves and eye protection play a strong role in prevention.

    More Info On Bloodborne Pathogens

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