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  • 01 Jan 2019 8:19 PM | Richard Williams

    Green Cleaning! The great way to clean and be safe. Think of your cleaning company search as a guide to understanding the core value of it's principal "Do what you  say", say what you do" when it comes to green cleaning  IJCSA and It"s directory has you covered with tons of information, and certified cleaning professionals at your finger tips. Use the directory to find green professionals in your town. Remember picking a Green Cleaning company dose not have to be difficult. IJCSA makes it easy as 1,2,3!!!

  • 01 Jan 2019 9:55 AM | Alberto Atallah

    Adopting a "green" model for your cleaning business in 2019 has financial, practical, and moral benefits; for the customer, for their customers, your employees, and for you. As the increasing concern for the environment develops, customers are looking out for "green brands" and other ways to help conserve their spaces and decrease the negative impact on the environment. Adopting eco-friendly practices into your business adds a selling point for your brand, can boost employee morale, save costs, and gain you recognition for efforts in conserving the ecosystem. Here's a simple rundown on how you can make your cleaning business "green".

    Start by using more natural cleaning solutions, instead of the conventional tools that are usually releasing harmful chemicals. Baking soda, lemon, vinegar, are just three examples of components used in green cleaning. When these are mixed with water or oil, they provide effective solutions to a few areas, such as window and furniture cleaning, as well as deep polishing of counter tops, sinks, ovens, and other surfaces. Light some candles or burn some incense for an organic, green way to cleanse the air around you. Consider installing low-flush toilets and showers for your home or any venture, save costs on water and help save water as well. Most importantly, train your employees to adopt these green practices as habit, make it a company standard, and you'll be running a green cleaning program in no time.

    Happy New Year 2019! Go Green! 

    Find IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Services Here

  • 31 Dec 2018 9:15 AM | Corey Nolen

    As people become more aware of harmful chemicals in cleaning supplies, the need for greener ways to clean is essential in today`s society. Implementing green cleaning supplies and services, is the #1 priority for my company moving into the future. There are many reasons to go greener. I choose to make the transition, to improve the quality of work for my costumers. Also, to improving the work environment of my employees.

    There are 3 reasons why I chose to move into green cleaning services. Safer Products reduces risk of chemical burns to skin and eyes for hard working employees. Green cleaners meet strict standards regarding inhalation toxicity and combustibility. Pure Environment and Air Quality is a top customer service reasons I chose to go green. Strong smelling chemicals can be replaced with cleaners with natural oils and ingredients. I plan on creating my own cleaners. So Knowledge about the supplies and materials be used to improve efficiency and productivity will providing services. 

    Find IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Services For Home Or Business Here

  • 30 Dec 2018 8:41 AM | Cameron Serrano

    All-natural cleaning products has many benefits to the user and people around it. Using everyday cleaners can have the opposite affect on these situations. When using everyday chemicals people will say how great they clean and how wonderful the smell of cleanliness is. At the same time, they do not understand that the smell they are breathing in is harmful to their body. Every day chemicals cause irritation to airways and lungs due to their ingredients. Yet when one would use all-natural chemicals, one would still get the same cleanliness and none of the harmful effects on the body.

    Harmful effects do not just happen to the body’s airways either. Many chemicals will cause irritation or burn the skin on contact. If one used all-natural cleaning products, wen that substance touched your skin there would be no reaction of burning or irritation. Using a product such as Benefect, this product is used as a disinfectant and as a hand sanitizer. Having all-natural products such as these will be beneficial to all people using or around the product.

    We run into many elderly homes, people with Asthma, and sensitive clients that cannot handle the smell of the other chemicals in our line of work. We have already implemented All-Natural Chemicals and the clients are very happy with how clean and nice there home looks and smells when done. This also helps prevent unforeseen damage when using regular chemicals as they can damage items just due to the item finish.

    Not only can using everyday cleaning products damage ones health, it can also damage the material being cleaned. Many people pay good money these days to have higher end appliances that last longer. But there is also a catch to this. If one uses everyday cleaning products on these appliance it may ruin the finish the first time or over time. If one used a natural product damaging the finish would not be a worry as there would not be a reaction with the finish or leave a residue after cleaning is done.

    By using Natural cleaners one person can lower their footprint on the environment and improve their health. Many people do not understand what breathing in these harsh chemicals can actually do to ones body.

    Find Green Cleaning Services Here

  • 29 Dec 2018 2:56 PM | Roger Morgans

    Searching for all-natural alternatives to the harsh chemicals of yesterday can be a daunting task. Even the best performing bio-based solutions are only as good as the team using them. 

    This is why it is essential to find the right partner for your operational and environmental goals. A good place to start is IJCSA's Green Service Directory at 

    Sourcing planet-friendly products and processes is only half the battle - implementing them can be an overwhelming task. You'll want the reliable and conscientious professionals like IJCSA member Morgans Cleaning & Property Management.

  • 29 Dec 2018 6:25 AM | Alberto Atallah

    I've spoken before about the benefits of green cleaning for people around you. Your customer, the people around them, their overall environment enjoys cleaner air, not burdened by chemicals from conventional cleaning tools. The environment gets a little more breathing room, your employees enjoy a good working morale, and better health as well. It's easy to see how these benefits would add to me as an individual, as well as my business.

    I've mentioned how offering green cleaning adds a selling point to your brand, because of the benefits I mentioned earlier. The satisfaction of knowing you're helping conserve the ecosystem, being responsible and practically adept, helps me find more pride in the work. Natural, green cleaning components are a cost-effective way of providing cleaning solutions in several cases. Did you know an effective furniture cleaner can be made up of a mixture of vinegar, olive oil, and lemon juice? These are common household items you can use, that have no effect on the environment you apply them to.

    As a company, the community that I service has the satisfaction that I'm providing an effective, elegant, but also eco-friendly solution to their problems. Green cleaning is not meant to lower service quality, but rather improve it. The title of a previous post was "There's no excuse to not hire green cleaning services", which I wholeheartedly believe. If companies are going out of their way to provide healthier, cost effective, and quality solutions for their clients, all the more reason to consider them. 

    Becoming IJCSA Green certified is a major advantage for your cleaning company. The standards set in this program make sure anyone running a cleaning service offers an eco-friendly, quality solution for their customers. As an individual, I feel better knowing I can do my trade without condemning the environment, while still helping the community. Look out for a green-certified company in this directory:

  • 28 Dec 2018 5:56 PM | Gurinder Gill

    There are multiple facets to implementing a green cleaning program in a janitorial business. The three main factors consist of training employees in green cleaning principles, the primary use of green natural products, and regular utilization of green procedures. 

    Creating a green cleaning protocol is the initial step to implementing a program. This protocol should include standard training procedures including; safety protocols, inventory of green natural products and their corresponding uses and minimizing environmental impact through the minimized waste creation and appropriate disposal, reduced energy use, and appropriate use of specific green products. Through this training process, there is a consistent cleaning protocol followed by all employees. This consistency ensures the overall entity is implementing the reduce, reuse, and recycle procedures required for green cleaning. This also ensures the employee's safety because regardless of products being green inappropriate use or mixing of products can result in off-gassing or reactions that can be harmful to the employee and building occupants. Our overall goal is to improve environmental and human health by reducing unnecessary exposure to harmful products. 

    Green natural cleaning products are the only commercial products that can be guaranteed to meet the requirements of green cleaning needs. These products should replace the inventory of non-green products currently being utilized in janitorial operations. An alternative to store shelf green products is to use self-manufacturing products out of simple ingredients that are known to break down and reduce environmental and human exposure to waste by-products that may further react after use. 

    Lastly, the actual implementation of green procedures should include the use of all natural green cleaning products. However, this use should not be in excess, products should be used in only the minimal required quantities to reduce waste. Overall activities should reduce energy use such as turning off lights after completion of a job, utilizing manual methods as opposed to electronic equipment where necessary, and the appropriate disposal of waste and recycling. 

    Find IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified Firms Here

  • 28 Dec 2018 12:10 PM | David Han

    The purpose of the Health and Safety policies and procedures is to guide and direct all employees to work safely and prevent injury, to themselves and others. All employees should be encouraged to participate in developing, implementing, and enforcing Health and Safety policies and procedures. 

    The safety and well-being of our employees is our number one priority. Our employees represent us and are the face of our companies. We strive to ensure that our teams have a safe and clean environment in which to work.

    Awareness and education followed by safe operating policies, guidelines, and procedures can ensure that all of us stay safe at work. Following basic safety principles keep us all safe and ensure that we can all work together to ensure our safety and health is not compromised at work.

    Bloodborne pathogens are an ever-present risk. Risk management best practices and risk treatment methodologies guide us to minimize risks by taking precautions to limit our exposure to known risks.

    Bloodborne pathogens are infectious diseases such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) that may be present in blood, vomit, or saliva. Blood, vomit, and saliva can transmit infectious diseases. Bloodborne pathogens most commonly enter the human body through the mucus membrane or skin breaks such as cuts or sores.

    By educating and informing employees about the risk and dangers associated with bloodborne pathogens, we increase awareness with the goal of maintaining a safe working environment.

    Find Professional Certified Cleaning Firms Here

  • 27 Dec 2018 10:43 AM | Deleted user

    Any effective and professional commercial cleaning company will depend on a variety of different chemicals and procedures to get the job done. However, some of these chemicals, such as disinfectants, cleansers, and strippers used by these companies have been proven to be toxic and dangerous to both cleaning staff and building occupants. A good janitorial company recognizes the impact of using these chemicals and takes great precaution to avoid and mitigate the dangers associated with each.

    One such danger of the use of cleaning chemicals, strippers, and disinfectants is inhalation. Aerosol is the process when a liquid turns into a gas and goes airborne [1]. An common example of this occurrence in regard to chemical utilization is spray bottles. When a spray bottle is filled with a disinfectant or cleaning material, lets say bleach or ammonia to be sprayed on toilets, the chemical is disbursed into the air, making anyone in the vicinity exposed through breathing it. Inhalation of toxic chemicals can lead to respiratory issues, lower IQ’s, memory problems, thyroid issues, and birth defects [2].

    Another such danger of using toxic chemicals, and by toxic we mean anything containing, phthalates, perchloroethylene, or butoxyethanol [3] among others, is that these chemicals are susceptible to improper mixture. Since most companies must mix solutions manually, it takes a trained professional to properly measure, read the label, and adjust chemical concentration properly. Mixing the wrong type of chemicals together or too strong of a concentration of one chemical or the other, can lead to disastrous results, not only in terms of asset preservation but in terms of staff and occupant health. In most cases, dangerous and toxic chemicals will directly affect indoor air quality.

    On a brighter side, there are many advantages and benefits to utilizing a green cleaning program. Companies today both commercial and janitorial, as well as many mainstream consumers, are waking up to the fact that they want safe, toxic-free, and sustainable environments both for their homes and for their business. The emergence of green clean technology and products on the market in the past 15 years is direct proof of this [4]. With a green cleaning program, there are many benefits to using safer chemicals and cleaning procedures. The biggest is that it will improves health and well being.

    Reducing the exposure to toxic chemicals both for staff and occupants elevates health and well being. Symptoms and problems from the direct and indirect exposure of harmful chemicals is drastically reduced with safer, alternative, and green cleaning products. There are many facility managers today interested in the benefits of increase indoor air quality and the use of green chemicals and procedures helps them accomplish this goal. The use of safer chemicals also has many social impacts as well. Many customers demand a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment and companies want to avoid lawsuits created from mold or inhalation problems [5].

    The use of green cleaning chemicals and technology is a superior method to ensure the health, wellbeing, and safety of all building occupants including janitorial staff. We have come a long way and many of the old methods are unsafe and seriously outdated. Organizations demand green facilities that will help improve their image and sustainability, and occupants demand higher standards in clean such as mold and allergen free environments as well as good air quality. The industry has come a long way and still has much technology and innovation to utilize in the future.

    For a list of green clean service providers, go here:







  • 26 Dec 2018 6:26 PM | Deleted user

    Green cleaning has made a huge impact on both public and private sectors all over the world. With people becoming more aware of the way they personally effect the planet and it’s well being, we are starting to realize the harmful chemicals in our cleaning supplies and the side effects they have on ourselves and our planet. For years researchers have been gathering information on how it would be better if we all started using non-toxic and non-harmful ingredients in our cleaning. The evidence supporting this theory has started to change people’s look on green cleaning all over the world. They have found more benefits to switching to green cleaning then negative outcomes.

    One of the biggest benefits of green cleaning is it can lessen the negative effects of cleaning operations to the environment around us. Going green when cleaning can lessen water pollution, climate change, ozone depletion and air pollution. In addition, it can also improve the air quality indoors. Which will lower the health risks that are brought about by traditional cleaning products that contain toxins. Research has proven that green cleaning can reduce health issues such as eye, respiratory and skin burn or irritations, allergies, headaches, and chemical poisoning. So not only is it benefiting the environment, but it can also help protect your employees.

    Find IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Services Here    

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