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  • 11 Jan 2021 11:21 PM | Mollie Buford


    Carpet Cleaning is a win, win situation in a janitorial business with most of your office buildings having carpet flooring. You are hired to clean a building why let someone else come in and clean the carpet when you are already there in the building, my plan is to add on carpet cleaning to increase my income by offering the carpet cleaning services to my residential customers as well, shampooing, spot cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and stem cleaning curtains. 

    At the same time it gives me the opportunity to offer part-time or full- time employment to job seekers during this trying time that we are experiencing. It is always a good thing when you can help open doors for others as you, yourself are being blessed, share the blessings. And I owe it all to IJCSA for allowing me to be apart of its cleaning family team, this is what IJCSA has to offer to all members, a certificate of growth and inspiration.

  • 11 Jan 2021 8:32 PM | DARRYL PEARSALL

    There may be no limit to what we are exposed to in the janitorial world, but we can limit what we come in contact with in an unhealthy way. In the case of blood borne pathogens which cause illness, disease or even death, we can take every precaution possible. We are to treat each substance, each situation as if it can harm us, and so, approaching the clean-up with caution and wisdom is a must.

    We are to use protective gear including gloves, masks and gowns. We are to seek a safe way of disposal, labeling the debris, sealing it, and making sure no one else has exposure to the clean-up.   

    We are to clean up our own area including self. Disinfecting all equipment used, washing hands immediately after removing gloves, removing gown and disposing properly can all help in reducing or eliminating the spread of bloodborne pathogens.

    Together we can make this job and world a safer place. With people trusting that we are doing our jobs in a safe manner, it is so important that we approach each day with focused attention on staying safe .... and clean.

  • 11 Jan 2021 7:18 PM | Jacqueline Cogdell

    Mold can be found all year around on the south and the east coast of America. Thereby it’s an industry that thrives in any type of economy. In consequence, adding mold cleaning into our existing cleaning services, allows us to add services inside our cleaning packages. Here at J-PAC Cleaning Solutions we service residential and commercial customers within our cleaning business to include carpet cleaning and water extractions. Therefore, we’re a little ahead of the power curve when it pertains equipment and experience. We’re also located in Southeastern North Carolina, where we’re affected by hurricane season and heavy rain. This serves as a recipe for mold growth due to aftermath occurred to homes and businesses.

    Hurricane Matthew open our eyes in terms of service because our community is always in need of volunteers due to mold cleaning professional prices. In our case we would like to profit from mold cleaning, as well as donate our services to those in need during trying times. Here at J-PAC Cleaning Solutions we’re preparing our company to be well educated in the mold cleaning industry. Our employee’s will be trained and educated on the proper way use their PPE, identifying the initial mold source, and how to execute the removal of the source. This certification class has been extremely helpful with educating our superiors with vital information to ensure safety to our customers and our team members.  

  • 11 Jan 2021 6:17 PM | Carolina Herrera

    Bloodborne pathogens are disease-causing microorganisms that can be transmitted through blood or bodily fluids. It is important to treat all bloodborne pathogens carefully because they can be potentially harmful.

    Proper cleaning methods and prevention should always be used to protect yourself and others. Cleaners should have a very good training to avoid the risk of bloodborne pathogens exposure, this is why workers who are exposed to blood and any body fluids must take all the universal precautions and follow the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standard, created in 1991, which is composed of a written plan, entitled the exposure control plan, training requirements and record keeping guidelines .

    This is the best way to eliminate hazards that can affect employees and people in the workplace, you simply can't be careful when it comes to dealing with blood or other infectious materials, proper procedures will always offer the protection needed to keep the workplace safe.


  • 11 Jan 2021 5:41 PM | Jeannette C Rivera

    The demand in hiring a Janitors and Janitorial companies are crucial in our modern world. Due to so many virus, bacterias, and diseases its essential for the experts to help with this job.

    We help people in there daily lives by having restrooms clean, floor free from debris, mirrors with no streaks counters sanitize ensuring that restrooms are stock with toilet paper, hand sanitizing, toilet cover seat, trash can empty, etc.

    Janitors and Janitorial staff can determine how the cleaning process can be made. This process can be case by case because the size of the building and the request of clients.

    Is very exciting that more and more Janitorial companies are hired in government jobs like schools, Janitors are requested in commercial business to do commercial cleaning. The demand is there because it alleviate companies from having to do the jobs and task that they won't do themselves.

    Janitorial Directory is a link that we can used for comments as well as tips.

  • 11 Jan 2021 8:09 AM | Cody Kayser

    When choosing a cleaning company, you may find that you have strong feelings about the product line that a company uses. Whether a company uses Green Cleaning products, or not, may mean a lot to you because you are environmentally conscious or you may have allergies or sensitivities that require that certain products labeled "green" be used. You may also find that the companies that use green cleaning products have those same thoughts in mind.

    If a Green Cleaning program is an important or determining factor in whether a cleaning service is the right fit for your home or office, consider finding a certified Green Cleaning expert through the IJCSA website at: You'll be glad you did.

    Green Cleaning is just one of the many certifications that IJCSA member companies can be certified in; if you are looking for qualified professionals within the industry that can meet a wide variety of your needs, hire an IJCSA certified company today.

  • 11 Jan 2021 6:26 AM | Cody Kayser

    Cleaning in the medical field, you tend to follow best practices when it comes to standard and enhanced infection control. Following these precautions keeps the cleaner safe, the staff safe and the patients safe.

    When it comes to cleaning a residential, or non-medical commercial location; we should implement standard precautions to keep ourselves safe and our clients safe. The cleaner, in any environment,  should wash their hands, don personal protective equipment, and treat surfaces as though they are contaminated with potentially infectious pathogens.

    In a medical setting, there may be signs present that warn the cleaner of the dangers associated with coming into contact with potentially infectious pathogens. In a residential or other non-medical commercial location, these warnings are not always present. Cleaners need to take precautions to keep themselves safe and healthy, no matter what environment they are in.

    When cleaning residential and non-medical commercial buildings: cleaning staff should always wash their hands, wear appropriate PPE and should consider using a hospital grade disinfectant cleaner to protect everyone from pathogens that may be contained within the environment.

    To find a certified company through the IJCSA, search the service directory at:

    Cody Kayser

  • 10 Jan 2021 9:43 PM | Stephen Martin

    The COVID-19 Pandemic has raised awareness for businesses and their cleaning companies to be focused and diligent to prevent the potential spread of pathogenic organisms that can cause disease in humans.  It's pretty clear that medical facilities have to refresh their approach, but in our industry of cleaning offices, warehouses and large distribution centers--there are also some "must-do" precautions that should be implemented by employers.

    Employees must be trained to assume that all people, products and materials should be considered contaminated.  Failure to follow consistent safety practices can be a life or death decision.  First, protective practices begin with cleaners protecting themselves with proper protective equipment (PPE).  This includes eyewear (to prevent splashing, spray, droplets), gloves and footwear.  Also similar to hospital color coding, cleaning staff in warehouses should use color coding of rags and equipment to limit cross-contamination from room to room and client to client.   Proper disposal of trash, rags, towels and gloves is important and disinfecting tools is essential. 

    In our disinfection services, we have found that clients are open to discussion that informs how they can protect their employees and allow cleaners better access to help in the fight.  Simple things like clearing your desk and removing personal items or grouping equipment and supplies for easy access.  Disinfection requires attention to detail of all surfaces that are touched frequently, but includes things touched unconsciously like tops of cubicles,  chair levers, chair backs, drawer handles and buttons on machinery.  An informed workforce partnered with a diligent cleaning company can make both cleaning employees and client's workers safer! 

    Find Professional Trained Cleaning Companies Here


  • 10 Jan 2021 6:24 PM | Kamiyah McCray


    The janitorial staff is essential to our daily lives as we provide a safe and clean environment to all. We are specialist at prevention and preservation. We are the force behind the idolized heroes of the word. 

    Everyday we risk our lives to secure yours. We don’t just clean and go home. When we clean we are preventing exposure of bloodborne pathogens, helping reduce the fluctuation in allergies and up keeping the place safe. Including but not limited to other duties such as securing the buildings, patrolling areas throughout the day which can vary depending on the job location. 

    There are different types of cleaning we have to do like medical, construction, mold, carpet etc. So while it seems we just wipe a table & mirror off with a slap on the back it isn’t just that. Janitors importance in everyday life is often overseen because others aren’t aware of  the importance of our position. You need to get the proper training and certification to execute. Look no further IJCSA can take care of you no matter if you’re a veteran or a newbie.

  • 10 Jan 2021 1:23 PM | Cody Kayser

    The proper cleaning of healthcare facilities is important for many reasons. Proper cleaning of healthcare facilities primarily prevents pathogens from infecting the cleaner themselves, the staff that work at the facility and the patients that they care for. Improper cleaning practices could cause the spread of contagious illnesses and chronic disease.  

    By practicing the standards of infection control and following OSHAs precautions for bloodborne pathogens, the cleaner is taking an active role in keeping themselves and everyone else coming into contact with all surfaces within the environment safe and healthy. To find a cleaning company that meets certification standards, search the IJCSA service directory at:

    Cody Jay Kayser

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