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  • 22 Sep 2021 6:24 PM | DERRICK MACK

    Every employer as well as employee want to work in an environment that is safe for all and promotes further learning for better working conditions. It can’t be stressed enough, that a system that is in place should be adhered to for overall safety. OSHA has implemented a system that prepares anyone who will be working in bloodborne pathogen facilities with varies ways to protect themselves from the spread of these pathogenic microorganisms. When an employee is trained properly in bloodborne pathogens it helps to mitigate problems that could arise in the future. Employing better ways of dealing with potential bloodborne pathogens with employees will help to increase productivity on the job due to lack of absenteeism, when exposure occurs. The importance of staff being well trained in bloodborne pathogens will help to ensure that employees can be cared for properly in the workplace when coming into contact with these bloodborne pathogens by using their own exposure control plan.

    Knowledge of bloodborne pathogens will also help employees as well as staff to be able to recognize people who may have the symptoms of hepatitis B virus, Covid, and HIV, so that they may be more in tuned with their surroundings and the people in which they are dealing with. Equally important, is being proficient in administering proper clean up of bodily fluids and spills that occur on floors, surfaces, and linen that needs to be removed from bedding of individuals that have blood borne pathogens.

    The universal system that has been adopted by OSHA also helps those who have not been fully acclimated to the ways of dealing with bloodborne pathogens to be able to know what to do when certain color receptacles and labels are present.  Overall, having well trained employees and staff in bloodborne pathogens allows for our clients to rest more easily with the assurance that OSHA trained cleaners are on the job.

  • 22 Sep 2021 6:13 PM | Viane Gabriel

    Germs and viruses are very common in the workplace. Think about it. YOu have people who live in all different areas all coming to the same place every day. Then these same people go to different places and live different lives. These people have different levels of hygiene and cleanliness. This all leads to all of the germs/viruses that workers/customers encounter coming to a central location.

    The most common germs/ viruses people have are the flu and the cold. these are easily brought to the workplace. The reason for this is that these germs both survive on hard surfaces for 24 hours or longer. this means that a doorknob or keyboard can be a breeding ground. High touch surfaces become vectors for transmission of germs and viruses in the workplace.

    In order to make sure workplaces are safe the cleaning providers should be IJCSA CERTIFIED . this means that they will all have the proper training to be able to clean and sanitize the workplace. If you dont know how to properly clean that means that germs and viruses will be left behind. The proper training will ensure that everyone is safe, happy, and healthy.Janitorial Service Directory

  • 22 Sep 2021 5:27 PM | Frances Kelly

    Janitorial and commercial cleaners are needed in the public places to keep these place safe and clean. Janitors, also known as custodians, have a role in order to meet the needs of others.

    Performing janitorial services for businesses creates  a partnership between  the service and the company they are cleaning for on order to serve their customers. This type of service is need every where in order to keep customers and visitors happy. For example, medical clinic have a duty to get their clinics clean and sanitize so the patients can feel welcomed and not grossed out. A number of people are in and out of the medical clinics therefore janitorial and commercial cleaning services are critical for their practices.

    Janitorial and commercial cleaning businesses aid in providing a clean and sustainable work environment. Employees are more apt to come to work. A clean place of work helps you think clearly because everything  is clean and organized.

    For more information, reference  the Janitorial Cleaning Directory that follows.

    Frances Kelly

    Apply The Pressure LLC

  • 22 Sep 2021 5:04 PM | Martha Wilson

    In this day and age, maintaining a proper cleaning regiment in our health care facilities is crucial to stop the spread of infectious dieses. On a regular day, we potentially come in contact with numerous viruses and bacteria's that could really harm us. We never know when it happens and how it happens. As humans, we carry many different bacteria's, viruses, parasites and microorganisms, some are harmful and some are not. When the harmful ones makes us sick, we head straight to a health care facility to help us feel better.

    Since we all depend on the health care system to make us feel better, it is imperative that we equip them with all the knowledge and equipment to stop the spread of the infection, protect themselves from becoming sick and most importantly how to stop the infection. Without the know how or the equipment, not only do the medical staff risk exposing themselves but everyone else as well. With that said, everyone should know how to properly clean the healthcare facilities. 

    If we do not properly clean the healthcare facilities we risk the spread of any blood pathogens from patient to everyone else. Because we cannot see the bacteria's, viruses and microorganisms with the human eye, we have to make sure we are constantly disinfecting everything in between patients. We cannot take the chance that just because a patient does not seem sick that they are not sick. A simple sneeze can carry thousands of germs that may not have made you sick, but may make the little girl behind you sick. 

    We depend on our health care facilities to not only make us feel better, but to save our lives and the lives of our loved ones. In order for them to do that, we need to make sure they are equipped with all the PPE's and chemicals to keep their facilities clean and us safe. Below is a link to a janitorial directory to help you find the perfect company to help keep your facilities clean. 

    International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association - Janitorial Services Directory (

  • 22 Sep 2021 3:26 PM | Jamila Hodges

    "How Important Are Janitors & Janitorial Staff To Our Daily Lives "

    Janitorial staff provide one of the most, if not THE most important service to organizations that require commercial cleaning services. The operation of an organization depends upon healthy workspaces. Those workspaces include areas to relieve bodily functions and high touch areas and surfaces. If surfaces were not cleaned to standard germs would spread through the workplace and impact staff within the organization. This ultimately impacts not work flow and success of the organization.

    Organizational members take germs in and out of facilities. This potential spread of germs can impact other organizations and society as a whole and have devastating consequences. Janitorial staff contribute and directly impact the control of potential biohazardous spread. 

    Janitorial staff can also help to clean up hazardous spills that can cause dangerous situations that cause people to slip and fall. Janitorial staff essentially save lives and save corporations money. That money saved comes in the form of avoided lawsuits and avoided lost manpower hours.

  • 22 Sep 2021 11:08 AM | Martha Wilson

    As time goes on, our scientist's are always discovering new things as we evolve as humans, and as the world around us changes. With these new discoveries, we are seeing virus's and bacteria evolve in such a rate that its almost hard to keep up. We have to continue to evolve as well to stay a step ahead of these virus's and bacteria's. 

    Our home is our safe place, its where we create all these beautiful memories with our families, and for some of us, we maintain it in such a way that it can be passed down from generation to generation. However, sometimes living our lives to the fullest doesn't always leave a lot of time for other things like cleaning our homes the way we would like it to be cleaned. 

    Thankfully, IJCSA offers a certification titled Residential Cleaning Specialist Certification, RCS Certification for short, that teaches those who are able to obtain it, how to properly clean your home. It is imperative that you look for a company or a individual that has this certification if you want the best of the best.

    This certification means that the person or company that will be cleaning your home is up to date on the latest news and chemicals. They are also trained on how to professionally clean your home from top to bottom so you can worry less about that and worry more about spending time with your family. 

    IJCSA holds themselves at a very high level of professionalism and cleaning standards. They make sure that all of those who has their certifications share the same standards. From washing down your baseboards without removing the paint to polishing your great grandmothers wooded desk while keeping it intact. No one ever wants to come home to an antique heirloom ruined because the wrong products were used to clean it. Save yourself some time and stress and hire someone with a IJCSA REC Certification


  • 22 Sep 2021 9:56 AM | DANIEL PARK

     Medical Cleaning practices can be implemented into other residential & commercial cleaning situations by having the same mind set that everything you come into contact with is infected. This will aid the cleaning specialist in always be pre-cautious and employ proper cleaning protocols.

    Studies show that 1.2 million infections occur outside of the Hospital/Medical environment therefore employing the same caution and technics/protocols is helpful in decreasing the number of infections-germs and viruses that spread. We can see this more now than ever with the spread of the Coronavirus. Cleaning companies who are trained and certified are helping to stop the spread of this Pandemic.

    By employing proper cleaning protocols in residential & commercial cleaning situations we can further decrease the spread of germs and viruses that not only present in hospitals. 

    It is essential that your cleaning personnel understands and has been trained properly. To find a certified cleaning company please visit IJCSA's Janitorial Service Directory. Together we can attain a healthier work and living environment.

  • 22 Sep 2021 8:12 AM | David Han

    Medical cleaning provides us with basic best practices to prevent the spread of germs and cross contamination. Coresivity provides janitorial services for clinics and hospitals. We are well-versed in aseptic cleaning. These best practices are well suited for preventing cross contamination and can easily be adopted for commercial and residential cleaning.

    Aseptic cleaning focuses on the reduction of germs and preventing the spreading of infectious diseases. Our aseptic cleaning standards and equipment enable healthcare facilities, clinics, and medical offices to meet required cleanliness standards. Our cleaning methodology reduces the spread of pathogens. Aseptic janitorial service technicians are fully versed in the causes of cross contamination and how to prevent it. We use room and surface specific cleaning techniques. A broad-spectrum disinfectant and sanitizing agents helps maintain a healthy environment. High traffic and high touch areas such as door handles, faucets, dispensers, and restrooms are central to eliminating cross contamination and containing pathogens.

    Two-bucket mopping ensures that an approved germicidal detergent solution stays clean as long as possible during the cleaning process. This system uses 2 buckets with one designated as clean and the other designated as dirty. The mop is dipped into the clean bucket and excess water is wrung out. The baseboards, corners, and floors are mopped. Then the mop is rinsed in the dirty bucket and wrung out. The mop is then dipped in the clean bucket and wrung out again. This process is repeated until mopping is completed. Clean water and mop head will be maintained at all times and changed after mopping any unsanitary spillage such as feces, urine or other biological hazard.

    Color coding microfiber cloths helps eliminate cross contamination. Color coding should be an integral part of training for janitorial and custodial staff. It helps verify that staff are changing cleaning supplies as appropriate. It is also provides reassurance to your clients that you are serious about preventing the spread of germs and are purposeful in your approach to cleaning and sanitizing. Color coding is a combination of area and task. Red is for sanitary appliances, restroom floors, toilets, urinals. Yellow is for restroom surfaces. Green is for general food and bar cleaning. Blue is for general low risk areas such as common areas, offices, and classrooms. More colors are always an option as well.

  • 22 Sep 2021 7:41 AM | Frances Kelly
    Is there a company that specializes in Commercial Carpet and Rug Cleaning?

    Yes, IJCSA Members are the certified Pros at getting your carpet and rug back to life. Whether your carpet or rug is worn, stained or dingy, our members are here at your rescue locate them at the directory link below. Keeping your carpet and rug clean reduce the chance of dirt buildup and the chance to become sick. Our IJCSA Members pride themselves in quality work and excellent customers services! Why wait, contact a member cleaning service TODAY!

    Carpet Cleaning Directory:

    Frances Kelly

    Apply The Pressure LLC 

  • 22 Sep 2021 6:13 AM | Michael Saad


    "How You Can Implement Medical Cleaning Practices Into Other Residential & Commercial Cleaning Situations?"  As we have gone through the video trainings and readings, it has been consistently stated that residential facilities are high-Risk grounds for germs and infectious diseases.  What has also been determined is that staff, employees, and visitors are at risk of exposure and the spread potential infection.  So our first solution to the spread is having clean work environments to decrease any spread, whether it be residential or commercial.  More specifically, working daily to keep contaminated environments clean. 

    In 2021, America’s general population is facing first-hand impacts of the spread of a harmful, potentially life-threatening virus as we are continuing to face the COVID-19 Virus.   The general population has been informed by local and statewide officials of necessary steps that need to be taken.  Also, we, as a general population, have referred to internet outlets, journals, and CDC guidelines to help eliminate and avoid being infected.  Why is this important in regards to health-care facilities and the general population?  The answer is simply this:  Anyone who is exposed to potentially infectious diseases, environment, and facilities is at risk of carrying that exposure out into the general public.  What is concerning is that the general public may not be as trained or prepared to avoid exposure and re-exposing to others properly.

    So what health-care providers and cleaners do within facilities is vastly important to avoiding spread within the general population.  How do we get this knowledge out there?  Referring back to the current pandemic of COVID-19, in general, we are making America aware.  We see it on the news daily; we see signs in grocery stores with guidelines, and much is to be discovered through scholarly journals.  An important read for everyone can be found at

    In closing, referring to several important concepts such as “knowing your enemy” and understanding the idea of “universal practice”  is essential.  While it has been stated throughout several posts, and presented in several trainings, we have to understand and using sources such as and the  is a great way to start implementing the proper steps in the workplace as well as for the general population.

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