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Spongies Cleaners, LLC.


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Spongies Cleaners, LLC.
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PO Box 1456
Arlington, MA
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United States
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  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Green Cleaning / Eco Friendly
  • Janitorial Service
  • Move In | Move Out Cleaning
  • Residential Cleaning

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What do we do: We help companies to be clean, safe, and ready for their employees and customers, so they can focus on growing their business as they are supposed to! We also help homeowners keep their home safe and clean for their families.

Who do we work with: residential owners, property managers, software companies, financial services, medical services, legal services and personal wellness services.

Why it works: You will have me the President of Spongies Cleaners, LLC. to sit down with you and hear about your pains and frustrations about cleaning, and then we develop a cleaning plan that solves your cleaning needs. Do people nowadays sit down with you to hear your problems? Sounds crazy, but we actually do that for you!

Our services that actually work:

• Janitorial
• Office Cleaning
• Commercial Cleaning
• Residential Cleaning
• Moving Cleaning
• Post Construction Cleaning (Residential only)
• Disinfecting Services

What makes us different: Our core values let you know who we are as a company, and how it is working with us. Our core values are: We do what we say we will do, We say what it feels it needs to be done, We work hard, We are focused and We have a good attitude. All our employees are trained based on our core values, so when they come to your facilities, you will know that everything has been completed up to the last detail. Our expert cleaning techniques and cleaning checklists make sure that your cleaning needs are met. Our use of cleaning technology software to record problem areas with notes and images will guarantee that the job will be done, so you will not have to repeat the same issue twice! In addition, we had training to make sure we are following CDC guidelines on cleaning and disinfecting for COVID-19.

How it works: We schedule a walk-through to make a cleaning assessment. We make sure we record your pains and frustrations, and then we schedule your first cleaning service with us, just so you know how it is working with us and if we are the right vendor for you.

Ready to talk? You can reach out to me here on LinkedIn, email me at, visit our website: or you can call me at 781-641-0186.

Try us out, who knows? We might end up being the service that you cannot live without!
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Passed Certification Course
  • IJCSA Bloodborne Pathogens Certification
  • IJCSA Chemical Hazards Certification
  • IJCSA Customer Service Certification
  • IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification
  • IJCSA Janitorial | Custodial Certification
  • IJCSA Medical Cleaning Certification

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