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  • 05 Aug 2013 8:52 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    The new website features extensive information on the services provided by Collin Creek Duct Cleaning, and the new aesthetic design is easy to navigate and provides instant access to online service request forms, Collin Creek's social media presence and helpful air quality and duct cleaning tips on their blog. Visit the new website the next time you need duct cleaning service.

    About Collin Creek Duct Cleaning
    Collin Creek Duct Cleaning is a locally owned duct cleaning and indoor air quality company that has been servicing Plano residents since 1997. Their experts in indoor air quality and duct cleaning services are full-time Collin Creek employees, not subcontractors. Collin Creek Duct Cleaning knows that the only way to provide their customers the best service is to provide the best technicians. Their motto,"The Best Solution to Indoor Air Pollution," drives everything they do as a company.

    The Plano indoor air quality company's offices are located at:
    Collin Creek Duct Cleaning
    1004 18th Place
    Plano, TX 75074
    Phone: 972-578-2244

  • 05 Aug 2013 8:49 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    PS Janitorial, one of the leading online retailers for refurbished used janitorial equipment, is pleased to announce the availability of the Advance Warrior ST 28” Auto Scrubber for sale on its website. The quality auto floor scrubber is ready for same-day delivery and long scrubbing times at a customer’s facility or organization.

    More at source: PRWEB
  • 29 Jul 2013 7:10 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    Aquatic Solar Technologies, LLC has introduced Pool Eliminator, a solar powered swimming pool pump and filtering system that revolutionizes pool cleaning. We have designed and produced the most powerful solar pump brushless motor on the market today. It works off small solar cells, up to 500 (G.P.H.), and provides high efficiency pump output. The Pool Eliminator kills bacteria, algae and viruses. University of Arizona studies have shown that the use of mineral ions are 1000 times better then chlorine alone. Pool Eliminator is easy to use as no installation is needed. Swim in mineral springs, crystal clear water. Pool owners will be amazed at the clarity of the water which exceeds EPA standards for drinking water. The Pool Eliminator is a exclusive hybrid system, with new energy technologies, saving energy. Great for salt water pools. With the Pool Eliminator, Chlorine Generator cells stay cleaner, almost free of calcium and mineral deposits, resulting in less cleaning of the cell. The unit will extend the life of your chlorine cell for many more years. The Patent Pending Pool Eliminator is 100% solar powered and is the only all-in-one Ionizer and pool filter pump on the market today. There is no other product in the world that has a faster payback time, measured in months, not years, guaranteeing a return on investment. By combining solar innovative technologies with creative engineering, Aquatic Solar Technologies is able to provide high quality pool cleaning products that meet consumer demands for simplified pool and spa care.

    Pool Eliminator is available now by going to The device saves up to 50% or more on electricity, and up to 80% on chlorine costs. Of course everyone wants to save money on energy, but initial outlay for solar power products is usually costly when weighed against energy savings over time. People who are considering adopting solar power for home use should be aware that Aquatic Solar Technologies designed Pool Eliminator to be the fastest Return-On-Investment solar device on the market. Pool Eliminator will repay its cost in energy savings in a matter of months. Also works with hot tubs and spas. Pumps can stay off until you are ready to heat. Pool Eliminator will keep a spa or hot tub clean all year. The ions are not harmful to humans and will not cause skin or eye irritation as chlorine often does. Pool Eliminator's pool ionizer works to clean pool water, add a small amount of chlorine and it will not interfere with the cleaning process. Ionization is the only method that produces healthy pool water. Ionization is the easiest of all disinfecting methods to maintain and monitor for pool cleaning.

    The solar cells replace the use of grid electricity. Pool Eliminator consists of the flotation filtering device which connects to the solar cells. The filtering device measures 20" X 13" and the solar cells come with brackets for use with deck, wall or roof mounts. New energy technologies provide consumers a choice in reducing costs, saving energy, and reducing toxic chemical exposure for cleaner energy and healthier communities.

    The Pool Eliminator comes with the following:
    - Solar Pump
    - Filter
    - Ionizer
    - Solar Cells
    - 25 ft Cable
    - TDS Meter
    - Copper Test Kit
    - Owners Manual/Warranty Card

    Aquatic Solar Technologies wants those interested a solar powered, filtration systems for pool cleaning to know that in addition to power savings, Pool Eliminator eliminates and reverses scale and corrosion almost entirely. By using a chemically neutral system, pool owners create a true environmentally-friendly swimming pool.

    About Advanced Solar Technologies
    Located in Southern California, Advanced Solar Technologies focuses solely on solar energy. They seek to find ways to making clean, low-cost, reliable solar energy available for swimming pools and spas.

    Aquatic Solar Technologies
    1982 Gladwick Street
    Rancho Dominiquez, CA 90220
    Phone (951) 878-8766

  • 29 Jul 2013 7:07 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    A Kilkenny-based cleaning company has announced its intention to create 50 new jobs following its expansion into the Dublin market.

    Administrative and cleaning positions based at McCreery Contract Cleaning’s new Dublin centre will be filled over the next two years.

    The company will initially offer a domestic cleaning services package for people with high value homes in the capital which require a high level of security.

    The new service will provide highly skilled cleaners who have been fully trained, according to the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) standards, and vetted by Gardaí.

    Founder and MD of McCreery Contract Cleaning, Jennifer McCreery, said the company is fortunate to have a number of major contracts in the area and that “the time is right to expand”.

    “There are so many working men and women who are time poor and cleaning their homes is simply not the best use of their time,” she said. “[THIS] is why we have developed a bespoke cleaning services package for Dublin’s domestic cleaning market.”

    Founded in 2000, the company currently employs 40 people and provides a range of cleaning services to more than 70 domestic and corporate clients across the south-east region.

    More information at their website:

  • 29 Jul 2013 7:05 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    Four Patented Innovations Integrated Into Industry's Safest, Most Sustainable, New Cleaning and Sanitizing Device

    SAN ANTONIO, TX--(Marketwired - July 29, 2013) -  Falcon ProSolutions today announced the introduction of the new Peregrine 1800-XD, a compact, innovative, steam cleaner with a powerful, high-performance vacuum for the safe, sustainable cleaning and sanitizing of schools, hospitals, restaurants, food service operations and virtually any environment desiring to remove dirt or kill germs without the use of harmful chemicals. 

    "Steam has been an effective cleaning and sanitizing solution for well over 140 years -- long before chemical solutions were introduced," says Eric Downing, vice-president of sales for Falcon ProSolutions. "Healthcare and food manufacturing operations have been successfully using large-scale steaming processes for decades. With the new Peregrine 1800-XD, cleaning professionals everywhere can now achieve the same power and performance of these big steam units, only from a compact, easy-to-use, highly affordable machine."

    The industry's most innovative steam cleaner, the Peregrine features four, patented inventions that, combined, will bring steam cleaning into the mainstream: Intelligent Boiler Technology (IBT), Extreme Duty Vacuuming (XDV), a proprietary and unique safety hose, and the revolutionary Cool Hand Tool System. Together, these four innovations make the Peregrine one of the safest, easiest-to-use, and high performing cleaning and sanitizing method available today.

    Low Maintenance Through Intelligent Boiler Technology

    Traditional steamers have long faced challenges from hard water and scale build-up. Left untreated, this led to the machines producing hot water instead of steam as well as damage to the boiler leading to an expensive repair or even the retirement of the machine after a short lifespan. 

    Intelligent Boiler Technology is an on-board monitoring system that tells the user when the steamer needs descaling long before the boiler coils can be damaged. The unique design enables the unit to be descaled by the end user and then put back into service the same day. With dual coil heating elements that provide more heating surface area than any other steamer in its class, the Peregrine XD provides culinary grade steam in greater quantities and at superior temperature range.

    High Performance from the Revolutionary XDV Vacuum

    Truly an innovation for the commercial cleaning industry, the Peregrine 1800 XD, also features a powerful vacuum system.

    With a mechanical float shut off system to protect the vacuum, the Peregrine 1800 XD is specially-designed to utilize water in a one-of-a-kind constructed clear recovery tank. When the dirt, water and biological contaminants enter the chamber, they are immersed in a water bath. All debris then settles in' the bottom of the tank for disposal after use. The water, debris and biological contaminants in the tank are continually bombarded with UV rays from an onboard lamp through a quartz glass insert. This entire process works together to eliminate many common biological contaminants and results in a sanitized, virtually "smell free" recovery tank.

    The vacuum is protected by a patented cone shaped fan/screen that utilizes the engine's normal rotation to throw any lightweight debris or water droplets that might become airborne back into the tank. Turning at 24,000 RPMs, any matter coming into contact with this fan/screen system is eliminated before it can damage the vacuum. 

    The air that comes from the tank goes through a by-pass type vacuum motor and is then filtered, before being exhausted, through a ULPA filter. The cooling air from the vacuum which contains microscopic carbon dust is also filtered by the ULPA filter. 

    Increased Safety with the Patented Safe Hose™

    Equipped with the patented Safe Hose, the Peregrine enables all electrical operations to be performed through a low 5-volt connection. This safety seal means the connection and delivery of steam cannot be performed unless the machine and hose are properly connected. Simple and effective, the Safe Hose protects all operators and ensures the safe and proper operation of the machine with a minimum of training.

    Engineered for Long Life -- and Cool Hands.

    Traditional steamer designs delivered tools that were inexpensive but functional. Unfortunately they were manufactured of simple plastic and nylon components with little regard for prolonged use or the comfort of the operator. These units could only be used for short periods of time before the operator put on gloves or simply refused to use the unit until the tools cooled down. 

    The Peregrine 1800 XD breaks new ground in providing tools manufactured with high performance and heat resistant polymers for long life and a cool hand. 

    When steam is delivered from the machine, the hose and steam line together are insulated through a patented series of resistant polymers. Where other machines fail, the Peregrine creates a synergistic bond between machine and operator with the patented operator handle and extension tubes. 

    The Peregrine 1800 XD will be featured at the 2013 International Sanitary Suppliers Association exhibition and conference in Las Vegas, NV, November 19-21, 2013. For more on the Peregrine 1800-XD, please visit

    Falcon ProSolutions is a privately held, minority-owned U.S. technology corporation based in San Antonio Texas. Falcon ProSolutions has perfected the use of the world's oldest and most-trusted method for chemical-free cleaning: dry vapor steam. With steam, virtually any surface can be cleaned quickly, easily and safely without the use of traditional hazardous chemicals. Falcon ProSolutions is committed to reducing the cost, improving the safety, and bringing innovation into the way professionals clean the places people live, work, and play every day. Chemical-free solutions solve many tough problems without impacting the environment people work in -- or the one we all live in. Falcon ProSolutions' principal objective in business is to create partnerships with customers that are based on trust and are mutually beneficial. The company does this through open and honest communication, outstanding after the sale service, and always putting customer needs first. ©2013, Falcon ProSolutions.

    Patents pending, Falcon ProSolutions.

  • 22 Jul 2013 8:22 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    WARWICK undefined On Friday, July 12, local officials and members of the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce joined Gloria Slaughter and her family for a ribbon-cutting ceremony outside the Chamber’s “Caboose” office on South Street.

    Last year, Slaughter and Nicole Stein opened “2Mops” cleaning service.
    The goal was to create a cleaning company based on honesty, integrity, trust and 100 percent customer satisfaction.
    The company was well received with its free in-home or office consultation that helps people understand expectations and serves to also uncover special house cleaning instructions, frequency of cleanings and whether green cleaning services are right for the client.
    Today, 2 Mops is no longer a partnership but a solely owned company whose vision, stated Slaughter, still remains consistent with its cleaning.

    “The firm,” she said, “has developed cleaning teams who love to clean both residential and commercial properties.”
    Slaughter added that by choosing a weekly, bi-weekly service or a one-time special home cleaning, 2Mops housekeeping services help you take pride in a fresh home cleaning without the hassle of a contract.
    She explained that with a personal touch, deep cleaning system, products and extensive experience, 2Mops will make your home cleaner and healthier than ever before. And keeping these special home cleaning considerations and your budget in mind, the firm will design household cleaning services around you and your family.
    “Our motto,” said Slaughter, “is ‘We just don’t clean your home, we make it sparkle.”

    For additional information about “2Mops” cleaning service,” call 888-376-1021, visit or e-mail
  • 05 Jul 2013 7:00 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/04/2013 -- Sterling Cleaning takes pride in being a dependable, professional and customer-oriented Palm Beach carpet cleaning company.

    The company cleans carpet and upholstery thoroughly using a state-of-the-art truck-mounted carpet cleaning system. It offers dry cleaning and deep steam cleaning as well as portable machines especially for elevated areas.

    This South Florida carpet cleaning company provides the most efficient carpet cleaning available equipped with disinfestations and deodorization. Similar services are also available for upholstery. Cleaning carpets and upholstery are important to keep them new. Many major carpet manufacturers even require regular cleaning for them to be covered with warranty.

    Aside from high-quality services, Sterling Cleaning does not charge hidden costs. Also, they don’t charge an estimate fee. There could be instances that under special cases that the company can ask for this, but the company will notify the customer upfront.

    Sterling Cleaning Company is a family owned business that is licensed to perform home services and covered with insurance. Providing top quality services for more than 10 years, the company is now a leading agency not only for carpet cleaning but also marble cleaning, marble care, marble polishing, grout cleaning, tile cleaning, grout staining, grout sealing.

    The company upholds corporate values of honesty, client satisfaction and regular training when it comes to the latest technologies and techniques in home service especially with Palm Beach gardens marble restoration.

    As a customer focused company, Sterling Service offers valuable information and tips about home maintenance and care. They make certain that the benefits of clean home will be enjoyed by the clients. Its experience in more than a decade of providing high-quality service is proof that the company is true to its values of honesty and cutting edge customer service.

    For more information, you can visit the website at The main office is located at Palm Beach Gardens, FL. You can also send email inquiries at
    Company Location:
    Contact email do client:
    Company contact email:
  • 24 Jun 2013 10:09 AM | Deleted user
    Grand Opening Monday July 8th at 6224 N. 8th St Philadelphia, Pa. 19126
    Free door Prizes and huge Discounts.
    Case of 17" floor pads
    Case of floor stripper
    Case of neutral cleaner
    5 gal pale of floor finish
    One 17" floor machine
     Cost $783.80

  • 16 Jun 2013 7:10 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    Maple Shade, NJ --(SBWIRE)-- 06/13/2013 -- Mac’s Janitorial Services, performing commercial cleaning in Burlington, and other areas in Southern Jersey, was recently successful in completing a high-reach cleaning project at Simmons Pet Food in Pennsauken, NJ. As a nation-wide leading pet supply store, Simmons Pet Food needed some hard-to-reach cleaning done and decided to call Mac’s Janitorial Services to get the job done correctly. The crew cleaned the building’s surfaces which were 35 to 40 feet high, by using special lifts. The building’s vents, lights and duct work were cleaned accordingly. The high-reach services provided by Mac’s Janitorial Services eliminate the needs for ladders and expensive equipment, making the process easier and more affordable for the client. When performing high-reach cleaning projects, 

    Mac’s Janitorial Services uses the most effective pure water cleaning system in the industry.
    Mac’s Janitorial Services is a trusted commercial cleaning company to contact for cleaning large industrial buildings such as warehouses. As high-reach deep clean specialists, Mac’s Janitorial Services is equipped with advanced cleaning equipment and machinery that can get the dirtiest jobs done. Without damaging the surface of a building, the cleaning crew will remove any oil stains, dirt, dust particles or anything else that is making a commercial property look dull.

    Clients will be assured that the quality of work provided by Mac’s Janitorial Services will be problem-free. Each member of the team has years of residential and commercial cleaning under their belts, so they understand even the most complicated of problems. The equipment and products used for commercial cleaning is environmentally friendly, including no harmful caustics or solvents. Clients of Mac’s Janitorial Services will have their building look attractive again, while saving the environment at the same time. 

    About Mac's Janitorial Services
    As a leader in industrial cleaning services, Mac’s Janitorial Services has been providing Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia with premium commercial cleaning for over 55 years. Offering a wide range of janitorial and building maintenance services, the company will complete any task on time and under budget. Over the past forty years, the company has been able to expand its horizons and now offer generalized cleaning, complete floor maintenance, window washing, power washing, disaster cleanup and more. The company provides cleaning services for commercial properties located in Salem, Camden, Burlington and all of Gloucester County. 

    For more information, please visit
  • 10 Jun 2013 9:59 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    Pegasus Building and Cleanroom Services proudly presents the latest innovation in decontamination services for your facilities, the Sanosil Halo Fogging System. 

    Sanosil Halo Room Fogger

    The EPA Registered Sanosil Halo Fogging System produces an atomized dry mist comprised of positively charged hydroxyl ions that go up, around and under all exposed surfaces killing 99.9999 % of bacteria, viruses, spores to include mold, and fungi. The Halo activation technology is facilitated by the chemical interaction of a 5% hydrogen peroxide and .01% AgNo3+(silvercations). The combination of the hydrogen peroxide ions and the silver produce the 99.9999% kill rate. The fogging by products are the benign elements water and oxygen. This is the most effective, yet least caustic decontamination method available and is safe around people and your animals. The fogging services will do no damage to sensitive electronics, surfaces or substrates. The EPA registered Sanosil S010 Disinfectant Solution can be fogged or sprayed (no wipe). The Halo Fogger is lightweight (50 lbs), portable, quiet, and the process is odorless and effective.

    The Halo room fogger can decontaminate a 2000 cubic foot room in about 20 minutes and the room can be evacuated using the HVAC system or allowed to dwell overnight and naturally dissipate. The Halo Fogger S10 Disinfectant Solution is EPA registered, No. 84526-1, and is certified for use in the Halo Fogger. 


    For more information on Pegasus’s Halo Fogging Services Please Contact:
    Dana Barton
    Contamination Control Specialist
    Pegasus Cleanroom Services
    Office (858) 444-2290 x 31
    Cell (858) 381-7005

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