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  • 19 Nov 2013 8:30 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    A Step Above House Cleaning is pleased to announce that they are now offering cleaning service gift cards for the holiday season. There are several reasons why someone could use a cleaning service on a temporary basis. 

    Giving the gift of a clean house can be the perfect gift for many situations. Perhaps someone has just had a baby and cleaning the house is just not possible. Giving an A Step Above House Cleaning gift card makes the perfect gift to give a new mother. There are few things appreciated more than a clean house with a new baby in the home. Most new mothers need to take it easy for the first six weeks, and giving a gift of a cleaning service during those six weeks would be the perfect gift. A gift card for cleaning service is also a nice gift to someone that has sustained an injury that would make it difficult for him or her to clean his or her house. Most injuries would make cleaning the house very difficult, if not impossible, so consider A Step Above House Cleaning gift card for a friend that is unable to clean their own home. A gift card for cleaning services can also be a nice way to say thank you from a houseguest. If someone has been staying at a friend or family’s home, sending a gift card for cleaning services is one of the nicest ways possible to say thank you. 

    A Step Above House Cleaning offers many different levels of cleaning services including weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. They are a family owned business that has 15 years of experience. They are fully licensed and insured to give the most peace of mind to every customer. Call A Step Above House Cleaning today to inquire about giving the gift of a clean home. 

    About A Step Above House Cleaning
    A Step Above House Cleaning has 15 years of experience in the field and they make a point of going a "step above" their competitors. They will clean a home from top to bottom, from ceiling fans to baseboards, and everything in between. Their attention to detail is unsurpassed and provides customization services to fit the needs and budget of the customer. A Step Above House Cleaning is a local, family owned, cleaning service company. 

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  • 18 Nov 2013 6:24 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    Now that we are in the height of cold and flu season, it's time to defend yourself against the flu virus, starting with your home.
    Your home may feel tidy once the carpets and floors are vacuumed and counters dusted, but millions of flu particles can linger in the air and on the surfaces we touch each day.
    We have all heard time and time again to wash our hands and cover our mouths when we sneeze -- and that the flu vaccine should always be our first line of defense -- but below are five ways to decrease flu survival on surfaces and in the air that you may not have considered at the home or office.
    1. Control humidity
    In the winter months, temperatures and humidity levels plummet to as low as 10%, which is as dry as the Sahara Desert. People also spend significantly more time indoors, which contributes to the spread of the flu, but recent scientific literature suggests that the low humidity levels may be contributing to the virus' survival.
    A review of nearly 40 peer-reviewed studiesconducted over the last decades shows that homes kept at 40-60% relative humidity are likely to have fewer flu viruses lingering in the air and on surfaces like sink faucets, door handles, and countertops.

    More at source: CNNk. 

  • 18 Nov 2013 6:19 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    Maid to Satisfy is a locally owned and operated cleaning service. It is located on Whipple Ave in Jackson twp. Maid to Satisfy just launched a new professional website where their clients can read more about their services and get answers to possible questions they may have.

    Communities such as Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Massillon, Wadsworth, Stow, Kent, Green and Uniontown are regularly visited by their professional cleaning maids. They offer services to all of NorthEast Ohio communities. Maid to Satisfy employees are professionally trained and Maid to Satisfy is appropriately licensed, bonded, insured and trusted by hundreds of clients.

    They love to go above and beyond for their clients. At Maid to Satisfy they understand how difficult it is to find a trustworthy and dependable cleaning service. They try to make the whole process as easy and stress .. 

    More at source: SBWire
  • 15 Nov 2013 7:13 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    Mikki Floyd and her husband, Walter, on Monday opened Molly Maid of Fort Lauderdale, a residential cleaning company slated to serve residents as far south as Dania Beach and as far north as Cypress Creek. They used to be Molly Maid customers, and it launched the idea to start their own business.

    More at source: Sun Sentinel

    Find a cleaning or janitorial service near you. 

  • 15 Nov 2013 7:12 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    Spokane, WA- 11/15/2013 -- Don't let house cleaning eat up all your free time, instead, hire the environmentally friendly residential cleaning services in Spokane from Maid Naturally. Their skilled maids are proficient in handling all residential cleaning from vacuuming the floor, mopping the kitchen, making the windows spotless, to organizing the whole bedroom. Their professional maid services arrange all the cleaning products and equipment; they arrive with all the items they require, from their green cleaners to specialized equipment. 

    Weekends are not made for cleaning a messy house, rather, they are made to enjoy with family and friends. Let the professionals take care of the cleaning headache. Maid Naturally’s services help their clients enjoy the benefits of a beautifully kept home, without compromising their free time. They provide each client the flexibility to choose their cleaning services as well as how often they’d like them done, weekly, monthly or once in a while. 

    As professionals, they have cleaning processes in place to clear clutter in the kitchen, whether it is the dirty dish washer, refrigerator, oven, stove or hard water stains in the sink. They carry their own range of abrasive green cleaners to remove dirt and stains from household items, appliances and corners of the kitchen. Their green bathroom cleaning services in Spokane makes sure that the tile and the tub in the bathroom are spotlessly clean and shining, while their abrasive all-purpose cleaners take care of the soap scum in the bathroom.

    Their bedroom cleaning services in Spokane organizes all the clutter in the bedroom from dusting tables, cleaning windows, vacuuming rooms, to hand washing floors. They wash the linens when they are left out, and make the bed perfectly. All in all, the only thing you have to do is to call Maid Naturally, book an appointment, and leave the mess to us! 

    About is a Unique Maid Service created in Spokane, WA. They vacuum clean and hand-wash all floors and baseboards and also clean windows. They have a full window service that they operate during the summer months. They are fully licensed and bonded as well as insured. Their cleaning service has professionally trained staffs that are educated and knowledgeable on company policies and procedures. Every week, every other week, or monthly service, any of them are fine for them. They also offer one-time cleanings for parties or special events. 

    To know more about them please visit

    Contact Address: 
    3012 N Nevada
    Building 1
    Spokane, WA 99207
    Ph: 509-994-3685

  • 28 Oct 2013 10:49 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    Companies can hire us with the confidence that we will be able to meet all of your commercial building cleaning and office cleaning services needs professionally, affordably, and efficiently.

    Spotless Janitorial Services provides the following services to a wide array of professionals, including corporate business offices, industrial locations, medical offices, post-construction sites, restaurants, schools, universities and any location that is in need of a professional and reputable cleaning service company in the GTA and surrounding area. Whether your premises require cleaning once a week or onsite services 24/7.  

    We partner with our clients to develop professional office cleaning or light industrial cleaning plans such as cleaning and disinfecting washrooms,

    vacuuming and mopping floors, collecting recycling and garbage, washing walls, doors and windows, dusting, cleaning chairs and desks and more.

    We’re also happy to provide extra cleaning services like carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, window cleaning, after construction clean-up and quarterly or yearly deep cleaning.

    Contact Spotless Janitorial Services your commercial cleaning specialists for customized cleaning plans to meet your needs, schedule and budget. Click here for your free quote. You can call us at 905 875 3326 or toll free at 1 855 875 3326 or by email at

  • 17 Oct 2013 8:56 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    To help its hospital partners combat HAIs, ARAMARK Healthcare announces it has collaborated with Ecolab to introduce OxyCide™ Daily Disinfectant Cleaner, an EPA-registered non-bleach cleaning agent in a concentrate that is gentle on surfaces but effective on germs such as Clostridium difficile.

    “We work very hard to offer our hospital partners innovative solutions to support their infection prevention strategies,” says Mike Leone, president of ARAMARK Healthcare.  “Leveraging our scale in collaboration with our suppliers to develop cleaning solutions such as OxyCide, is one of the ways we are able to add value to hospitals through our environmental service programs.”

    OxyCide is an EPA-registered disinfectant, virucide, sporicide, deodorizer and one-step cleaner. ARAMARK Healthcare worked with Ecolab to test and develop the product for daily hospital use. OxyCide kills Clostridium difficile in 3 minutes and other organisms in 5 minutes or less; yet has superior material compatibility compared to bleach-based cleaners on hospital surfaces such as diagnostic equipment, stainless steel and fabrics.

    ARAMARK Healthcare is using OxyCide as its recommended daily disinfectant, pairing it with its processes and hospital cleaning technologies to enhance its environmental service programs and deliver better patient outcomes.

    Source: ARAMARK Healthcare

  • 10 Oct 2013 4:09 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    About Mac’s Janitorial Services
    As a leader in industrial cleaning services, Mac’s Janitorial Services has been providing Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia with premium commercial cleaning for over 55 years. Offering a wide range of janitorial and building maintenance services, the company will complete any task on time and under budget. Over the past forty years, the company has been able to expand its horizons and now offer generalized cleaning, complete floor maintenance, window washing, power washing, disaster cleanup and more. The company provides cleaning services for commercial properties located in Salem, Camden, Burlington and all of Gloucester County. 

    More at source: SBWIRE
  • 04 Oct 2013 7:23 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    If you want to work at Homejoy, a rapidly growing tech startup that connects independent home cleaners to customers, you're going to have to roll up your sleeves and get dirty. The company has every employee -- from customer service reps to engineers -- in its San Francisco headquarters clean a house at least once as part of their training. This includes the CEO and co-founder Adora Cheung, who cleaned houses alongside cleaners for the first few months after she and her brother Aaron started Homejoy in 2012.

    Before that, she spent a month cleaning for a national cleaning chain so she could better understand the needs of cleaners as well as customers.

    "We didn't know how cleaners work so we figured out that the best way to learn was to become cleaners ourselves," Cheung said.

    Homejoy CEO Adora Cheung.

    (Credit: Homejoy)

    The Cheung siblings, graduates of startup accelerator Y Combinator, raised $1.7 million from Andreessen Horowitz, First Round Capital, Resolute.VC, and Max Levchin to start Homejoy in the San Francisco area. The service has grown quickly, launching in 30 more cities within the last eight months. Its simultaneous launches in Saint Louis and Orlando, Fla., on Friday mark its latest milestone.

    All this because Cheung's brother wanted to hire someone to clean his apartment but couldn't find a convenient and safe way to connect with an affordable cleaner online. Homejoy's cleaners work for a set price of $20 an hour. One of Homejoy's selling points is that it says independent cleaners -- who are operating outside of a chain -- can earn more than they typically would, and customers pay less than they would for a chain but get a cleaner who's been prescreened and tested by Homejoy.

    Customers use Homejoy's desktop and mobile site to order a cleaner, choosing which rooms they want cleaned, and can pay extra for certain tasks like laundry, windows, or an oven cleaning. Then they choose a time and pay by credit card, and the cleaners come with profiles and ratings. Cleaners then receive their assignments via an application from Homejoy.

    The company isn't disclosing any metrics such as the number of users or revenue, but when it celebrated its one-year birthday in July, it said it had more than 500 cleaners in its system. That number is now in the "thousands," according to Marlo Struve, the company's director of communications.

  • 01 Oct 2013 5:03 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    Exec says that it’s dropping prices for its home cleaning service in all nine markets by 25 percent.

    Founder and CEO Justin Kan told me that customers will still get a fixed quote for the entire cleaning, but the change effectively lowers Exec’s prices to $22 per hour per cleaner. (Among other things, that makes Exec more competitive with the Homejoy, which charges $20 an hour.) He also said that gross bookings for the service have been growing by an average of 28 percent per month for the past four months.

    “After surveying users and getting feedback for the past couple months, one of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve gotten was that we could be providing more value, and our customers would use us more if we were priced lower,” Kan told me via email.

    Kan added that Exec can lower its prices significantly because it’s eliminating “our deeper cleaning options” (such as cleaning walls) from the basic service, and then charging for them on an a la carte basis.

    More at source: Tech Crunch

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