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  • 22 Jul 2013 8:22 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    WARWICK undefined On Friday, July 12, local officials and members of the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce joined Gloria Slaughter and her family for a ribbon-cutting ceremony outside the Chamber’s “Caboose” office on South Street.

    Last year, Slaughter and Nicole Stein opened “2Mops” cleaning service.
    The goal was to create a cleaning company based on honesty, integrity, trust and 100 percent customer satisfaction.
    The company was well received with its free in-home or office consultation that helps people understand expectations and serves to also uncover special house cleaning instructions, frequency of cleanings and whether green cleaning services are right for the client.
    Today, 2 Mops is no longer a partnership but a solely owned company whose vision, stated Slaughter, still remains consistent with its cleaning.

    “The firm,” she said, “has developed cleaning teams who love to clean both residential and commercial properties.”
    Slaughter added that by choosing a weekly, bi-weekly service or a one-time special home cleaning, 2Mops housekeeping services help you take pride in a fresh home cleaning without the hassle of a contract.
    She explained that with a personal touch, deep cleaning system, products and extensive experience, 2Mops will make your home cleaner and healthier than ever before. And keeping these special home cleaning considerations and your budget in mind, the firm will design household cleaning services around you and your family.
    “Our motto,” said Slaughter, “is ‘We just don’t clean your home, we make it sparkle.”

    For additional information about “2Mops” cleaning service,” call 888-376-1021, visit or e-mail
  • 05 Jul 2013 7:00 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/04/2013 -- Sterling Cleaning takes pride in being a dependable, professional and customer-oriented Palm Beach carpet cleaning company.

    The company cleans carpet and upholstery thoroughly using a state-of-the-art truck-mounted carpet cleaning system. It offers dry cleaning and deep steam cleaning as well as portable machines especially for elevated areas.

    This South Florida carpet cleaning company provides the most efficient carpet cleaning available equipped with disinfestations and deodorization. Similar services are also available for upholstery. Cleaning carpets and upholstery are important to keep them new. Many major carpet manufacturers even require regular cleaning for them to be covered with warranty.

    Aside from high-quality services, Sterling Cleaning does not charge hidden costs. Also, they don’t charge an estimate fee. There could be instances that under special cases that the company can ask for this, but the company will notify the customer upfront.

    Sterling Cleaning Company is a family owned business that is licensed to perform home services and covered with insurance. Providing top quality services for more than 10 years, the company is now a leading agency not only for carpet cleaning but also marble cleaning, marble care, marble polishing, grout cleaning, tile cleaning, grout staining, grout sealing.

    The company upholds corporate values of honesty, client satisfaction and regular training when it comes to the latest technologies and techniques in home service especially with Palm Beach gardens marble restoration.

    As a customer focused company, Sterling Service offers valuable information and tips about home maintenance and care. They make certain that the benefits of clean home will be enjoyed by the clients. Its experience in more than a decade of providing high-quality service is proof that the company is true to its values of honesty and cutting edge customer service.

    For more information, you can visit the website at The main office is located at Palm Beach Gardens, FL. You can also send email inquiries at
    Company Location:
    Contact email do client:
    Company contact email:
  • 24 Jun 2013 10:09 AM | Deleted user
    Grand Opening Monday July 8th at 6224 N. 8th St Philadelphia, Pa. 19126
    Free door Prizes and huge Discounts.
    Case of 17" floor pads
    Case of floor stripper
    Case of neutral cleaner
    5 gal pale of floor finish
    One 17" floor machine
     Cost $783.80

  • 16 Jun 2013 7:10 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    Maple Shade, NJ --(SBWIRE)-- 06/13/2013 -- Mac’s Janitorial Services, performing commercial cleaning in Burlington, and other areas in Southern Jersey, was recently successful in completing a high-reach cleaning project at Simmons Pet Food in Pennsauken, NJ. As a nation-wide leading pet supply store, Simmons Pet Food needed some hard-to-reach cleaning done and decided to call Mac’s Janitorial Services to get the job done correctly. The crew cleaned the building’s surfaces which were 35 to 40 feet high, by using special lifts. The building’s vents, lights and duct work were cleaned accordingly. The high-reach services provided by Mac’s Janitorial Services eliminate the needs for ladders and expensive equipment, making the process easier and more affordable for the client. When performing high-reach cleaning projects, 

    Mac’s Janitorial Services uses the most effective pure water cleaning system in the industry.
    Mac’s Janitorial Services is a trusted commercial cleaning company to contact for cleaning large industrial buildings such as warehouses. As high-reach deep clean specialists, Mac’s Janitorial Services is equipped with advanced cleaning equipment and machinery that can get the dirtiest jobs done. Without damaging the surface of a building, the cleaning crew will remove any oil stains, dirt, dust particles or anything else that is making a commercial property look dull.

    Clients will be assured that the quality of work provided by Mac’s Janitorial Services will be problem-free. Each member of the team has years of residential and commercial cleaning under their belts, so they understand even the most complicated of problems. The equipment and products used for commercial cleaning is environmentally friendly, including no harmful caustics or solvents. Clients of Mac’s Janitorial Services will have their building look attractive again, while saving the environment at the same time. 

    About Mac's Janitorial Services
    As a leader in industrial cleaning services, Mac’s Janitorial Services has been providing Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia with premium commercial cleaning for over 55 years. Offering a wide range of janitorial and building maintenance services, the company will complete any task on time and under budget. Over the past forty years, the company has been able to expand its horizons and now offer generalized cleaning, complete floor maintenance, window washing, power washing, disaster cleanup and more. The company provides cleaning services for commercial properties located in Salem, Camden, Burlington and all of Gloucester County. 

    For more information, please visit
  • 10 Jun 2013 9:59 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    Pegasus Building and Cleanroom Services proudly presents the latest innovation in decontamination services for your facilities, the Sanosil Halo Fogging System. 

    Sanosil Halo Room Fogger

    The EPA Registered Sanosil Halo Fogging System produces an atomized dry mist comprised of positively charged hydroxyl ions that go up, around and under all exposed surfaces killing 99.9999 % of bacteria, viruses, spores to include mold, and fungi. The Halo activation technology is facilitated by the chemical interaction of a 5% hydrogen peroxide and .01% AgNo3+(silvercations). The combination of the hydrogen peroxide ions and the silver produce the 99.9999% kill rate. The fogging by products are the benign elements water and oxygen. This is the most effective, yet least caustic decontamination method available and is safe around people and your animals. The fogging services will do no damage to sensitive electronics, surfaces or substrates. The EPA registered Sanosil S010 Disinfectant Solution can be fogged or sprayed (no wipe). The Halo Fogger is lightweight (50 lbs), portable, quiet, and the process is odorless and effective.

    The Halo room fogger can decontaminate a 2000 cubic foot room in about 20 minutes and the room can be evacuated using the HVAC system or allowed to dwell overnight and naturally dissipate. The Halo Fogger S10 Disinfectant Solution is EPA registered, No. 84526-1, and is certified for use in the Halo Fogger. 


    For more information on Pegasus’s Halo Fogging Services Please Contact:
    Dana Barton
    Contamination Control Specialist
    Pegasus Cleanroom Services
    Office (858) 444-2290 x 31
    Cell (858) 381-7005
  • 03 Jun 2013 6:58 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    DALLAS, TX, June 03, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dallas Building Maintenance, a leading professional cleaning and janitorial services company in Dallas, is proud to announce the launch of their new company website, designed and developed by Advice Interactive Group, an Inc. 500 Internet marketing company in Dallas.
    The new website features a clean, professional design with service pages dedicated to each of DBM's many areas of expertise. Website visitors are able to read in depth about the company's cleaning processes, the types of buildings and businesses the company works with, and information regarding the company as a whole. Any interested parties can also sign up for a free instant price quote for DBM's services.
    DBM is proud of its legacy of professionalism and quality in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. To highlight this legacy, the new site also contains information on their services, including eco-friendly green cleaning techniques, window washing, restroom cleaning, and odor removal techniques. An onsite blog discusses these services at length, including their benefits for Dallas-area business owners.
    Contact Information:
    Dallas Building Maintenance
    2815 Valley View Ln.
    Dallas, TX 75234
    About Dallas Building Maintenance
    Dallas Building Maintenance is a full-service commercial cleaning and janitorial company that serves the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. The company, in business since 1975, serves commercial spaces small and large, including churches, office parks, and medical offices.
    DBM on Facebook
    DBM on Twitter

    Read more:
  • 03 Jun 2013 6:57 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Sick leave within a corporation or office building environment can be a significant expense that a company and business must absorb. Although these are days that are included in the employee benefits, they are still days that detract from a company’s productivity and can even create an exponential affect amongst many.

    A commercial cleaning company that does the extras in order to segregate its waste and germ contamination factors, is one that protects its clients and in the long run, adds to their bottom line. So many cleaning companies overlook the simple issues such as moving from bathroom to bathroom with the same buckets and mops doing harmful damage to the workplace by the “non-elimination” of harmful bacteria that only festers and spreads throughout a workplace.

    The answer and solution to such a quandary is simple yet arduous to execute. The bottom line is that it is easier to not be as sanitary and meticulous because it is in fact more work and more time. State of the art chemicals and cleaning materials are always evolving which good cleaning companies should stay abreast of. Armed with the latest materials however only makes the janitorial services even more valuable to their clients.

    Some machines can actually suck out the dirt and bacteria and hold them until released into a receptacle or area where they are removed from a safe distance that can no longer harm the employees. Additionally, cleaners that enforce training for their employees to learn and study the whys and wherefores in the proper cleaning techniques, makes the supervision of a cleaning company that much easier as well.

    This training approach also instills a confidence in its employees who are entrusted to handle the business’ clients effectively. One or two mishaps become quite noticeable and can sever the janitorial service’s customers.

    For more in depth cleaning methods that a professional company like Excel Building Services uses, contact them at (813) 451-8229 10006 Cross Creek Blvd Tampa, Fl 33647

    Media Contact:
    Company: Excel Building Services
    Address: 10006 Cross Creek Blvd, Tampa, Fl 33647
    Phone: (813) 451-8229
  • 01 Jun 2013 8:03 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    MaidPro, one of the largest home cleaning franchises in the U.S. and Canada, smashed the previous World Record by short sheeting 10,236 beds in a single day. The previous record holder, Niles Fulton, held the record for exactly fifteen years by short sheeting 332 beds in his college dormitory on April 1, 1998.

    Short sheeting is a prank commonly performed at camps, boarding schools and military barracks. A bed sheet is untucked at the foot end of the bed and folded toward the head, making it look as if it is two sheets (an undersheet and top sheet). When the victim attempts to enter the bed, they are unable to extend their legs, leaving them in an awkward balled up position.

    MaidPro was able to accomplish this feat by tapping into their large customer base and putting into action a one day Short Sheeting Campaign across all of their locations, short sheeting all customer beds for all cleans performed that day.

    The response from this campaign has been dramatic. MaidPro’s phones have been ringing non-stop from puzzled customers and congratulatory observers. A long-time customer, Anne Hallway, wrote, “Congratulations on such a monumental achievement! I never thought the record could be broken. Please never do that again.”

    MaidPro prides itself on forming close relationships with their clients. “How else could we have gotten away with this,” laughed Mark Kushinsky, MaidPro CEO. “Of course we only did this with clients we really knew and had a great connection with.”

    About MaidPro 
    MaidPro is a Boston-based franchisor of housecleaning services with over 150 offices throughout the U.S and Canada. The company, which began franchising in 1997, takes pride in its strong owner community, cutting-edge technology and creative marketing. It has been honored with the Franchise Business Review's Franchise 50 Award in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 for owner satisfaction. The company can be found online

    Contact: media(at)maidpro(at)com. 

  • 01 Jun 2013 8:02 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    Window Genie is the nationally ranked franchise of home services known to, “Clean Windows and a Whole Lot More!” A whole lot more includes window tinting, pressure washing, gutter clean-out and giving back to the community. Window Genie of Charlotte, NC performed another free window cleaning at the home of local Korean War Era Veteran, Robert Williams. Peter Cogan and his team went out on Tuesday to the home of Robert and his wife Gail to show their gratitude for his service to our country.

    Cogan calls his project, “Windows 4 Wishes: Cleaning the homes of those who protect ours.” This is his second job for a local veteran. Cogan hopes to eventually establish enough relationships with other local veterans so he and his team may perform at least one free cleaning per month. “I’m glad we’ve come up with a way to use my business and my team’s skill set to give back to local Veterans,” said Cogan. “I just wanted to thank Robert for his service. They’re all heroes and deserve much more thanks than we can give.”

    If you, or a veteran you know would like to learn more about Window Genie, call Peter Cogan at 704-489-0616 or email him at pcogan(at)windowgenie(dot)com.

    Window Genie franchises available nationwide. Window Genie corporate shows their support for the US Military by offering Veterans exclusive deals when purchasing franchise territories. To learn more, call 800-700-0022 or visit the online virtual brochure at

  • 01 Jun 2013 8:01 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    RJB Properties, Inc., a minority-owned and operated janitorial services provider, announced today that it has reached a settlement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in EEOC v. RJB Properties, Inc., et al., Case No. 10-cv-2001 (N.D. Ill.), to resolve remaining claims following the district court’s summary judgment ruling last year in RJB’s favor.

    “Our client is very pleased with the settlement,” according to RJB attorney Peter Roeser of the law firmRoeser Bucheit & Graham LLC. “Although RJB was confident that it would ultimately prevail on the few claims that remained following its victory on summary judgment, it was able to settle those claims for a fraction of what the EEOC originally sought before the majority of its claims were dismissed on summary judgment.”

    The EEOC originally filed suit against RJB Properties, Inc. in 2010, accusing the company of committing over 150 purported acts of national origin discrimination, harassment and retaliation against 20 Hispanic and two African-American employees. Among other things, the EEOC alleged that RJB discriminated against janitors by asking them to mop floors, shovel snow, remove garbage, by not providing overtime opportunities, and by not promoting employees for jobs to which they never applied.

    At the close of discovery, RJB moved for summary judgment on the grounds that the complained of actions did not give rise to cognizable claims of employment discrimination, and that there was no evidence to indicate that they were in any way motivated by national origin. In April 2012, the district court issued a ruling rejecting the EEOC’s expansive interpretation of what constitutes employment discrimination under Title VII and finding that there was no evidence on most of the EEOC’s claims to indicate that the various employment actions were motivated by national origin discrimination. Among other things, the court entered judgment in favor of RJB on all of the EEOC’s claims for failure to promote, all of the EEOC’s failure to provide overtime claims, and twelve harassment claims. The court’s 120-page opinion dismissed over 130 acts of purported discrimination.

    RJB Properties was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Orland Park, Illinois. It is a premier provider of janitorial services and facilities management services. RJB was represented by Peter Roeser, John Bucheit and Darrell Graham of the law firm Roeser Bucheit & Graham LLC, a Chicago-based business litigation firm with a substantial employment law practice.

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