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IJCSA Cleaning And Janitorial Certification Programs: Now you can get certified right from the comfort of your home and/or office. Anytime, day or night. Online certification courses are an excellent way for you to expand your knowledge, and the knowledge of your employees. All of our certification programs, course materials, and tests are included FREE with membership.

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Be Safe! Bloodborne Certification Course!

HIV, HEPATITIS B, HEPATITIS C.... Are you and your staff prepared? IJCSA BIOHAZARD CERTIFICATION provides you the knowledge you need to keep yourself and staff safe. The Federal OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard was published in 1991. It was  designed to reduce and minimize the potential for occupational exposure to the Human  Immunodeficiency Virus, or more commonly referred to HIV, the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and  other human Bloodborne pathogens. This audio/visual training program combines  photographs, animation and voice over text to make retention of the material easier. The course will inform you about precautions you must take to eliminate the risk of infectious diseases that can be contracted through exposure and the proper methods of handling potential contaminants.

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  • 12 Feb 2016 7:40 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    Certification Courses

    Now you can get certified right from the comfort of your home and/or office, anytime day or night. Online Certification Courses and classes from the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association are an excellent way for you to expand your knowledge and continue your education. All of our certification programs and materials are included with membership. 

    Members should certify at their own pace.

    IJCSA Master Certification (IMC) - The most comprehensive in depth online cleaning and janitorial certification program available today. 250+ questions w/ 110 written essay questions. Verbal oral exam. Average test certification time 4 hours. Average course study time 20 hours. All course materials available online.

    Bloodborne Certification (BPC)  Bloodborne Pathogens Certification OSHA I And OSHA II Approved. Are you at risk of exposure? Stay OSHA compliant. As someone who may come in contact with blood, you are required by OSHA to be trained in bloodborne pathogens. OSHA fines for non-compliance can be as high as $70,000. Avoid fines and stay compliant with effective training that will help keep you safe and up to date. Average test certification time 1 hour. Average course study time 2 hours. All course materials available online.

    Mold Inspection & Remediation Services (MIRS)-  Provides members the ability to identify and correct potential mold infestation in a residential home or commercial building. This IJCSA course will provide you with a fundamental knowledge about fungi and the potential health risks of toxic mold. 80 hours as required by law. All course materials available online. 

    Green Cleaning Company Certification (GCC)- Residential and commercial consumers are no longer satisfied with services saying they are green companies. In some commercial situations a certification is required for you to clean their building, so they stay current with their own certification process. Green cleaning is now the most popular choice for service providers based on health and environmental reasons. Average test certification time 2 hours. Average course study time 5-6 hours. All course materials available online.

    Chemical Hazards Certification  (CHC) Improve your understanding of the underlying health and environmental impacts of chemical hazards by reviewing the toxic effects of materials and the basic mechanism of MSDS. Average test certification time 2 hours. Average course study time3 hours. All course materials available online.

    Customer Service Certification (CSC) A company's reputation is only as good as the customer service it provides. Please a customer, and your client base will swell with relatives and neighbors who catch wind of your top-notch service. But upset one, and brace yourself for disaster. Average test certification time 1 hour. Average course study time 1 hour. All course materials available online.

  • 01 Feb 2016 10:57 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)


    Two Tennessee police officers Tased a middle school cleaning woman they mistook for a burglar early this month.

    Now, some of criticizing the officers' use of force.

    The Chattanooga Times-Free Press reported the two Collegedale police officers responded to Ooltewah Middle School on the night of Jan. 11 and noticed one of the doors to the building open.

    The officers entered the school with their guns drawn to look for intruders. They didn't know if a cleaning staff was working that night, but they did find some cleaning supplies outside a restroom.

    While checking a room that has two entrances, a woman walked into the same from the opposite entrance. She wasn't carrying anything.

    The officers asked the woman to identify herself, but she appeared to not understand English.

    According to the officers' report, she refused to stop and show them her identification. She replied "no" to every question they asked both in English and Spanish.

    The woman then left the room and began to walk quickly down a hallway. When one of the officers yelled the Spanish word for stop, the officers claim she began to run away.

    The officers proceeded to chase her through the school's cafeteria, down a flight of stairs and outside into the parking lot.

    Find a cleaning service here. 

    More at source:

  • 27 Jan 2016 5:37 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    IJCSA performed a phone poll of 200 potential cleaning customers in the United States. The calls were random and made both to potential commercial and residential clients. We already knew the answers that the poll would provide but we made the calls anyway. Our question was very simple. "If two cleaning services submitted a price quote to clean your home or business and the prices were roughly the same price, and one company was certified and the other company was not would you pick the certified cleaning company or the non certified company?" Ask yourself the same question. The results: 187 potential customers picked the certified company. Don`t wait till your potential client asks you for a certification. Turn in your company education and training certificates with all estimates and proposals. 

    All Certification Courses Included With Membership          

    Find A Certified Cleaning Company Here

  • 26 Jan 2016 8:30 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    Girsch's top five tips are:

    1. Maximize your hanging space with slim-line hangers
    2. Don't stack clothes, file them
    3. Color-code using ROY-G-BIV
    4. Display accessories like a boutique
    5. Bin other accessories or loose items

    About NEAT Method (from website)

    NEAT Method is a lifestyle service committed to providing a more luxurious and smartly appointed living space. We recognize that life gets hectic and that maintaining an organized home can become a challenge. NEAT Method will design a customized solution that is not only effective but sustainable.

    More at source: Fox News 6 

    Find A Cleaning & Organizing Service Here

  • 25 Jan 2016 7:44 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    Tony Carnes uses the new green cleaning floor waxing system at Carpenters Middle School

    Walk into any of Blount County Schools’ 23 buildings, and you won’t smell the strong ammonia, lemon or pine odors people often associate with cleaning products. Instead, Blount County has replaced harsh chemicals with safer and more environmentally friendly products and practices over the past five years.

    “Many people went through the years thinking that clean has a smell,” said Gary Farmer, the schools’ facilities director. “Clean does not have a smell.”

    More at source: Daily Times

    Find A Green Cleaning Service Here. 

  • 22 Jan 2016 9:27 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)
    An Austin-based businessman who owns a commercial janitorial service operating in three Texas cities has been indicted for tax fraud.

    An Austin businessman who owns a commercial janitorial service operating in three Texas cities has been indicted for tax fraud.

    Victor Antolik is charged with five counts of filing false tax returns and one count of corruptly endeavoring to obstruct and impede tax laws, the U.S. Department of Justice said Wednesday. If convicted, he faces up to 18 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000, plus restitution to the Internal Revenue Service.

    More at source: Biz Journals

    Find A Janitorial Service Service Here

  • 19 Jan 2016 11:06 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    You’re probably used to reading the ingredient list on all your food by now.  It’s pretty much a habit.  And you know exactly what words to look for so you know whether to avoid that particular product. But what about the ingredients in your household cleaners?

    If you don’t pay attention to the back of your multipurpose cleaner, you might be using chemicals that are dangerous to you, your family, and even your pet’s health.  Not exactly what you want when you are just trying to clean your kitchen.  If you do read the labels on your cleaners, it might feel like you need a degree in chemistry to understand what’s really in there.

    Don’t worry, we’ll cover some of the most dangerous toxins that are lurking in your cabinets, so you know to avoid them as well as give you some simple and natural alternatives.  You won’t have to go out and buy new expensive products because you probably already have the ingredients for a clean kitchen in your house!

    1. Chlorine

    We’ll start with a relatively easy one, chlorine.  This is the chemical that is usually found in pools, but you can also find it in toilet bowl cleaners, stain removers, and household tap water. We are exposed to chlorine pretty much every day and we don’t even know it.  City water generally uses chlorine to help get rid of bacteria, which is a good reason to use a filter on your tap. But because it’s in our water, we run the risk of overexposure when it’s in our cleaners.  It can cause respiratory problems and even disrupt thyroid function.

    What to use instead: Two big natural products for all home cleaning are going to be vinegar and baking soda.  You can use vinegar to clean your toilet and as a whitener for your laundry.  You could also use borax in your laundry or find a cleaner that is chlorine free.  Install a filter on both your tap and your showers so you can reduce your exposure to chlorine even more.

    More at source: Green Planet

  • 15 Jan 2016 1:00 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    Image result for slip on ice

    BEVERLY — Icy sidewalks proved to be a launching pad for parents upset about the janitorial services at Sutherland Elementary School.

    Students returned from winter break last Monday to find most of the sidewalks hadn't been shoveled or were cleared with only narrow paths, said Colleen Loehr, of Beverly.

    Loehr volunteers as a traffic moderator on Monday mornings and Tuesday afternoons at the school at 10015 S. Leavitt St. in Beverly. Her sons, Ryan, 9, and William, 7, are third- and first-graders.

    She's stationed at the kiss-and-go drop-off at the northwest corner of the school on Monday mornings. As she was unloading children and their backpacks last week, kids were slipping and falling. Concerned parents stopped, causing frustration by hurried parents waiting behind.

    More at source:

    Find a cleaning / ice removal service here.

  • 13 Jan 2016 10:44 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    Image result for flu

    The severity of an influenza epidemic in the nation is escalating, as the total number of reported cases reached 37,175 last week, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said yesterday, urging people to seek medical attention as soon as possible should they experience any symptoms.

    According to the centers’ statistics released yesterday, 18 cases of severe flu-related complications and four flu-related deaths were confirmed last week, bringing to 196 the number of cases of severe complications and deaths nationwide since July last year.

    CDC physician Lin Yung-ching (林詠青) said three of the four deaths last week were adults aged between 39 and 56 who had chronic diseases and had not been vaccinated, while the other case was a 22-month-old boy.

    The baby had cerebral palsy and, despite a vaccination, developed a fever on Dec. 25 last year and was taken to see a doctor, Lin said, adding that the child was later found unconscious with hyperspasmia.

    The baby was placed in intensive care after being diagnosed with influenza on Wednesday last week, but died of pneumonia and complications from sepsis on the same day, Lin said, adding that the baby was the youngest death caused by severe flu-related complications since last year.

    CDC Deputy Director-General Chou Jih-haw (周志浩) said the baby caught the virus from a family member, adding that people should tell doctors their contact history to avoid delays in diagnoses and treatment.

    “Vaccination is still the best way to prevent influenza, but it is more effective in adults than in babies under two years of age,” Lin said, adding that people with flu-like symptoms should seek medical attention as soon as possible and pay special attention to signs that complications are developing.

    Lin said symptoms of severe complications include: pneumonia; myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle); encephalitis (inflammation of the brain); labored breathing and shortness of breath; bloody or thick phlegm; chest pain; altered states of consciousness; hypotension; and a high fever lasting longer than 72 hours.

    There were 79,953 government-funded influenza vaccines in stock as of yesterday, Chou said, adding that the government has extended the list of conditions for eligible recipients to people older than 50 with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, HIV or chronic liver, heart, kidney or lung diseases.

    Chou urged those eligible to receive a government-funded influenza vaccination as soon as possible.

    More at source: CDC

    Find A Cleaning Service Here
  • 04 Jan 2016 1:05 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

    Research shows that governments are major purchasers of janitorial, sanitation and cleaning products. This category includes power equipment, paper/plastics, chemicals, supplies and accessories. Distributor sales of these products to municipal, county, state and federal government agencies totaled about $2.02 billion in the most recent year that data was available. Government sales equal 8.4 percent of the total U.S. market. Sales to educational institutions, government health care, stadiums, airports and public transit are in separate categories and not included in the government sales figure. The estimate is from the “Report on 2012 Sanitary Supply Distributor Sales,” which is a research study from ISSA, a cleaning industry trade group and Sanitary Maintenance.

    A recent janitorial products market report from The Freedonia Group, likewise, shows sizable government purchases of janitorial products. The latest Freedonia research is“Janitorial Equipment & Supplies, Industry Study 3311,” which was issued August 2015. Freedonia is a Cleveland-based international industry market research firm.

    The report explains that U.S. demand for janitorial equipment and supplies is forecast to increase 2.2 percent per year through 2019 to $7.1 billion, continuing the recovery that began in the latter part of the 2009-2014 period. The report notes that sizable pent-up demand for automated floor cleaning equipment will drive market advances. According to Freedonia analysts, “Automated floor cleaning equipment is forecast to post the fastest and largest gains as the segment continues to recover from its extended downturn. Sales of specialty items and those used on hard surface floors will particularly benefit as janitorial budgets expand.”

    Freedonia’s study includes government facilities in the institutional category. Some government facilities included in the institutional category are: medical/health care establishments, educational institutions, libraries, museums and prisons. Government-sponsored labs are classed in the “Other” category in the Freedonia report.

    The institutional market, according to Freedonia’s study, was the second largest market for janitorial equipment and supplies in 2014. It only slightly trailed the office market, with $1.9 billion, accounting for 30 percent of overall demand. Institutional demand for these products is projected to match gains in the office building market through 2019, rising 2.3 percent annually to $2.2 billion.

    The Freedonia report has market data on a variety of other janitorial products, including:
    --Manual Cleaning Products     
    --Automated Floor Cleaning Equipment       
    --Bags & Containers       
    --Other Products & Accessories

    The report offers demand data by market (e.g., office buildings, institutional buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, residential buildings) and purchaser (in-house cleaners, contract cleaners).


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