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  • 17 Jun 2024 8:32 PM | Harley Anderson

    Being educated on what bloodborne pathogens you may come across in your every day life is truly vital for all humans. Although you may only clean residential environments that don't require this type of training, accidents can happen and you may be asked to clean up a mess that you truly need training on.If you know what bloodborne pathogens exist you may decline cleaning this mess in the correct situation.

    Having a certification on bloodborne pathogens plays an integral role in medical offices, oral surgery offices, schools and beyond. Without the proper cleaning protocol, residual pathogens may remain, contaminating the environment and creating harmful dangers to new inhabitants.

    Since we as cleaners have taken on the responsibility of keeping all types of environments clean and healthy for any activities that may go on there, it is important that we are able to protect ourselves and our employees so that we can further be of service to the public.

    Bloodborne pathogens can cause harmful disease that can affect your own life and those around you. Taking the training course with IJCSA can prepare you to take a step back when you encounter any of these situations in your every day or work life and handle them with the proper care and procedures 

  • 17 Jun 2024 7:02 PM | Dan Harduar

    Being IJCSA Green Cleaning certified can benefit your company in several ways. First and foremost, it showcases your commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Customers and clients will appreciate your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.

    Moreover, being certified IJCSA green clean can help you stand out in a crowded market and attract eco-conscious customers who prioritize green cleaning practices. This can ultimately lead to increased business and revenue.

    In addition, being certified can also improve the health and safety of your employees by minimizing exposure to harmful chemicals and promoting the use of eco-friendly cleaning products.

    Overall, becoming IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified is a smart investment for any company looking to reduce its environmental impact, attract new customers, and promote the health and well-being of its employees.

    Find Professional Certified Green Cleaning Services Here 

    #PrimeLuxuryCleaning #PLC

  • 17 Jun 2024 5:31 PM | Vadym Levchenko

    Implementing medical cleaning practices into other residential and commercial cleaning situations is essential for protecting the population and the world from harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses. By adopting rigorous cleaning protocols inspired by healthcare standards, cleaners can ensure that homes, offices, and commercial spaces are safe and hygienic environments for occupants and visitors. The International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA) Janitorial Services Directory offers a valuable resource for finding professional cleaning services that adhere to industry best practices.

    One key aspect of medical cleaning practices is the thorough disinfection of high-touch surfaces using EPA-approved disinfectants. This includes surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, and countertops, which can harbor a multitude of pathogens. By regularly disinfecting these surfaces, cleaners can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and create a healthier environment for residents, employees, and customers.

    Using proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is another crucial component of medical cleaning practices. Gloves, masks, and eye protection help protect cleaners from exposure to harmful pathogens and chemicals, ensuring their safety while on the job. Additionally, implementing strict protocols for cleaning equipment and tools, such as sanitizing mop heads and vacuum cleaner filters, helps prevent cross-contamination and ensures thorough cleaning and disinfection.

    Regular training and education for cleaning staff are paramount to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and safety. By providing ongoing education on topics such as proper hand hygiene, effective disinfection methods, and the importance of following established cleaning protocols, cleaners are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their duties effectively. Through the adoption of medical cleaning practices and a commitment to excellence, residential and commercial cleaning services can contribute to protecting public health and promoting a cleaner, safer world.

  • 17 Jun 2024 4:43 PM | Anthony Hufton

    Our workplaces have a significant impact on our daily lives. A janitor is responsible for sanitation and safety. A clean and safe workplace is essential. A trained, professional janitor will ensure business standards are met.  

    Without a clean and safe workplace employees are at higher risk for infection and disease. Janitors trained through the IJCSA program are informed in dealing with bloodborne pathogens and chemical hazards compliant with OSHA standards. Proper use of this training improves overall quality and safety in the workplace.

    It is important to remain vigilant in our daily lives of hazards and potential contamination. Having a trained professional janitors on site specifically handling waste and hazards is essential to maintain health and safety standards in the workplace. The workplace has a significant impact on our daily lives and a janitor has a significant impact on the workplace.       

  • 17 Jun 2024 2:24 PM | Leon Williams

    Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms present in human blood and bodily fluids that can lead to dangerous diseases in those who come into contact with them. Types of bloodborne pathogens include: HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. 

    Those in the cleaning field are especially at risk for coming into contact with bloodborne pathogens since they may be tasked with cleaning up and sanitizing areas where bodily fluids were present. 

    OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has created industry standards which help employers and employees create a plan to remain safe on the job. By understanding the dangers of bloodborne pathogens and adhering to OSHA guidelines, employees can decrease their risk of exposure and do their jobs safely and effectively.

  • 17 Jun 2024 12:38 PM | Andrea S & Blake G Hurlston

    In today's Cleaning industry, it is essential that all cleaning company owners, particularly, members of IJCSA, have made themselves aware of the environmental situation on hand, as it relates to how the harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions being used for decades have proven to be a serious hazard to every living creature on the face of the earth. It incumbent of us to be a part of changing the mindset of the populous.

    It is proven by most if not all of us, that "Going Green" is the best and safest option- in all aspects of our lives. We need to remove harmful chemicals and replace them by using all eco-friendly products.

    A large percentage of consumers are in synch with this safer, cleaner way of living and therefore have an expectation of us "cleaning company owners", to ensure we have acquired a similar mindset; and are capable to deliver 100% Green Cleaning services using bio-degradeable products. 

    IJCSA provides a superb educational website for its members, whereby any consumer can use its resources in Finding a Certified Green Cleaning Janitorial company in your area. International Janitorial Cleaning Service Association  online resource provides consumers with a peace of mind and satisfaction that companies listed are reputable.

    IJCSA provides a broad array of training/certification courses to equip all members with the necessary knowledge to keep us current in the industry. It is important as members that we utilize the great resources provided to us. These certifications will enhance our company image whereby we showcase that we have raised the bar in the industry, setting us apart from the other "cleaning companies".

    Be sure to sign up to all available certification courses offered by IJCSA by clicking on the following link:

    Green Clean Home Care Services are 100% eco-friendly and chemical free cleaning company and we are ensuring we keep informed on IJSCA' member discussion forums and are embracing the relevant training courses.

  • 17 Jun 2024 11:17 AM | Mary Ram

    I have been in the cleaning field for twenty years ,  over time I have built my career as a cleaning professional I have made great strides  in my cleaning career through dedication and hard work I have built a great clientele base over the years whom I value you greatly and attribute for my greater success . I am OCD a germophobic by nature my instinct is clean , I am a strong innovative cleaner that knows how to bust through and remove grime , always a front runner in safety for me and my clients .I am a  detail oriented cleaner  and  have exceptional organizing techniques as well as design I always follow through with a showroom finish on every cleaning job I complete .

    I was a young single mother my only skill at the time was being a mom and homemaker working endless jobs to make ends meet while attending classes  and paying my way through college I worked hotels and other no end jobs barely making ends meet then I discovered I could clean on my own I landed a new construction contract through my fathers long time best friend it didn't take long until the money started flowing in I have been building different avenues ever since cleaning residential ,  commercial ,  and new construction .

      I can honestly say the last five years have been my best growth and strongest clientele base I ever had I have built my growth through strong customer service skills dedication and hard work has gained me great PR  word of mouth and referrals through past and current clients is what has created my biggest growth thus far  . My clients are  people that I have grown to love knowing and caring for their needs for so many years some more recent than others  I consider them friends as well as an extension of family when you are working for the same costumers throughout the years would be hard not too in my opinion  . Up until a few months ago I was very confident within my skill and experience as a cleaning professional to clean and disinfect for my clients keeping them safer every clean giving extra protection through the cold and flu season then Covid - 19 came , when I realized  how serious the pandemic was I suspended business immediately even before the state started shutting down I knew this virus was bigger than anything I had ever experienced . My instinct was to immediately start looking for more astringent PPE for proper protection for my personal protection as well as my clients protection I immediately thought to seek training and certification for bio hazard cleaning  did a quick search online and found IJCSA I was navigating the website and found I could get certified in biohazard cleaning but first I would have to get certified in hazardous chemicals customer service , residential cleaning specialist  then move on to bio hazard cleaning certification  IJCSA also has many other certifications available . I have had a lot of fun taking these refresher course study for these certifications has reminded me of the importance of chemical safety and the different resources out their for us professionals .

    For me the key advantages of hiring a cleaning professional that has passed the IJCSA RCS Certification is for safety professionalism  and good cleaning performance providing a better experience when hiring a house cleaner . hiring  a IJCSA RCS Certified cleaner advantages in safety is a front runner in this dangerous time with Covid - 19 looming in my opinion is a must for a cleaning professional to train for safety in all aspects IJCSA RCS Certified cleaners certify in bloodborne pathogens , hazardous chemical , cleaning skill and safety definitely is an advantage for you to insure to your clients you are ready and qualified for the job moving forward .

    Find Professional Certified Home Cleaning Services Here

  • 17 Jun 2024 9:49 AM | Fatima Escalante

    It is important for cleaning employees to be aware of bloodborne pathogens and the risks that come from them. But first we need to understand what they are. Bloodborne pathogens are disease-causing microorganisms in human blood which include HBV and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

    It's essential for employers to have knowledge on the procedures that are used to be cautious to help prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens. One way could be by taking special training classes to increase their knowledge on precautions they can take. Without these training classes the employees could be at risk of getting infected if the proper measures aren't taken.

    In conclusion following the right steps when dealing with body fluids/ blood could prevent life threatening diseases in the workplace. 

  • 17 Jun 2024 8:09 AM | William Boston

    While there are many places to locate certified residential cleaners in your area, there are not many directories that you can trust to provide you with trained specialists. Locating someone that knows how to clean an area is much easier than finding someone that you would trust to appropriately apply cleaner to areas in your home. Experience is great, but specialized training drives home the idea of safety in a residential setting and the legal issues with avoiding damage to your personal items. 

    Hiring a cleaning service that is not properly trained can also result in the improper use of cleaning practices, time wasted, and a higher direct cost for you as the customer. Taking the time to select and pay a company to provide services, only to have them not deliver to expectations can be a grueling processes. It can not only leave you disappointed in the cleaning process, but it can also scar you from wanting cleaning services in the future. 

    Ensuring proper training for your cleaning company can also minimize injuries (and insurance claims) in your home and foster a better working relationship  between you and the people tasked with keeping your home safe and clean. Having a company that is insured is great, but would it not be better to locate companies that don't rely on their insurance to mitigate mistakes within your home? Selecting a company that has taken it upon themselves to expand their education in their industry should be top priority anytime that you are trusting someone to enter your home. 

    The IJCSA is an industry leader in training for the cleaning profession. Companies that are certified through this organization undergo several rigorous certification examinations to ensure that they are prepared and knowledgeable about safety and cleanliness. They are not only provided training in the best and up to date cleaning standards, they are also trained on the importance of customer satisfaction and dealing with the public. 

    The IJCSA offers businesses the opportunity to choose to grow their knowledge of cleaning standards to build a trusted business. Members of this organization are not fly by night companies that want a job here and there, these are respected businesses that want to grow and provide quality service to their community. They put in the extra hours to provide trusted services to their customers. They learn from others in the industry and communicate with professionals from around the world to expand and showcase their expertise. IJCSA makes it very easy for anyone to locate their directory of specialists by way of their Home Cleaning and Maid Services Directory. This enables anyone to be able to locate these trained professionals based on their geographic location at anytime. Locating a cleaning person is easy, and now locating a trained professional is even easier!

  • 17 Jun 2024 7:28 AM | Anonymous member

    Medical cleaning practices are very strict in the sense that there are rules to follow when it comes to the cleaning. Since medical facilities need to be properly clean to avoid patient getting sick medical cleaning practices can benefit residential and commercial places. The majority of people won’t be familiar with some of the rules and proper methods went dealing with cleaning chemical.

    Some of those standards can help other residential and commercial situations in the sense that if they can implement a higher standard of cleaning there would be less people getting sick. There would be a lower number of people calling in sick to work and to school. Medical cleaning practices implementation at home can also help you avoid going to the doctor because of bacteria’s or virus that could have been avoidable if we were to do a deeper cleaning with the right cleaning chemicals. 

    A good idea to implement is to have a higher standardard level of cleaning for all types of situations, for homes and work places. By implementing medical cleaning practices across the board we can have a better control when it comes to people getting sick. According to the CDC, cleaning alone effectively reduces the number of microorganisms on contaminated equipment. Now imagine having the knowledge to use the correct chemicals it can really impact us in a good way.

    Now, that we are in a pandemic cleaning is crucial and knowing and implementing the high standards of medical cleaning can keep a better control of the spread. For example, knowing that we should clean with color rags that way we are not cross contaminating areas and knowing about how to correctly use chemical that can kill harmful virus and germs. Check out find a certified company that can help you in the process.

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