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  • 26 Nov 2022 7:42 PM | Jessica Beranek

    Hospitals and Doctor's offices, where we go to get better, not get a newly acquired infection.  Healthcare facilities can be a hot bed of bacteria and viruses if not properly maintained.  The safety if not only patients, but doctors, staff and visitors may be at risk if safety protocols for cleaning are not followed.

    While flu viruses can live on non porous surfaces up to 48 hours and on porous surfaces up to 12 hours; that leaves a large window of time if left unattended for a variety of people to come into contact and become infected. The simple act of  a patient touching a light switch, followed by a doctor touching it could potentially infect the doctor who would then pass that on to another patient and so on.  

    Additionally, immunocompromised patient's health relies on a very clean environment to make sure no more viruses or infections are introduced into their surroundings.  Improper handling of linens could potentially stir up pathogens that prove infectious.  As well as bloodborne pathogens if improperly handled and cleaned could prove to be infectious to anyone that may come into contact and ultimately could potentially be deadly.  Using a knowledgable company is a must to maintain safety.  Search the for your next certified Medical Cleaning Company at:

    International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association - Janitorial Services Directory (

  • 26 Nov 2022 6:48 PM | Martha Wilson

    As time goes on, our scientist's are always discovering new things as we evolve as humans, and as the world around us changes. With these new discoveries, we are seeing virus's and bacteria evolve in such a rate that its almost hard to keep up. We have to continue to evolve as well to stay a step ahead of these virus's and bacteria's. 

    Our home is our safe place, its where we create all these beautiful memories with our families, and for some of us, we maintain it in such a way that it can be passed down from generation to generation. However, sometimes living our lives to the fullest doesn't always leave a lot of time for other things like cleaning our homes the way we would like it to be cleaned. 

    Thankfully, IJCSA offers a certification titled Residential Cleaning Specialist Certification, RCS Certification for short, that teaches those who are able to obtain it, how to properly clean your home. It is imperative that you look for a company or a individual that has this certification if you want the best of the best.

    This certification means that the person or company that will be cleaning your home is up to date on the latest news and chemicals. They are also trained on how to professionally clean your home from top to bottom so you can worry less about that and worry more about spending time with your family. 

    IJCSA holds themselves at a very high level of professionalism and cleaning standards. They make sure that all of those who has their certifications share the same standards. From washing down your baseboards without removing the paint to polishing your great grandmothers wooded desk while keeping it intact. No one ever wants to come home to an antique heirloom ruined because the wrong products were used to clean it. Save yourself some time and stress and hire someone with a IJCSA REC Certification


  • 26 Nov 2022 6:10 PM | Scotty Jones

    With the prevalence of the current Covid-19 pandemic, as professionals we are obligated to understand the importance of safe best practices.  Bloodborne pathogens are serious concerns and we as business owners must ensure our teams have been educated in these areas so they can perform their jobs properly.

    Utilizing PPE is a must especially when a spill contains body fluids, I advise my team to wear PPE regardless because you never can predict when the worst can happen.  Also, implementing an exposure control plan is vital as its important to have a set plan in place to ensure all necessary steps are taken in the event someone is exposed, gets a needlestick, etc. 

    By following OSHA mandated guidelines, having an educated workforce on the dangers of bloodborne pathogens will keep everyone safe while continuing to provide much needed services for our clientele. 

  • 26 Nov 2022 3:24 PM | Vivian Martin

    We love our job as professional medical cleaners, but without understanding the proper guidelines issued by OSHA,  we can seriously put ourselves and others at risk of infection of bloodborne pathogens. In order to protect ourselves and our co-workers we must practice Universal Precautions and Protective Practices.

    Bloodborne pathogens are pathogenic microorganisms found in human blood and can cause diseases such as but not limited to: Hepatitis B virus (HBV) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) associated with AIDS. This is why OSHA requires any job site with the potential of exposure to bloodborne pathogens be considered potentially infectious and infection control precautions be taken to lessen the risk of exposure, this approach is called: Universal Precautions.

    As a cleaning business, there are precautions we can take to minimize the risk of bloodborne pathogens when cleaning in medical facilities such as: never manually compress trash, avoid splashing or spattering when cleaning up, always decontaminate surfaces with Betco disinfectants, always wear personal protective equipment, and properly wash hands. If we follow the guidelines we can protect ourselves and leave a safe clean environment for the medical staff and patients. 

  • 26 Nov 2022 1:28 PM | Victor Collins

    Bloodborne pathogens have been apart of human society since the beginning of time, however I believe now more than ever, knowledge and protocol should be emphasized.  With the world becoming exposed to Covid-19, the handling of these life threatening viruses and diseases could be the difference between another pandemic.

    Being aware about the dangers of bloodborne pathogens could solve a huge portion of contamination's and accidents.  Many people are simply unaware of the risks and therefore do not understand the dangers.  By informing employees who are high risk, accidents can be avoided and could be the difference between life and death.

    Cleaning employees are the unsung heroes! It is important for cleaning employees to understand the risk when dealing with bloodborne pathogens as we are the first line of defense in containing and dealing with potentially life threatening pathogens.  Being well versed in proper clean up and disposal could be the difference between accidentally exposing a family member by improperly disposing of gloves or contaminated work clothes.  

  • 26 Nov 2022 12:13 PM | Anonymous member

    Medical cleaning practices are very strict in the sense that there are rules to follow when it comes to the cleaning. Since medical facilities need to be properly clean to avoid patient getting sick medical cleaning practices can benefit residential and commercial places. The majority of people won’t be familiar with some of the rules and proper methods went dealing with cleaning chemical.

    Some of those standards can help other residential and commercial situations in the sense that if they can implement a higher standard of cleaning there would be less people getting sick. There would be a lower number of people calling in sick to work and to school. Medical cleaning practices implementation at home can also help you avoid going to the doctor because of bacteria’s or virus that could have been avoidable if we were to do a deeper cleaning with the right cleaning chemicals. 

    A good idea to implement is to have a higher standardard level of cleaning for all types of situations, for homes and work places. By implementing medical cleaning practices across the board we can have a better control when it comes to people getting sick. According to the CDC, cleaning alone effectively reduces the number of microorganisms on contaminated equipment. Now imagine having the knowledge to use the correct chemicals it can really impact us in a good way.

    Now, that we are in a pandemic cleaning is crucial and knowing and implementing the high standards of medical cleaning can keep a better control of the spread. For example, knowing that we should clean with color rags that way we are not cross contaminating areas and knowing about how to correctly use chemical that can kill harmful virus and germs. Check out find a certified company that can help you in the process.

  • 26 Nov 2022 11:22 AM | John Pedersen

    We are in the commercial/residential cleaning industry. Bloodborne Pathogens are an everyday part of our company. From the bathrooms to bedrooms and kitchens, each area has an assumption that some type of contaminate in on the surface.

    It is important that each person takes precautions and properly disposes of contaminates and sharps so that exposures are limited. People that are exposed need to let their supervisor know and contact their physician.

    In summary, no matter what field you work in, everyone needs to have correct PPE and disposable containers to limit and contain the spread to contaminates. 

  • 26 Nov 2022 10:37 AM | Steven Thompson

    It is important for employees to know about bloodborne pathogens and how to handle material that may be contaminated. Adhering to methodologies like "Universal Precautions" and "Post Exposure Management" for the handling and disposing of contaminated materials can protect a company's employees from contracting bloodborne diseases like HIV and HBV.

    A cleaning company should have available Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and manuals for addressing any exposure to contaminates including immediate treatment instructions.  Having an understanding of the environment and the potential for exposure to risks can prevent illness and any other loss associated with the illness of an employee.

    A cleaning company that fails to inform and prepare its employees for exposure to contaminates potentially makes itself liable if employee contracts an illness while on the job.

  • 26 Nov 2022 9:04 AM | Leon Williams

    Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms present in human blood and bodily fluids that can lead to dangerous diseases in those who come into contact with them. Types of bloodborne pathogens include: HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. 

    Those in the cleaning field are especially at risk for coming into contact with bloodborne pathogens since they may be tasked with cleaning up and sanitizing areas where bodily fluids were present. 

    OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has created industry standards which help employers and employees create a plan to remain safe on the job. By understanding the dangers of bloodborne pathogens and adhering to OSHA guidelines, employees can decrease their risk of exposure and do their jobs safely and effectively.

  • 26 Nov 2022 8:12 AM | Precious Austin

     Since we entered the COVID 19 pandemic, more cleaning businesses have implemented steps in staying safe as well as keeping their customers safe. Using green cleaning products is important for your business. Before servicing my residential clients I ask them are there any cleaning products they are allergic too. I am very careful which stores I purchase my cleaning items. I usually purchase environmentally items online stores that sell only organically green products. Once I started replacing chemical cleaners with green cleaners my business started to thrive. More and more customers were pleased with the smell which wasn't harmful to them and their pets. I now use essential oils mixed in with my solutions. I train my employees to use green cleaners. I teach my team appropriate cleaning procedures. Training includes issues relating to chemical and equipment safety. This is the first thing commercial businesses ask what type of products do you use. Sometimes that will determine if they want your service or not. It's all about introducing the right policies and procedures on how to clean for health and the environment.

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