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  • 13 Apr 2021 10:17 PM | Duchene Joseph

    There are two main reasons as to why janitorial work and the people who do that for a living are just as important as any other working human being.

    Firstly, janitors and custodians work to serve others. They do their job in order to meet the needs of others. This aspect of their job is the basis of every other job out there, regardless of products or services being sold. Every public facility, public restrooms, work offices, hospitals and hotels, and restaurants to name a few, need janitorial services. Without them, there would be a lot of disgusting buildings and mad people around. There is a need for this type of work just like any other, so why look down upon the people doing it for you.

    Secondly, by performing janitorial services on a facility, a partnership is created between the service and the company they are cleaning for in order to serve the customers. The janitorial service is needed in order to keep customers or visitors happy. Take for instance a hospital. These doctors and nurses are giving high-quality care to patients. They rely on the cleanliness of their hospital to keep things sanitized and keeping patients feeling welcomed and not grossed out. Many people are coming in and out of hospitals so janitorial services are critical for their practice. Every time someone cleans for a company building, they are partnering with that specific company with is a great opportunity to keep both ends of the partnership valuable.  

    Don’t be sucked into the culture where these people are below you because they’re just as important as you. Not one person’s job is more important than another. Janitors and custodians deserve to be treated with respect and not looked down upon. If it weren’t for them, there would be a lot of places you visit that you would not return to. A job that serves people well is a meaningful one.

  • 13 Apr 2021 9:24 PM | Rachelle Booher

    Here at RAVA Commercial Cleaning we take the health and safety of our clients and staff very seriously. That is why we have made a commitment to "clean green". Recent advancements in chemical technology have made it possible to develop cleaning products that are as effective as traditional products but do not contain harsh ingredients. A proper green cleaning program should consist of procedures that maximize cleaning results while protecting cleaning workers and facility occupants. 

    In addition to using nontoxic products, proper training of cleaning staff is also critical to a successful program. At RAVA Commercial Cleaning, our staff undergoes routing training and instruction on the latest trends and advancements as well as proper usage.

    Eliminating waste is always a priority.  We have implemented ways to reduce waste by monitoring correct product usage, converting to microfiber in lieu of paper products and recycling all materials that are a biproduct of our company.  

    Protect your staff, your facility and your environment. Click the           

    Green Cleaning Service Directory to find a company near you.

  • 13 Apr 2021 8:03 PM | Brennan Casler

    Implementing medical cleaning and sanitization practices into residential or commercial cleaning could greatly benefit the world. By taking the risk of spreading bad germs, bacteria and viruses the population would see a decrease of infectious deaths.

    By following proper hand sanitization and PPE for people who are sick or coming into contact with people who are sick or contagious the world could avoid outbreaks of disease and viruses. For example H1N1. How was it spread so vastly and quickly? By people who were infected, some even knowing they were, and still going into public. Either because they had no choice or because they didn't know. 

    Implementing medical cleaning to other areas could greatly reduce diseases being wide spread and possibly even spread at all in the future. Businesses would know the correct way to prevent the infection as well as stop it from spreading. By following the proper protocols they wouldn't have to worry about bringing it home to their family/friends and they wouldn't have to worry about customers either contracting it or bringing it in and spreading it. 

    Along with understanding the proper protocols of cleaning and sanitization of residential places and commercial areas people being made aware of using PPE and the correct order to put it on could also help to keep residential and commercial businesses from contracting or spreading diseases, viruses and germs. 

    To find more information click the link below -

  • 13 Apr 2021 7:23 PM | Jessica Ocasio

    Understanding what bloodborne pathogens are, how they affect people, and how to clean and disinfect in areas most known to have them present is critical in the cleaning industry.  Understanding how virus and bacteria spread will dictate the type of PPE and chemicals used by a cleaning company.  It is essential that staff working in the cleaning industry are familiar with these types of pathogens and how to properly clean for their safety and the safety of others who inhabit the space. 

    If staff are not trained properly accidents can happen.  For example, if staff who are changing linens need to be aware that bodily fluids could be present in the linens to avoid accidental exposure to such fluids.  These fluids could be blood, urine, fecal matter, semen, etc.  Proper PPE should be worn at all times which can include mask, gloves and gowns.  In addition to fluids, staff should also be aware of the possibility of a needle stick should one accidently be left behind in a patient or client bed.  If hazardous fluid is suspected to be in the contents, then staff should dress accordingly.  These items can transmit bloodborne disease so being educated and being properly trained on how to handle them is essential.

    In summation, it is for the safety of the staff working in the cleaning industry to understand the importance of bloodborne pathogens, how they transmit and what possible lifelong implications may be lurking should there be an accidental exposure.  One should know to report an possible exposure as soon as possible to his or her superiors and follow necessary first aid protocol should he or she suspect and accidental exposure. 

  • 13 Apr 2021 6:34 PM | Jeniffer Andrade

    Medical cleaning practices are very strict in the sense that there are rules to follow when it comes to the cleaning. Since medical facilities need to be properly clean to avoid patient getting sick medical cleaning practices can benefit residential and commercial places. The majority of people won’t be familiar with some of the rules and proper methods went dealing with cleaning chemical.

    Some of those standards can help other residential and commercial situations in the sense that if they can implement a higher standard of cleaning there would be less people getting sick. There would be a lower number of people calling in sick to work and to school. Medical cleaning practices implementation at home can also help you avoid going to the doctor because of bacteria’s or virus that could have been avoidable if we were to do a deeper cleaning with the right cleaning chemicals.

    A good idea to implement is to have a higher standard level of cleaning for all types of situations, for homes and work places. By implementing medical cleaning practices across the board we can have a better control when it comes to people getting sick. According to the CDC, cleaning alone effectively reduces the number of microorganisms on contaminated equipment. Now imagine having the knowledge to use the correct chemicals it can really impact us in a good way.

    Now, that we are in a pandemic cleaning is crucial and knowing and implementing the high standards of medical cleaning can keep a better control of the spread. For example, knowing that we should clean with color rags that way we are not cross contaminating areas and knowing about how to correctly use chemical that can kill harmful virus and germs. Check out to find a certified company that can help you in the process.
  • 13 Apr 2021 4:19 PM | Georgios Stathopoulos

    Workplaces and facilities are constantly packed with people. Offices, restrooms, cafeterias, elevators, and conference rooms are high traffic areas on a daily basis. These areas are used by typing on a keyboard on your desk, placing touching your desk, a doorknob, a light switch, faucets, cafeteria tables, the list goes on and on. Because all these surfaces are being touched daily, germs, bacteria, and viruses can be spread. In addition, grime and dust that develops overtime, can make office facilities look bad, but also be a cause to spread illnesses. For facilities to look good and be safe and healthy for customers and employees, Janitors and Janitorial Staff are an essential service.

    Having Janitors and Janitorial Staff is imperative to keep your facilities healthy and clean, and it shows to the community that you are committed to sustainable and innovative practices. However, not all Janitors and Janitorial staff can achieve this goal without proper training. Janitors and Janitorial staff need to have training on modern cleaning practices such as Green cleaning to reduce and eliminate health risks and protect our environment. Janitors and Janitorial Staff need to be trained on Bloodborne pathogens and cleaning chemicals, so they can maintain facilities safe for everyone. When there is a professional janitorial service in your facility, you want to have your peace of mind knowing that the practices they follow are safe, and they can always maintain that perfect image to your clients that reflects your level of professionalism.

    Besides maintaining good appearances of your facilities and the health and safety of your clients and employees another important benefit Janitors and Janitorial staff to our daily lives is increased productivity. Junk and clutter may prevent you from finding an important document or a secure digital card, and now you must waste your time finding those valuable items. Having your office cleaned can help your office be organized; thus, leading to more productivity and less time wasted. In addition, having a professional janitorial service in your facilities can improve morale. A clean facility can have a positive effect on your employee’s morale. Your employees will feel great and will take pride in their workspace and which can also lead them to produce higher quality work. Therefore, Janitors and Janitorial Staff are important to your daily live, and you should strongly consider adding one into your business. Don’t know where to look? Click here and of IJCSA trained professional janitorial services can help you with your needs!

  • 13 Apr 2021 1:46 PM | Jonathan Dove

    Medical cleaning best practices are a good benchmark to work off of when planning cleaning services for non-medical applications.  Especially in today's world where you need to be prepared with every customer engagement that there could have been a COVID exposure, it's critical to understand the key points on medical cleaning that can help as you enter a residential or commercial cleaning project.

    PPE for medical cleaning is critical.  Understanding what you're walking into determines the level of PPE you need, so translating that to a residential or commercial job it's important that we are communicating with the customer pre-job to understand the current conditions and if there are any additional precautions we need to be taking.

    Process driven cleaning, where you work from the top down, and clean systematically from one side of each room to another is important.  For a commercial job where most rooms you encounter will be similar it's valuable to establish a cleaning process for the room so that you ensure that each room gets the level of attention it needs.  For a residential job, it's important to understand the details of the house you are going into, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and common rooms will help you plan the job in order to clean in an effective manner.

    In today's environment disinfecting is important to understand and communicate.  As you are cleaning top down, each surface, especially the high touch surfaces need to be cleaned using friction with a scrubber/sponge/rag to remove dirt or other material on the surface.  Once the surfaces hav ebeen cleaned you can go back with your disinfectant and let it do the job of killing off the germs and bacteria.  It's important to apply the bacteria and allow it to sit for the appropriate contact time in order to reach maximum efficacy.  If you can allowing the surface to air-dry will give the best results.

    At Prospray we are committed to delivering professional disinfecting services to our local community in the North DFW area.  We aim to serve these groups to enable them to effectively meet the CDC Reopening America Guidance which asks these groups to use an EPA-approved disinfectant as a second step beyond their routine cleaning as we get our public spaces, businesses and schools re-opened.  We believe that our efforts to step into this space and provide this service to our local community will drive safety amongst our neighbors and mitigate the spread of disease.  You can find our company in the IJCSA directory located here:

  • 13 Apr 2021 12:23 PM | Omar Escobar

    We at Sani-Pure Cleaning and Sanitation LLC understand that cleaning your house or business doesn't mean using harsh or harmful chemicals. Many products on the market today use biodegradable ingredients that are safe for our homes and businesses.

    We care about your green cleaning needs. That is why we make sure to use safe, effective and GREEN cleaning products at every service. Green cleaning methods are incorporated in our cleaning protocols.

    Our staff is trained in the proper use of these biodegradable cleaning products and are monitored often for quality assurance.  Your safety is our priority. 

    If you are interested in learning more about green cleaning products and services, make sure to visit the IJCSA green cleaning directory at  

  • 13 Apr 2021 12:17 PM | Scott Milbank

    Although employees only have so much leeway when it comes to making changes at the workplace, they often have some input into the setup of their personal workspace and the employees' lounge. While you might want to get permission first, it is possible to make a difference in greening your workplace in your efforts to create a better world for the future. If you are looking to create a more environmentally friendly workplace, just use as many of the following strategies as you can.


    Turn to Reusable Items in the Lounge/Kitchen

    If your office features a kitchen area in the lounge or in a separate room, you might want to switch over from paper and Styrofoam products to glassware and plastic. This strategy only works if the area also has an area to wash up any dishes and silverware that you use.


    Make It Easy to Recycle

    Most people will recycle their aluminum, glass, plastic, and paper items if they have the means to do so. Ask for permission to set up a recycling area in the lounge and/or kitchen of your work place.


    Set Up a Swap Zone

    If you can find a spot to do so, set up an area where coworkers can swap unwanted items. You can establish guidelines for the kind of items that are acceptable for swapping, ensuring that the area remains clean and tidy. You could also set up a policy that you must put in one item for each one that you take out.

    If you are environmentally minded, you might like the opportunity to green your workplace with a few simple changes.  While the changes that you make might be small, they can make a positive difference on the environment. If your company wants to go green but is not able to accomplish on their own, check out IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory to find the true, certified professionals that will be happy to provide guidence.


  • 13 Apr 2021 12:09 PM | Omar Escobar

    Implementing green cleaning methods is important because it minimizes long term damage to our bodies and our environment caused by industrial solvents and chemicals.

    Many cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can affect the nervous system in different ways. Green biodegradable cleaning solutions or products do not have the same harmful effects. Implementation requires obtaining cleaning products that use natural based cleaners. Green cleaning products are identified by their labels and other products are simply every day items easily obtainable(ex. baking soda).

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