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  • 24 May 2019 7:53 PM | Ariel Jala

    It is so important to find a great mold cleaning service. You want to find a cleaning service that is a good fit for your home or place you are concerned about. If you are concerned about having mold in your house there are some key areas that you should expect the company to inspect. Some of these areas include bathrooms, sinks, and window sills. Mold grows in moisture and any area that is exposed to moisture for two days is at risk for growing mold. If you leave mold than you are exposing yourself and your family to serious health problems.

    Surface areas you should have inspected are tile, wood, paper, cloth, plants, soil, and even food in the refrigerator. Mold can not only grow indoors but also outdoors at well.

    To find a great Mold Cleaning Service refer to the IJCSA Flood Damage DIrectory

    Finding A Local Mold Cleaning Service

  • 24 May 2019 6:31 PM | John Nelson

    Traditional cleaning chemicals can have a harmful effect on people and on the environment. Everyday cleaners contain toxic ingredients such as chlorine bleach, napthas, phthalates, and methylene chloride. Many cleaners also contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) Regular exposure to these chemicals can have adverse effects on the health of the workers who handle them and on the people exposed to places where they have been used. 

    Green cleaning products are a great alternative to traditional chemicals. They have less of an impact on human health and the environment. They contain things like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and cornstarch. They are generally biodegradable and can be mixed at home, which reduces plastic packaging waste. 

    These green and eco-friendly products are also superior cleaning products. For example, a vinegar and olive oil mixture makes an excellent furniture polish which compares favorably to any other polish on the market and can be made by individuals very inexpensively. 

    Using green products in place of traditional cleaning chemicals can also be advantageous from a business standpoint. More and more customers are demanding the use of products which are safer to use around their families or employees. It is in the best interests of cleaning businesses and individuals to become Green Clean Certified to meet these market demands. 

    Customers can find a provider of green cleaning services through IJCSA's Provider Directory. Businesses or individuals who are Green Clean Certified can also be verified through IJCSA's Directory


  • 24 May 2019 2:06 PM | Laura Martinez

          House Cleaning Engineers, LLC prides itself in being a green cleaning company. Now a certified green cleaning company through IJCSA, we use only natural products like vinegar and baking soda, as well as green and natural certified cleaners, that are even vegan friendly.

           Being certified means that we know what we are using and putting in the environment, knowing it will not even harm the vegetation. Hire a company like us that you can trust, your health, environment, kids, and pets will thank you for it. Our cleaning products are so safe, that we don't even need to worry about breathing it in or getting it on skin.

          If you are in the Hilo, Hawaii area, give us a call, we are one of the only companies around that has been green and eco friendly since start up. We even use eco friendly natural carpet shampoo. We do move-in, move out cleaning, spring/deep cleaning, one time cleaning, as well as recurring biweekly and monthly services. We also offer more detailed cleaning. Check us out to find out more. IJCSA certified green cleaning company. We not only take care of our customers, but also of our environment. Give us a call today!

  • 24 May 2019 7:21 AM | Neville Walcott

    Having a green cleaning system provides numerous advantages to the environment as well as preserves human health. Galaxy professional Services has embarked on a Green Cleaning Program to ensure we providing the best quality of cleaning and janitorial services to our customers. Traditional cleaning chemicals are known to contaminate ground water, result in air pollution and are toxic to humans & pets.

    Green cleaning products preserves human health and environmental quality. It also provides additional benefits such as cost savings, improved productivity, reduces liability and improves the community and well being of all workers.

    Find A IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Service Here

  • 24 May 2019 12:57 AM | Laura Martinez

         The effects of the many harmful cleaners so easily and readily available are to numerous to list them all. There are so many volatile chemicals in so many cleaners, that it is virtually impossible to find a safe cleaner.

          The effects are terrible, and cause many side effects, including messing up your hormones, irritating lungs, eyes and skin. In addition, many are even known to cause cancer, and even death.

          The effects to not only people and children, but also to pets and the environment have affected the earth's ecology. Some of these chemicals leach into the water and kill marine life, and beneficial bacteria. It has impacted the human race like never before, and we have had such a profound increase in cancers and other diseases due to the chemicals found in our cleaners.

         The benefits of green cleaning is that the products are natural and have no side effects and minimal precautions, if any. There is no long term effects, and can safely be dumped down the drain or toilet or outside with no adverse effects.

          IJCSA offers all the information you need, and provides a directory or certified green cleaners, and certification courses.

  • 23 May 2019 11:02 PM | Laura Martinez

         Being green cleaning certified will not only benefit me and my clients, but also my company in tremendous ways. Being green clean certified gives me an advantage over other companies who do not use eco friendly products, due to the fact that so many people are now learning of all the nasty side effects of all these cleaners, harming them and causing cancer, and harming the environment, as well earth's delicate ecology.

          Being green also means that while I am cleaning, I am not inhaling toxic chemicals, nor risking skin and eye irritation. Long term of green cleaning, i do not have to worry about carcinogens or developing some type of cancer from these volatile compounds.

           Also being certified green also means healthier and safer environment for my clients, their kids, and their fur babies as well. No need to worry about a pet getting sick from licking the floor from a cleaner I used, and no baby getting an asthma attack from the fumes from the cleaners.

           It gives me total peace of mind, and for that of my clients as well. IJCSA is a great resource for locating certified green cleaners, and a great resource for certification and information.

  • 23 May 2019 10:40 PM | Laura Martinez

          Looking for a cleaning company who is green or eco friendly can be a challenge. You want what is best for you, for the environment, as well as for your family. You want a company who is knowledgeable and certified in green cleaning.

          Even if you want your carpet shampooed, it can be hard to find someone who offers green cleaning options even for something as basic as carpet shampooing. Green is better on the cleaner's body as well, so they are not inhaling all those toxic chemicals.

          Just do a local search for green cleaners, eco friendly cleaning services, or all natural cleaning services. IJCSA offers an abundance of knowledgeable and certified green cleaners. There are many companies out there, but only a few offer green and eco friendly cleaning.

  • 23 May 2019 10:20 PM | Laura Martinez

           I am just starting up a cleaning business, and am going to be all green. It is better on the environment, on me, and my clients, as well as their pets. There is no hazardous fumes, VOC's, or toxic waste that can make kids or pets sick. I believe it to better for the environment as well

           After reading the green certification course, I can now confidently make my own safe cleaners using vinegar, baking soda, essential oils like lavender to help with scent. This gives me the advantage over other companies, since I do not see any in my area offering green cleaning services. Plus I am making a difference in the environment. Huge bonus.

    Find Professional Green Cleaning Companies Here

  • 23 May 2019 7:24 PM | Anthony Perales

    Janitorial employees have a far greater chance at coming into contact with contaminated items such as used bandages, discarded syringes, bodily fluids and sharp objects that have been contaminated.

    Learning the proper use of protective gear while dealing with bodily fluids is the first line of defense in preventing yourself from contamination. Face masks, rubber gloves and goggles are just some of the protective equipment you will need while decontaminating an area.

    The use of  proper procedure and self protection will help prevent infection from such things as hepatitis, HIV and other harmful life threatening disease. The importance of proper contaminated clean up procedure  and the use of protective equipment will prevent employees and customers from further contamination.

    Learn More About Bloodborne Pathogens Here 

  • 23 May 2019 12:33 PM | Sonja Nelson

    I believe it will give me an edge over my competition, I am just starting my business and have researched the competition, there are none in my area that mention green cleaning.

    I believe it can save my company money, as many of the chemical cleaners are expensive. The super simple, natural ingredients to be mixed and used as mentioned on this site are cheap, cheap!

    I believe that using microfiber, HEPA vacuums, etc. will do a better cleaning job that my clients will notice.

    Use the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Assoc. directory to find a green cleaning company.

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