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  • 21 Sep 2019 9:27 PM | Andrew Rose

    Running a business, especially a small to medium size business, requires constantly pursuing a stellar reputation.  In the cleaning business, making sure that the actual cleaning job is done is extremely important, but ensuring that the customer is 100% satisfied is the number one priority. 

    When advertising as a green company, the organization members have to know how to green clean.  Otherwise, clients who expect the use of certain cleaning agents, and also non-use of some others, may be disappointed if the wrong products are used.  Green cleaning certification provides the information that will allow cleaning companies to choose the correct materials to green clean.

    In addition, being a green cleaning certified company is a feel-good step for business owners.  Helping people with their cleaning projects while contributing to saving our Earth is an impactful feeling.  It makes me as a business owner feel like I am contributing to protecting the environment and to the global movement of saving Earth and our civilization from its doom.

    Finally, green certification has helped me to learn about harmful chemicals that I as an individual am now staying away from to help my own self.  I do not want to get sick, and the certification has taught me about specific chemicals to look for in cleaning materials and in other items, that can cause various ailments.  I now know to avoid those chemicals, and this will have a positive effect on my own personal health and on the health of my family.

  • 21 Sep 2019 4:43 PM | Rosana Constantino

    In today's world, we are constantly surrounded by toxic contaminants. The most dangerous are known as Volatile Organic Compounds and Persistent Organic Pollutants. The EPA reports that VOCs are emitted by a wide range of consumer and industrial products, among them, everyday cleaning products.

    These everyday cleaners are meant to facilitate our lives, but are, in fact, harming us. Unfortunately, we the consumers are the reason they are being manufactured. Organic chemicals are inexpensive to produce and are very effective, something very appealing to the mass production process.

    Please note that VOCs are not ingredients themselves, rather, they are gases that are constantly being released from organic chemicals used in the manufacturing process. EPA studies indicate that people who clean using products containing organic chemicals can expose themselves and others to high pollutant levels. Even after you're done cleaning, elevated concentrations can persist in the air for hours.

    The novelty of POPs is that they are highly stable organic compounds often used as disinfectants. POPs are a real problem because they persist in the environment, accumulate in human and animal fatty tissues, and are toxic to most forms of life.

    Most everyday cleaning products contain POPs as their main ingredient and are found in household insecticides and moth repellants. According to the EPA, nearly every person on earth can be shown to have detectable levels of POPs.

    There are also variants such as Persistent, Bio-accumulative, and Toxic pollutants that pose a risk to humans and wildlife ecosystems that make them horribly destructive to our planet and our health.

    Overexposure to VOCs can cause adverse health conditions such as coughing, fever, muscle aches, and allergies. High levels of VOCs and POPs have been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, and even death. The use of products that emit VOCs and POPs is also at least in part responsible for many conditions such as Sick Building Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and Asthma.

    Why then are they still being manufactured and sold to the public? The truth is that there are few regulations of these chemicals. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only tests prescription drugs and consumable products. The EPA only investigates after there have been many complaints reported. Basically, if a product ever gets to a point where it warrants an investigation, it's likely too late. Interestingly enough, the EPA already lists most VOCs and POPs as Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS), but unfortunately, chemical production continues largely unregulated.

    To protect ourselves, we need to reduce or eliminate our exposure to these substances. Some of the most toxic are found in everyday products like all-purpose cleaners, oven cleaners, and fabric softeners.

    These environmental poisons need to be replaced with non-toxic and environmentally safe counterparts, if not by the government, then by each and every one of us. For daily cleaning, baking soda and vinegar are wonderful natural alternatives that do a great job keeping things clean.

    For an ongoing green solution, you can seek out a green cleaning service provider at 


    VOC Information:

    POP Information:

    PBT Information:

    Extremely Hazardous Substances:

    Effects of POPs:

  • 21 Sep 2019 3:13 PM | Andrea Hayes

    Through the implementation of a green cleaning service program into Sage Canyon Cleaning, there are many additional benefits that we can offer our customers.  By allowing only green products in our customers’ facilities, their employees’ health will likely improve.  This will reduce sick days, increase productivity, and save on costs.  By letting their employees know that they employ green cleaning services, their employees morale will increase.   Additionally, by letting the public know of their dedication to green cleaning, our customers will be recognized within the community for committing to environmentally friendly practices. 

    Sage Canyon Commercial Cleaning will provide green cleaning services in Phoenix to our ecological conscious and chemically sensitive customers, ensuring that our cleaning services protect our environment and indoor air quality.  We will primarily use Simple Green as our cleaning and disinfectant product, and additionally we will use microfiber cleaning cloths. Microfiber cleaning cloths clean exceptionally well, often with less chemicals, and can be re-used rather than simply disposed of.  All of our staff will be properly trained and certified in green practices through IJCSA. 

  • 21 Sep 2019 12:11 PM | Miguel Bonilla-Roman


    The benefits of having a mold-cleaning program

    The dangers associated with having mold in your home or business are a continued discussion and have been for years. Having a mold-cleaning program is necessary. There are numerous benefits of having a mold-cleaning program, which includes reducing health risks, offer professional solutions opportunities and it can be identified at the source.

    The health risks associated with prolonged exposure to mold are numerous. Having a mold-cleaning program will ensure that you are living in a much healthier environment. You cannot put a price on your health and continued exposure to mold is dangerous. Despite what others may tell, you no one can tell if a particular mold has mycotoxins or could cause you, or your family, any health problems.

    Many people think they can take care of cleaning mold on their own but no matter how hard you try, your cleaning of mold cannot compare to that of a professional. Proper mold remediation does not just contain the cleaning of the mold but also includes getting airborne mold spores down to acceptable levels with the proper HEPA filtration equipment. 

     There is no use in having your home cleaned for mold if you cannot find the source. A professional will not only clean for mold, but they are also able to identify the source of the problem. Finding the source of the growth is the first step to eliminating mold growth and establishing a successful preventive program. 

    Find Professional Mold Cleaning Companies Here

  • 20 Sep 2019 4:11 PM | Martha Wilson

    Green products at Imagann, is the best choice for our business, it reduces exposure to toxic chemicals. Using these products helps to the controlling of germs and diseases and also elements that are airborne.

    Going green is the best way to go, we provide extensive training to all Imagann employees and it keeps our business flourishing in a positive direction by using safe and effective cleaning methods that keeps our employees and clients happy knowing that their safety is our main concern.

    That's why here at Imagann we recommend that you "GO GREEN!"

  • 20 Sep 2019 2:48 PM | Anonymous

    In today's modern world, families have become more concerned with the chemicals they come into contact with during their everyday lives. Harmful chemicals are prevalent in many industries and the cleaning industry is no exception. Cleaning chemicals can have a negative effect on human health and on the health of the environment. That's why it is important to consider the benefits of green cleaning products and procedures. 

    A residential cleaning company that makes use of green cleaning techniques can have a positive impact on the environment, the health of customers, and the cleaners who are exposed to cleaning chemicals. This has created an increased demand for green cleaning services in my area and is why I am implementing a green cleaning service. It gives cleaning businesses a way to give back to their communities by providing alternatives to traditional cleaners, which often use harmful chemicals.

    Find Professional Certified Green Cleaning Services Here 

  • 20 Sep 2019 11:53 AM | Andrea Hayes

    Here at IJCSA, we pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of customer service. IJCSA members strive to go the extra mile, and we are confident that you will be impressed by the quality of our work. We take pride in our reputation, and the standard of our work reflects this. All of our office cleaning services are provided in an utmost professional manner.  We guarantee that, whatever cleaning task needs to be done, will be done, on time and without compromise.

    With the health & safety of our customers at the forefront, most IJCSA members are ‘green certified’, which means that we use primarily naturally-derived, safe, and non-toxic cleaning products in our client’s homes and offices.  IJCSA is committed to improving the health and vitality of those we serve by providing the most complete green-cleaning services available.  Our only objective is to supersede your expectations.

    To find your next professional cleaning service, with IJCSA, please visit our directory at:

  • 20 Sep 2019 8:10 AM | Fernando Gallegos

    The new movement "GREEN CLEANING" .Lets compare the old with the new, in the cleaning world. The great depression days are over, no need for people to have to deal with hazardous conditions at their job. In the cleaning industry and many households worldwide we clean with our ordinary household cleaning supply that we purchase at our local store. From mopping to whipping, buffing to stripping, are only a few of the many other cleaning tasks that requires cleaning supplies like bleach, ammonia, pine and other disinfectant that are use for multipurpose cleaning. Mixing bleach and ammonia it's a great mistake, the two chemicals mixed will cause a concoction that will suffocate you and even can kill you.. the combination is toxic to human and pets. The most popular is the "all purpose cleaner"- a product that we rely on to keep our areas germ free and clean without knowing that we are creating a toxic room. These cleaning supplies are proven triggers to a asthmatic patients, hazardous to kids, pets and specially to the cleaners. Horrible!

    Going green has given people in our society a choice. We no longer have to feel at threat when walking in to a clean fresh house or establishment or feeling nervous  to spray the counters because of the hazardous odors from these chemicals that our cleaning supply are made from. the old ways raised a lot of red flags the new way helps you perform your job or task better knowing that your cleaning supply is sustainable, eco friendly, pet friendly, non-toxic and odorless making the environment much cleaner, fresh and safer.

    THE GREEN MOVEMENT companies and households around the world are dishing out the old ways and welcoming the new safe way. The green way. Making workers and family in the U.S.A feel safe. click on link if interested in company's that are certified green cleaning services or for more information on Green cleaning click on the links.

  • 19 Sep 2019 5:41 PM | Moriah Holmes

    Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms that are infectious and can contaminate other humans. 5.6 million workers are at risk of being exposed to bloodborne pathogens and all occupational exposure puts workers at risk for infection. Exposure occurs when the pathogen comes into contact with the employees mucus membranes or breaks in the skin. 

    Always use Universal Precaution and treat all blood and body fluids from all patients as infectious, and make sure precautions are taken to minimize exposure. Wear the proper PPE. Never eat, drink, smoke, or apply lib balm in an area that could be infected. Never manually compress trash as sharp objects or needles may be hidden inside. Never reuse sponges or towels that have been used for infectious cleanup. Use tongs or other mechanical means to pick up dropped sharps. Handle contaminated laundry as little as possible with as little agitation as possible. Sharp objects and needles may be hidden in the laundry. When cleaning a spill do so in a way that won't cause splash or spatter. Use appropriate cleaners and wash hands with antibacterial soap. Make sure to disinfect any equipment following use. 

    62-88% of SHARPS injuries are preventable. Cleaning professionals need to be educated in bloodborne pathogen risks as an important part of their training. The best defense is a thorough offense.  

    Learn More About Bloodborne Pathogens Here

  • 19 Sep 2019 3:51 PM | Danny Hudgins

      Bloodborne Pathogens are micro-organisms that can be transmitted through the exposure to blood and bodily fluids. Such contact may lead to serious diseases HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) or HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). These can attack the bloodstream and liver which can lead to death. A person can be affected by needles, cuts, abrasions, and human bites either through touch, nose or mouth.

      Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) regulates standards to certain businesses where an employee may contract these viruses. The video we watched displays safe ways and measures to avoid coming into contact with pathogens. Wearing the proper protection equipment and following guidelines will help protect employees. Everyone needs to remain vigilant of their surroundings, ensuring they understand the risks involved.

      OSHA requires that records be kept for three years should an employee come into contact with these pathogens. That person should immediately see their physician to protect themselves. These pathogens can be anywhere but would be more prevalent in hospitals, jails, prisons, and hotel rooms. I would make this video mandatory for my employees to watch to lessen the risk of things they may come into contact with and help keep them safe.

    Learn More About Bloodborne Pathogens For Cleaning Staff Here


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