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  • 03 Oct 2023 9:52 AM | Robert Johnson

    I believe after taking bloodborne pathogen certification course is probably the most important course one could take. Infectious bloodborne pathogens could strike anywhere anytime, and knowing the risks, dangers, precautions to take, and how to handle oneself when faced with a situation, is a matter of life and death. In the career field of a Janitorial worker or cleaning crew, it is a must to know. It is like playing Russian roulette with ones life to cleanup bodily fluids and not know the dangers of infectious pathogens.

    To give a little background on bloodborne pathogens and the risks that come with it. Infectious Bloodborne pathogens are very tiny microorganisms found in blood. These pathogens can cause incurable disease such as HIV, HBV, and HCV. once you contract such disease your chances of death are extremely high. HIV or Humane Immunodeficiency is a disease that can soon bring on AIDS. It breaks down your immune system to the point you cant even fight off a common cold. These disease once you contract one is not curable. The best one can do is make your life as comfortable as possible until the disease finally wins.

    Fortunately there are precautions and guidelines you can follow that will greatly reduce your chances of ever contracting a infectious bloodborne pathogen. Osha has set up many rules, guidelines, and steps to take. Universal precaution is one that we must treat all bodily fluids as infectious. How we handle taking out the trash, or what steps to take when cleaning up bodily fluids are just a few of the precautions we must follow. Not knowing these can be a death sentence to a cleaning or janitorial worker. Important to know this material is a understatement when it comes to bloodborne pathogens. 

  • 03 Oct 2023 9:07 AM | Cameron Smith

    Keeping carpets regularly clean is vital to your health. Hidden in your carpets or rugs are germs and dust mites. Dust mites have the potential to cause flare-ups with allergies and asthma. Also, maintaining the cleanliness of carpets and rugs extends the appearance of them.

    Whether you have small children with allergies or asthma cleaning your carpets frequently will keep them healthy. Also, cleaning your carpets will kill germs and limit sickness. Choosing the right cleaning company will ensure that your carpets are cleaned the right way. When your carpets and rugs require cleaning think of IJCSA certified carpet cleaners.

  • 03 Oct 2023 7:46 AM | Anonymous member

    Medical cleaning practices are very strict in the sense that there are rules to follow when it comes to the cleaning. Since medical facilities need to be properly clean to avoid patient getting sick medical cleaning practices can benefit residential and commercial places. The majority of people won’t be familiar with some of the rules and proper methods went dealing with cleaning chemical.

    Some of those standards can help other residential and commercial situations in the sense that if they can implement a higher standard of cleaning there would be less people getting sick. There would be a lower number of people calling in sick to work and to school. Medical cleaning practices implementation at home can also help you avoid going to the doctor because of bacteria’s or virus that could have been avoidable if we were to do a deeper cleaning with the right cleaning chemicals. 

    A good idea to implement is to have a higher standardard level of cleaning for all types of situations, for homes and work places. By implementing medical cleaning practices across the board we can have a better control when it comes to people getting sick. According to the CDC, cleaning alone effectively reduces the number of microorganisms on contaminated equipment. Now imagine having the knowledge to use the correct chemicals it can really impact us in a good way.

    Now, that we are in a pandemic cleaning is crucial and knowing and implementing the high standards of medical cleaning can keep a better control of the spread. For example, knowing that we should clean with color rags that way we are not cross contaminating areas and knowing about how to correctly use chemical that can kill harmful virus and germs. Check out find a certified company that can help you in the process.

  • 03 Oct 2023 7:03 AM | Joe Isenberg III

    Green cleaning is an important initiative that not only protects the health of the environment but also the health of those who inhabit it. As a business owner, it's essential to recognize the benefits of adopting a green cleaning service program. One of the most significant advantages is that it allows for a safer workplace environment for employees. This aspect is vital as green cleaning products do not release harmful toxins, which ensures that the air quality in the office remains high. Furthermore, green cleaning also reduces water and air pollution, which ultimately leads to a cleaner environment, and it's a great way of promoting environmental sustainability.

    In implementing a green cleaning service program, the first step would be to educate staff members on the importance of the program. It would help to provide clear instructions on how to use the cleaning products and how to dispose of them properly. Additionally, investing in cleaning products that are certified by environmental agencies such as Green Seal or EcoLogo will not only ensure that the environment is protected, but it will also serve as an excellent marketing tool for the business, which could lead to an increase in clients. Overall, implementing a green cleaning service program is a wise investment as it helps create a healthier workplace environment and promotes environmental sustainability.

  • 03 Oct 2023 2:59 AM | Leslie Acosta

    Bloodborne pathogens are a significant concern in any environment where there is a risk of exposure to blood or other bodily fluids. This makes it crucial for cleaning employees and staff to have a thorough understanding of bloodborne pathogens and the necessary precautions to prevent their spread. Whether it is in a hospital, a commercial office, or a public space, these individuals play a critical role in maintaining cleanliness and safety. By equipping them with knowledge about bloodborne pathogens, we can ensure a healthier environment for everyone.

    Firstly, cleaning employees and staff who are knowledgeable about bloodborne pathogens can effectively identify potential hazards and take appropriate precautions. They can recognize situations where there is a risk of exposure and respond promptly to mitigate the danger. This includes using personal protective equipment, such as gloves and masks, when handling potentially infectious materials. By being aware of the risks associated with bloodborne pathogens, these individuals can quickly assess the situation and take necessary steps to prevent the spread of diseases.

    Secondly, informed cleaning employees and staff can help educate others about the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment. They can share their knowledge with coworkers and the general public, promoting proper hygiene practices and raising awareness about bloodborne pathogens. This can have a ripple effect, leading to a more informed and conscientious community that actively takes steps to minimize the risk of infection. By understanding the importance of maintaining cleanliness and preventing the spread of bloodborne pathogens, these individuals can become advocates for a healthier society.

    Lastly, the knowledge of bloodborne pathogens among cleaning employees and staff can contribute to a more efficient and effective cleaning process. With an understanding of the potential risks, they can implement appropriate cleaning protocols and techniques to ensure thorough disinfection. This not only reduces the chance of exposure to bloodborne pathogens but also helps maintain a high standard of cleanliness. By prioritizing proper cleaning practices and being mindful of potential hazards, these individuals can create a safer environment for everyone.


  • 02 Oct 2023 10:41 PM | CarrieAnne Bailey

    I think we are all tired these days. Confused from the pandemic and beginning to try and navigate this life of pathogens, world crisis, politics and ever-growing crime. We all must adapt unfortunately, until the situation gets better. I won't add an alternative to that, because it must get better. In the end, most of us just want to live happy, healthy, clean, prosperous and in love with our homes, families and safety and one thing we learned from the pandemic is, cleanliness is essential, and I believe we have all made strides to do better and make the necessary changes that will behoove our lives and keep the germs and illnesses away as best as possible. 

    Janitorial work, especially in the commercial realm is not for the faint of heart, but just as teachers love to teach and doctors love to heal, cleaning is in the heart and soul of those that choose this profession. Making things livable, wiping the handprints, the germs, the pathogens away is a satisfaction achieved by those of us who do it out of love and respect for the space we all share, the lobbies, churches, doctor's offices or the homes of the busy that are making their strides and have chosen to delegate. Then there are those that have faced catastrophic losses, illness, depression and other avenues that have caused the cleaning part of their lives to take a backseat to actual living and luckily, a company, especially those in the directory of the IJCSA, that are just a phone call away to help. Companies that have taken the measures to be in a partnership that are like-minded and want nothing more than to help those that need help, and make spaces livable, clean, safe and geared towards green and environmentally friendly. Spaces that allow us to congregate that should and deserve to be clean and inviting. 

    I have worked in healthcare for many years and saw the downtrodden and overworked janitorial staff, doing their part to clean and do the best they can while others took that for granted. Patients remaining sick for things like a simple table wipe down and better instrument decontamination practices could have prevented. Some people love the smell of wildflowers or expensive perfume, and don't get me wrong I love and appreciate those things as well, but there is nothing like a germicide, or a good (albeit faint) bleach smell that gets me motivated. How satisfying it is to pressure wash the mold and make things new again. It makes me smile and look for my gloves just thinking about it. 

    Just know, when you hire a reputable company, such as the hard-working companies you will find that are IJCSA certified, you are hiring those that have made it their mission to work tirelessly in order to give you that same fuzzy feeling of love through disinfectants. 

  • 02 Oct 2023 8:58 PM | Anthony Epps

    The roles of janitorial & custodians are extremely important to upkeep buildings, schools, medical facilities, churches, and much more. Janitors are the reason why people are able to go into a bathroom or building or breakroom and it is smelling and looking clean.  Janitorial services is something that can never be overlooked. The White House as a Janitor, who cleans and keeps the oval office very tidy and clean. Janitors have to be trained and learn proper steps to cleaning a variety of locations within the facility.

    Janitors keep the location spotless and clean for the next day and or shift for oncoming staff who work at the location.  There is many perks in hiring an janitor to maintain the building functions , such the cafeteria, restroom, breakroom, gym, locker room, and so much more. Floor maintenance for stripping, waxing, buffing the floors(VCT) when needed. 

    Training janitors properly and continuous training can improve the janitor's ability to get the job done and have great productivity during their shift. The biggest concern would a dirty and unsanitary environment for people to be in. Especially during these times of uncertainly about COVID-19 and it being noticed that it's on the raise again.  Its very important to have janitors working and trained to serve the public at the highest level . 

    Janitors keep everything organized and tidy, helps others mental health. A individual walks into a dirty locations and makes people take caution due to the look and smell of the location. Versus that same individual walking into other part of the building which is properly clean and tidy puts people in great mental state and good. No janitor and see how your locations look after one week. Janitors are vital to keep the environment clean and organized , which is needed more than ever.

  • 02 Oct 2023 6:09 PM | Jose Lee

    There are two main reasons why cleaning employees and staff must know about bloodborne pathogens. First is their and other people's safety and wellbeing. Second, there are certain OSHA requirements that must be met known as the "Bloodborne Pathogen Standard" which will be discussed shortly.

    First, let's talk about the safety and well being of employees and staff. The main reason why it is important for employees and staff to know about bloodborne pathogens is so that they can prevent themselves and others from coming into direct contact with contamination and suffer illness or even death. If an employee has no idea that cleaning a puddle of blood can be detrimental to their own health and don't use the proper protective equipment, they are causing harm not only to themselves but can also spread that harm to others.

    The second reason it is important for employees and staff to learn about bloodborne pathogens is because it is an OSHA requirement. Not following the proper procedures or not having procedures in place could result in thousands of dollars in fines. The Bloodborne Pathogen Standard developed by OSHA is a set of steps required for employers to have in order to prevent and/or react properly to bloodborne pathogen contamination. To learn more about the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, visit

  • 02 Oct 2023 4:37 PM | Anthony Willis

    Cleaning employees and staff play a critical role in the ongoing effort to control the spread of germs and pathogens which can often lead to any number of diseases including but not limited to HIV and HBV.  When we receive training and education on bloodborne pathogens, we help guard against the spread of contagions that can result in negative health consequences for anyone who might otherwise be exposed to them. 

    As a professional in the janitorial services field, I value the training that I received particularly since I work in medical facilities.  My training has helped me to better understand best practices for the properly handling of trash including a process which is very common that being the compacting of trash within trash liners and how that is a potentially hazardous practice which I will advise my staff not to perform.

    My training has also helped me to better understand the most likely sources for the transmission and exposure to bloodborne pathogens, that being that pathogens are most likely to enter our bodies through our mucus membranes and or through cuts to our skin.  I think that most cleaning professionals take the basic precaution of wear gloves but armed with a better understanding of the other ways an infections can occur, I am inclined to resume wearing additional PPE including protective eyewear and a face mask.  

    I think our collective relief that the threat posed from COVID 19 has been drastically reduced, got us all a little lax and this training reaffirmed the need for cleaning professionals to be as vigilant now as we were in the not- so-distant past.

  • 02 Oct 2023 2:59 PM | Anonymous

    Cleaning employees should know about Bloodborne pathogens and the risk it carries being exposed to it, if it is infected. It's important that employees know about universal precautions to prevent the spread of Bloodborne Pathogens, such as wearing the protective gear like gloves and goggles. 

     If you are ever exposed to an infectious disease you will know how to correctly clean wounds that were exposed and disinfect the affected areas.  You should treat all blood and bodily fluids as infected. It's important that cleaners know about Bloodborne Pathogens, to keep the place clean and prevent spreading. 

    Keeping yourself safe by always washing your hands after you've removed any PPE. Knowing how to properly dispose of needles and linen. All biohazard containers should be labeled and/or color coded.

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