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  • 03 Mar 2019 6:08 PM | Alexandru Ionita

    Green cleaning demonstrates to potential clients that we are well aware of the harmful side effects of using conventional cleaners.

    A green cleaning certification allows us to carefully choose and understand what products are eco friendly.

    Find Professional Certified Green Cleaning Services Here

  • 03 Mar 2019 6:02 PM | Johnathan Pearson

    The Importance Of Cleaning Employees And Staff Knowing About Bloodborne Pathogens.

    The importance of bloodborne pathogen knowledge lies between severe sickness and or death. To stress this topic will ensure safety of all  cleaning employees and staff. Having every member of your team armed with knowledge is the best defense. Knowing that all staff are adhering to all protective practices is the best offense.

    Universal precaution will not protect an employee with a lack knowledge of how to protect and prevent themselves from pathogenic microorganisms. All elements of protective practices, such as equipment safety, using disposable safety wear, not consuming food or beverage, not allowing bodily fluids to come in contact with carriers, and lastly never compress bags for "sharps", will prevent accidents and maintain a safe working environment. 

    As an employer it is the companies responsibility to uphold and execute all OSHA requirements. Expectations of proper procedure being followed should an employee be exposed consist of, filling out all required documents as well as keeping the information files for three years after the exposure. It is the companies goal to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

    More On IJCSA Bloodborne Certification Here

  • 03 Mar 2019 5:30 PM | Alexandru Ionita

     Az Eco C.C focus on eco friendly impact in our nature. We focus on you to come back to a clean house, a retreat where work is done and fun begins 

    We believe our cleaning will bring in your home a safe environment  for your family  . Az Eco C.C makes an extra effort for you but also to protect our employees .  

  • 03 Mar 2019 11:53 AM | Rosario Pezzulo

    Being green cleaning certified has its perks. For staters, a certification in green cleaning demonstrates to potential clients that we are well aware of the harmful side effects of using conventional cleaners packed with chemicals.

    A green cleaning certification also shows that we are qualified to tailor a green cleaning program designed to improve indoor air quality and maintain a healthy, sanitized facility.

    By equipping us with knowledge on the many dangers lurking inside traditional cleaners and disinfectant bottles, a green cleaning certification allows us to carefully choose what products claiming to be "eco-friendly" we use.

    So what's not to like? Getting green cleaning certified can certainly help take your company to new heights by opening up an entirely new market for you: green cleaning services!

    Event better, IJCSA allows you to show off your green cleaning certification in their Green Cleaning Directory! Check it out below:

  • 02 Mar 2019 8:47 PM | Angel Woodworth

    Why Risk Bloodborne Pathogens? 

    The training for cleaning and proper disposal to prevent the spread of biological contamination, disease, and bloodborne pathogens is of the highest importance. I think everyone from daycare workers to food industry workers as well as every other job in-between should be given the right training and tools to protect not just themselves but everyone in return. The high risk of serious health issues from bloodborne pathogens is not just for medical field professionals. Every day workers doing what most people consider low risk jobs like cleaning are in reality highest on the list for possible exposure. If given the opportunity to gain the knowledge to save your life or another’s by having the proper skills to deal with a situation in any job it’s not one you should pass on lightly, if at all.

    Most work places regularly train on the basic need to know regulations or mandates only because it’s required by law but don’t always take the next step toward making their work place a safer or cleaner environment. I encourage you in whatever position you work to take the next step and get the talk started about how you need to do more or train more to prevent workplace injury, contamination and or infections. Talk to your manager or to your fellow managers about the importance of training and having certified employees in this essential topic. People and animals are a part of everyday life and thus so is the threat of bloodborne pathogens. Knowing how real and present the risks are and how to handle them could be the next step to making your work place a great place to work.

    Placing a tissue in the garbage bin that you found on the ground isn’t something that someone would think too much about, you’re cleaning up the environment right? But doing that simple act with your bare hands could be the spread of your worst years to come. Always using the proper Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E. = gloves, masks, goggles, and attire) and body substance isolation (B.S.I.) the practice of isolating all body substances (blood, urine, feces, mucus, etc.) is an everyday shielding step to insuring that you can cut your risks down considerably. Always look at the bigger picture if you don’t know what’s on it you don’t want it on you. H.I.V. and H.B.V. are some of the biggest most talked about issues when discussing bloodborne pathogens but there are numerous other reasons to learning proper cleaning technique and using the right cleaners for the job. The flu or Influenza killed about 80,000 people in the 2017-2018 season, according to figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by far some of the worst numbers in current times. Less commonly know is Brucellosis a disease caused by bacteria, these bacteria can infect both humans and animals. Brucellosis is often spread when people or animals eat contaminated food, raw meats/ blood, or unpasteurized milks. Symptoms may include high fever, extreme Headaches, joint pain and fatigue. The infection can usually be treated successfully with antibiotics but treatment and symptoms can last several weeks too many months, even years. Whatever the contaminants are you could be out of work for a while or a whole life. Why risk it when you can change your chances. Better cleaning, being aware, taking better self-care with P.P.E. can make a world of difference for your work place, your home, and your life.    

    Be smart, be healthy, and be clean.

    -         Angel Woodworth

  • 02 Mar 2019 11:17 AM | Deleted user

    In recent times Green Cleaning has emerged as a globally accepted movement which employs effective cleaning that incorporates solutions which make considerations for both human and environmental health and protection. It seeks to thoroughly address these with the continuous use of green products, equipment, tools and practices. These products and practices usually avoid the use of toxic cleaning products and chemically reactive products which cause respiratory, dermatology and many other life threatening effects.

    Our company plans to embrace the continuous progression towards a greener and more resilient economy by way of the implementation of a green cleaning service program into our daily operations. The program will see the use of more green friendly, Non-Toxic products such as the Simple Green Products which we are currently using, the utilization of more homemade substitutions for cleaning chemicals which encompasses mixtures made from common household ingredients namely vinegar, salt, lemon juice etc., the increased use of recyclable and biodegradable cleaning materials as well as other basic green cleaning techniques.

    The continued implementation of a green cleaning service program will provide several benefits for our company, its employees and valued clients who we aim to provide a Reliable Quality work with guaranteed satisfaction. These benefits will range from Health - Economical – Social and from the health perspective will include added improved respiratory, dermatology and overall health for all from the use of less toxic chemicals when cleaning hence making homes and the environment much safer for us to dwell and socialize in. It will protect the environment, thereby protecting us by reducing our exposure to these deadly cleanings. Not forgetting to mention that green cleaning products also helps to eliminate odors thus making it much easier for us to breathe. The program will also provide much needed economic benefits for the company and its customers since green cleaning products helps to protect surfaces longer so our customers can save money, it will reduce the liability of our company by reducing the chances of our employees or customers becoming ill due to exposure with toxic chemical, improve the level of business productivity and so much more.

    Green Cleaning will help to protect us and our environment for generations to come. 

    Find A IJCSA Green Cleaning Service Here

  • 01 Mar 2019 11:55 AM | Rosario Pezzulo

    Finding a legitimate green cleaning service can prove to be a hassle. At Newline Eco-friendly Cleaning Services, we offer a variety of green cleaning services to suit your needs!

    From office to tenant turnover cleaning services, our OSHA-certified crew works exclusively with eco-friendly products from environmentally-conscious brands; avoiding harsh chemicals like bleach and chlorine.

    With upfront pricing and friendly 24/7 phone support, count on us to deliver a hassle-free experience every time! 

    To learn more, visit us at:

    Or find us on the green cleaning service directory:

  • 01 Mar 2019 11:32 AM | Rosario Pezzulo

    Green cleaning is more than just a trend. Green cleaning, or the process of using environmentally-friendly cleaning practices, is a safer alternative to traditional cleaning methods as it is designed to preserve our health and the environment.

    How so? By avoiding products containing toxic chemicals like ammonia, bleach, and chlorine, all of which release high levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), green cleaning helps improve indoor air quality and reduce the likelihood of inhalation toxicity and skin absorption.

  • 01 Mar 2019 7:24 AM | FARRALEE OUELLETTE

    Using green cleaning ingredients is the way to go when cleaning for consumers.  It is much safer and it is rarely known if someone has a medical condition that may be exacerbated by using harsh toxic chemicals.  Most people don’t prefer a strong-smelling chemical whether it is used in residential cleaning or commercial cleaning.  Using green solutions makes me more environmentally responsible.  Using green earth friendly ingredients saves money for business owners as well as their customers. 

    Finding a green cleaning service is the best option for customers and business owners alike.  The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has a list of green cleaning ingredients that they approve of.  The EPA has a safer choice label to identify products certified by them as environmentally safe.  There are legal requirements for products that can be used at schools and child care centers.  I wouldn’t want my child exposed to a toxic chemical that may cause them serious harm.

    There are ways to find a green cleaning service.  One way is to search the IJCSA green cleaning service directory.  There are hundreds of green cleaning companies listed in the directory including Green Clean Ohio and Newline Eco-Friendly cleaning services.  There are many more with green cleaning certifications.  Using a certified green cleaning company shows responsibility on the consumers part too. 

    Find Certified Green Cleaning Services Here

  • 28 Feb 2019 8:09 PM | Joe Isenberg

    Bloodborne Pathogens are defined as microorganisms that are present in human blood and can cause disease or infections in humans, such as HEP B, HBV, HIV. Such diseases cause serious illness and potentially life threatening.

    The individuals responsible for cleaning such things are certified and properly trained using protective practices and universal precautions. Specific cleaning tools and chemicals are used dependent on the mess.

    Using these methods will keep a clean disease free work environment and will prevent the spread of infections or diseases the staff or clients.

    Find Certified Professional Cleaning Companies Here

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