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 International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association

  3/28/2023 Covid-19 Update  - We are experiencing high call volume. To find a certified cleaning service near you please click here. 

Next Insurance Janitorial Insurance Program Starting at Roughly $29 Per Month 

 Next Insurance Janitorial and Building Maintenance Services Insurance Program through Next Insurance provides outstanding protection for our members. Members signing up for this janitorial insurance program also receive a $29.90 credit directly from IJCSA their first month. So that means Members can in reality get insured for almost free their first month. Sign up now and get your insurance certificate in under 10 minutes!  

Janitorial Insurance Coverage Plans

All plans include General Liability coverage

Bodily Injury

Your client trips over the edge of your drop cloth and hurts himself. He demands you cover his medical costs.

Property Damage

While moving your ladder, you accidentally break the chandelier and the client demands you replace it.

Advertising Harm

A client sues you for using images of his home in advertising without prior consent.

Libel or Slander

An employee paints your client in an unflattering light to the waitress while out to lunch at the local cafe. The discussion gets back to your client and he sues.

Cash flow trouble? Our payment plans allow you to pay your janitorial liability insurance premium on a monthly basis so you can keep your business running and insured at the same time. 

For more information contact:

The Next Insurance - Janitorial Insurance Website  | Members must be in the business directory to be eligible for IJCSA credit. Once complete with sign-up and you receive your certificate from Next Insurance see this post in our Member announcements on how to get your $29.90 credit.

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