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 International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association

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The IJCSA Medical Cleaning Certification Program. (MCC)

The IJCSA Medical Cleaning Certification (MCC) teaches our Members how to maintain a safe infection free environment. This certification course is specifically designed for medical facilities, surgical centers, doctor and dentist offices. This certification program is a comprehensive disinfection and healthcare cleaning program that focuses on infection prevention & safety.  

IJCSA Members and Companies undergo extensive training and testing to become Certified Medical Cleaning Service Providers.  The MCC certification teaches Members to clean and disinfect in strict observance of the guidelines set down by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control)  and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)  

For the most effective-possible medical office cleaning services, IJCSA Members comply with the most stringent industry standards in the 15 key areas:

  • Universal Precautions
  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards
  • OSHA Cleaning Contaminated Work Environment
  • OSHA Potentially Infectious Material
  • OPIM Contaminated Equipment
  • CDC Principles Of Cleaning & Disinfection
  • CDC Environmental Infection Control 
  • Clean & Disinfect High Touch Areas
  • Clean Patient | Resident Room
  • Clean Patient | Resident Room (Discharged)
  • Clean Patient | Resident Room (Isolation)
  • Covid-19
  • PPE
  • Documentation And Incident Reports
  • Implement Medical Cleaning Certification Standards Into Daily Non-Medical Facility Cleaning
  • Terminal Cleaning

This is an advanced level IJCSA Member Certification Course. Must have completed and passed the following IJCSA Certification Courses prior to taking the IJCSA Medical Cleaning Certification Course. All of the following cleaning certifications below are REQUIRED for complete safety and understanding to properly clean a healthcare or medical facility successfully.

Customer Service Certification (CSC) A company's reputation is only as good as the customer service it provides. Please a customer, and your client base will swell with relatives and neighbors who catch wind of your top-notch service. But upset one, and brace yourself for disaster. Average test certification time 1/2 hour. Average course study time 1 hour. All course materials available online.

Chemical Hazards Certification  (CHC) Improve your understanding of the underlying health and environmental impacts of chemical hazards by reviewing the toxic effects of materials and the basic mechanism of MSDS. Average test certification time 1 hour. Average course study time 2-4 hours. All course materials available online.

Bloodborne Certification (BPC)  Bloodborne Pathogens Certification OSHA I And OSHA II Approved. Are you at risk of exposure? Stay OSHA compliant. As someone who may come in contact with blood, you are required by OSHA to be trained in bloodborne pathogens. OSHA fines for non-compliance can be as high as $70,000. Avoid fines and stay compliant with effective training that will help keep you safe and up to date. Average test certification time 1 hour. Average course study time 1 hour. All course materials available online.

The IJCSA Medical Cleaning Certification Is Valid For All The Following Locations: 

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors Offices
  • Dentist Offices
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Labs
  • Surgical Centers
  • Pharmacies 
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospice Centers
  • Assisted Living Homes
  • Daycare Facilities
  • Child Development Centers 
  • Gyms & Health Clubs
  • All Professional Medical Offices With Possibility Of Bloodborne Pathogen Risk

Course Details:

Time: Course completion is 40 hours as required for compliance. Certify yourself or employees. 
Certificate: Full color certificate suitable for framing after successful course completion. 

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