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  • 29 Jul 2021 6:24 AM | Jonathan Dove

    Healthcare facility cleanliness is critical to stopping the spread of disease.  Especially now, during the pandemic, it's critical that people are able to use the healthcare facilities to attend to the regular health issues that normally come up and not worry that they are going to contract COVID-19 going to see a medical professional.

    Understanding the process behind cleaning a medical facility properly is key.  Properly cleaning a room is systematic and should be taken seriously in order to not only disinfect the room, but also to ensure that you don't take anything with you out of the room.  The difference between cleaning and disinfecting, and understanding that disinfection is a 2 step process, is critical to getting the room in the best shape it can be to mitigate spreading disease to other patients and to the medical facility staff.

    At Prospray we are committed to delivering professional disinfecting services to the medical facilities in our service are of North DFW.  We believe that understanding these processes and delivering a process driven service to the healthcare space can help drive safety in our communities, limit the spread of disease, and minimize HAI occurrence.  You can find us on the IJCSA Directory here:

  • 29 Jul 2021 6:16 AM | James Walden

     In today's world you can never be too careful or safe when it comes to taking steps to protect you and your loved ones, especially inside your home.  Whether its the Covid-19 pandemic or regular flu season, regularly scheduled residential cleaning by trained professionals is your first step.

    IJCSA Members are trained residential cleaning specialists. They are certified in using the proper procedures and practices for cleaning and disinfecting homes and residential units. 

    Click on the following link below to find IJCSA Members near you. They will be more than happy to assist you and to being apart of helping to protect what matters most to you.

    Home Cleaning | Maid Service Directory.

  • 28 Jul 2021 11:43 PM | Maliq Perry

    One of the main benefits of having a green cleaning program is it minimizes human health risk by reducing human exposure to harmful chemicals. Traditional cleaning products contain toxins that decrease air quality indoors. These toxins can cause issues such as eye, respiratory and skin burns or irritations, allergies, headaches, nausea, and even reproductive hazards. Only using green cleaning products reduce risk to both employee and client health from chemicals while working.

    There are also several environmental benefits from implementing a green cleaning program. Most of the packaging is made from biodegradable and recyclable materials. This cuts back on the use of raw materials which helps save resources, and also means less waste. Green cleaning products also reduce the VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are put in to the environment. 

  • 28 Jul 2021 9:30 PM | Nicholas Anderson

    Bloodborne pathogens are a serious concern for cleaning employees and staff.  It’s important that all cleaning personnel understand what bloodborne pathogens are, what hazards they possess, how to prevent exposure and the procedures for post exposure.  Bloodborne pathogens include viruses like HBV, HCV, HIV and OPIMs.  These disease can be transferred through blood and bodily fluids.  It’s greatly important that cleaning employees and staff understand the importance of these hazards.

    OSHA has created bloodborne pathogen standards that guides employers on how to implement control measures, universal precautions, hazard communication and recordkeeping.  Work practices should be explained to the employees and enforcement of the procedures should be a top priority.  Understanding the importance of using PPE, disinfectants and the post-exposure steps are critical in those working in facilities that have possible contact with bloodborne pathogens.

    Employers must implement a safety program where the staff and employees understand and follow the rules for working with bloodborne pathogens.  They must wear the proper PPE, use the appropriate cleaning products and equipment when working in these facilities.  The importance of understanding bloodborne pathogens is to enforce precautionary measures to prevent exposure.   

  • 28 Jul 2021 7:24 PM | Guadalupe Gomez

         Every single day as we deal with the COVID 19 PANDEMIC it is extremely important to protect everyone that enters any healthcare facility which includes patients, staff, vendors and visitors.  Due to people who are sick and possibly contagious without proper cleaning and cross contamination techniques these healthcare facilities are subject to large amounts of germs and bacteria that can be transferred from room to room, patient to patient and so on.  

         Infections and Viruses can be transferred to visitors and staff causing exposure to family and friends when they go home.  These infections and viruses can be transferred from HEALTHCARE FACILITIES to the new host through their shoes, clothing, keys, phones, and other objects we commonly use.  Some of these viruses and infectious diseases can live outside the body for extended periods of time causing exposure to anyone that gets near or has contact with the carrier.  

         HEALTHCARE FACILITY CLEANERS need to be properly trained in the necessary procedures to eliminate bacteria, germs and pathogens that can endanger everyone in the healthcare facility.  So to prevent from endangering everyone in the facility it is vital to use the appropriate level of PPE, cleaning techniques and proper training. 

         For Medical Cleaning Facilities Cleaning go to: 
  • 28 Jul 2021 5:51 PM | Jacqueline Cupples

    It is more critical now more than ever, with the Covid 19 pandemic, that we take preventative measures when cleaning. Cleaning should be top priority, and with that a thorough plan should be set in place. With a strong plan set in place, both the workplace and the employees  are safe.

    First, we need to understand that bloodborne pathogens are found in a humans blood, vomit, and sometimes saliva that could be harmful if direct contact is made causing serious diseases. These diseases include HIV, HBV, and Hepatitis. We can expose ourselves to these pathogens thru our nose and mouth, but also thru cuts and scrapes on our skin. To prevent ourselves from becoming ill, it is imperative to follow Oshas Universal Precaution, which recommends that blood and certain body fluids from ALL patients be considered potentially infectious and that infection control precautions be taken to minimize the risk of exposure. 

    Some precautions required by my cleaning employees are that they wear proper PPE including a facemask and gloves. Anything containing human fluids are to be places in a red hazardous bad and any needles or sharp items be places in a needle container. Proper disinfecting of the area followed by proper disinfecting and/or disposal of the cleaning tools,  PPE and washing our hands. Strictly following these  few guidelines can minimize the risk of exposure and keepong everyone healthy. 

  • 28 Jul 2021 5:22 PM | Georgios Stathopoulos

    Germs, bacteria, and viruses are present virtually almost everywhere. To our workplaces, homes, and recreational spaces. Today, with the emergence of constant harmful viruses, advanced cleaning methods and practices are required to keep commercial facilities and residential home safe and healthy. It is important now more than ever for commercial and residential cleaning services to implement medical cleaning practices to their clients.

    When people hear about medical cleaning, they assume that the level of cleaning is impeccable, and no germs, bacteria, and viruses can survive from that process. However, the general population does not have the time nor the training to do that for their own facilities and homes. That is why it is imperative to have a commercial and residential cleaning service to provide a medical cleaning level of service for businesses and homes. Commercial and residential cleaning services are trained in bloodborne pathogens, and chemical hazards. With this knowledge, they know how to clean and disinfect surfaces without fail. In addition, commercial and residential cleaning services are trained of how to wear properly PPE gear, and how to properly dispose them, so they can eliminate the spread of harmful illnesses. Furthermore, cleaning services train their cleaning techs on proper safety measures for the safety of their customers as well as their own. This all sounds good, but not every cleaning service can provide that level of service.

    Applying a medical cleaning level of service requires a step further of knowing of how to handle a vacuum, mop, and a disinfectant. It requires to have a knowledge of what germs, bacteria, and viruses are, and how to protect from those diseases. Commercial and residential cleaning services that enroll to organizations such as the IJCSA will receive this training and much more. IJSCA members are trained on Green Cleaning, Bloodborne Pathogens, Chemical Hazards and Medical Cleaning courses to help cleaning companies achieve a higher level of cleaning, so communities can be safe and healthy. In addition IJSCA members receive advice and support of how to develop geared training programs for training and safety practices, and there is a vast network of cleaning professionals who are always there to provide insight to new members who just got into the cleaning industry.  Therefore, it is important to make sure that the cleaning service you hire for your facilities or home belongs to a reputable organization such as the IJCSA, so you can have peace of mind from harmful illnesses.

    As stated previously, germs, bacteria, and viruses are everywhere. To keep our employees, clients, and families safe, a level of medical cleaning service is required to combat these diseases. This can be achieved when a commercial and residential cleaning service belongs to a reputable organizations such as the IJSCA because their members receive training and support of how to develop a cleaning service that can provide a superior level of medical cleaning for your health and safety.

  • 28 Jul 2021 4:32 PM | Frances Kelly
    Is there a company that specializes in Commercial Carpet and Rug Cleaning?

    Yes, IJCSA Members are the certified Pros at getting your carpet and rug back to life. Whether your carpet or rug is worn, stained or dingy, our members are here at your rescue locate them at the directory link below. Keeping your carpet and rug clean reduce the chance of dirt buildup and the chance to become sick. Our IJCSA Members pride themselves in quality work and excellent customers services! Why wait, contact a member cleaning service TODAY!

    Carpet Cleaning Directory:

    Frances Kelly

    Apply The Pressure LLC 

  • 28 Jul 2021 4:18 PM | David Han

    Medical cleaning provides us with basic best practices to prevent the spread of germs and cross contamination. Coresivity provides janitorial services for clinics and hospitals. We are well-versed in aseptic cleaning. These best practices are well suited for preventing cross contamination and can easily be adopted for commercial and residential cleaning.

    Aseptic cleaning focuses on the reduction of germs and preventing the spreading of infectious diseases. Our aseptic cleaning standards and equipment enable healthcare facilities, clinics, and medical offices to meet required cleanliness standards. Our cleaning methodology reduces the spread of pathogens. Aseptic janitorial service technicians are fully versed in the causes of cross contamination and how to prevent it. We use room and surface specific cleaning techniques. A broad-spectrum disinfectant and sanitizing agents helps maintain a healthy environment. High traffic and high touch areas such as door handles, faucets, dispensers, and restrooms are central to eliminating cross contamination and containing pathogens.

    Two-bucket mopping ensures that an approved germicidal detergent solution stays clean as long as possible during the cleaning process. This system uses 2 buckets with one designated as clean and the other designated as dirty. The mop is dipped into the clean bucket and excess water is wrung out. The baseboards, corners, and floors are mopped. Then the mop is rinsed in the dirty bucket and wrung out. The mop is then dipped in the clean bucket and wrung out again. This process is repeated until mopping is completed. Clean water and mop head will be maintained at all times and changed after mopping any unsanitary spillage such as feces, urine or other biological hazard.

    Color coding microfiber cloths helps eliminate cross contamination. Color coding should be an integral part of training for janitorial and custodial staff. It helps verify that staff are changing cleaning supplies as appropriate. It is also provides reassurance to your clients that you are serious about preventing the spread of germs and are purposeful in your approach to cleaning and sanitizing. Color coding is a combination of area and task. Red is for sanitary appliances, restroom floors, toilets, urinals. Yellow is for restroom surfaces. Green is for general food and bar cleaning. Blue is for general low risk areas such as common areas, offices, and classrooms. More colors are always an option as well.

  • 28 Jul 2021 2:34 PM | Frances Kelly

    As we implement carpet cleaning as a certified IJCSA Member, will distinguished ourselves from our competitors. Being a certified business will prove that we have the knowledge and credibility along with the know how. This certification will allow us to have a competitive edge over other businesses who are operating as a non-certified cleaning company.

    Providing this service to customers will allow us to add more benefits. These benefits includes but not limited to: 1. Extending the carpet life, 2. Allowing fewer sick days in the workplace or at home, and 3. Improving productivity in the workplace.

    Carpet cleaning will maintain and protect the carpet fittings to avoid costly repairs and/replacements.

    Also, carpet cleaning helps create a hygienic environment free from germs and other pollutants. However, dirty carpets trap dirt, debris, and disease-carrying organisms.

    Last, Clean carpets contribute greatly to productivity in your office. Your workers will not fall sick easily, which guarantees a higher output. Healthy employees tend to perform at their best!

    Frances Kelly

    Apply The Pressure LLC 

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