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Finding a Certified Green Cleaning Service Company

16 Jul 2024 10:39 AM | Andrea S & Blake G Hurlston

In today's Cleaning industry, it is essential that all cleaning company owners, particularly, members of IJCSA, have made themselves aware of the environmental situation on hand, as it relates to how the harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions being used for decades have proven to be a serious hazard to every living creature on the face of the earth. It incumbent of us to be a part of changing the mindset of the populous.

It is proven by most if not all of us, that "Going Green" is the best and safest option- in all aspects of our lives. We need to remove harmful chemicals and replace them by using all eco-friendly products.

A large percentage of consumers are in synch with this safer, cleaner way of living and therefore have an expectation of us "cleaning company owners", to ensure we have acquired a similar mindset; and are capable to deliver 100% Green Cleaning services using bio-degradeable products. 

IJCSA provides a superb educational website for its members, whereby any consumer can use its resources in Finding a Certified Green Cleaning Janitorial company in your area. International Janitorial Cleaning Service Association  online resource provides consumers with a peace of mind and satisfaction that companies listed are reputable.

IJCSA provides a broad array of training/certification courses to equip all members with the necessary knowledge to keep us current in the industry. It is important as members that we utilize the great resources provided to us. These certifications will enhance our company image whereby we showcase that we have raised the bar in the industry, setting us apart from the other "cleaning companies".

Be sure to sign up to all available certification courses offered by IJCSA by clicking on the following link:

Green Clean Home Care Services are 100% eco-friendly and chemical free cleaning company and we are ensuring we keep informed on IJSCA' member discussion forums and are embracing the relevant training courses.


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