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Health Care Disinfecting Procedures Applied in Residential and Commercial Settings

16 May 2024 1:29 PM | Jair Pineros

Healthcare facilities required special steps and procedures to clean and disinfect due to the high risk of contamination from harmful pathogens such as germs, bacteria, and viruses. How can we implement the same procedures to other areas of janitorial services? And how can we be the fore front against the spreading of diseases from these microorganisms?

Medical cleaning training procedures are effective in high risk areas where germs and viruses are present. The use of PPE and appropriate cleaning and disinfecting techniques are very important to avoid direct or indirect contact with pathogens. The same procedures could be utilize for residential and commercial cleaning to achieve better results for your own company and customers.

Cleaning methods use in health care facilities can be apply in residential cleaning. For instance, high touch areas should be disinfected in the same manner medical institutions do, as well as bathrooms and kitchen. When it comes to commercial cleaning, the same procedures for health care facilities should be use. In commercial settings high traffic areas like floors and carpets should be disinfected in a daily basis. Items like phones, computers key boards, hand rails and door knobs are a breeding ground for viruses.

Protecting our environment wheatear is home or business from harmful pathogens is essential for a good standard of living. Cleaning and disinfecting is a good habit and should always be exercised in a daily basis. As of right now, with the recent covid-19 pandemic we are aware of how important disinfecting is and how keeping a good habit of cleanliness have a positive impact in our lives.       

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