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Medical Cleaning in Residential and Commercial Spaces

05 Jul 2024 7:26 AM | Rachelle Hiltbrand

 Medical cleaning tends to be a more intense type of cleaning. It focuses on disinfecting to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. This type of cleaning is not as critical for residential and other commercial cleaning situations. However, this doesn’t mean medical cleaning cannot be applied in homes and offices spaces.

Residential spaces could benefit from implementing medical cleaning practices to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Adults and children live and spend a significant amount of time in their residential spaces making it important for these spaces to be kept clean. Most houses are not cleaned on a regular basis which can foster a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The practice of regular disinfecting and sanitizing of high touch surfaces should be implemented in residential cleaning to prevent this.

Commercial spaces could also benefit from medical cleaning practices. People spend a large portion of their day at their work. Being surrounded by coworkers and customers all day can increase the risk germs spreading from person to person. Regular handwashing that follows healthcare protocol could greatly decrease the spread of germs in the workplace. Disinfecting and sanitizing of high touch surfaces could also help with the spread of germs to help keep the workplace a cleaner and safer environment.

Medical cleaning tends to be more intensive than what residential and commercial spaces need but the same practices could be applied to these spaces to help prevent the spread of germs. Implementing the disinfecting and sanitizing procedures of healthcare facilities could help prevent the spread of germs in homes and offices. The IJCSA can help you to find a cleaning company that understand the importance of keeping every space clean and free of germs:


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