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Key Advantages of Hiring A RCS Certified IJCSA Professional

13 Jul 2024 12:04 PM | Javon Agnew

There are many advantages of hiring a cleaning person or company that has received their Residential Cleaning Service (RCS) Certification versus hiring someone that only cleans for a hobby or as a side job without certifications.  Entrusting one's home to someone that has access to updated industry guidelines and procedures is beneficial when it comes to the safety and cleanliness of the environment of one's home.  When hiring an IJCSA professional with the RCS certification, you can be assured of at least the following:  1.  Quality and intense training, 2.  Standard operation procedures, 3.  Expertise, aptitude, and professonalism, and 4. Customizable Cleaning Solutions.  This article will discuss these items and what they look like when hiring this professional individual or company.

One can rest assured when choosing a IJCSA RCS certified professional, that they are choosing someone that has had Quality Training.  They have demonstrated a vested interest in learning great techniques and utilizing effective chemicals to best clean the home.  This quality training is invaluable as they have studied for many hours and have tested to ensure their knowledge.  This training acquired is for overall cleaning, as well as certifications in two other distinct areas: bloodborne pathogens that may be encountered, and chemical hazards which address exposure to chemicals, their effects and exposure protocols. 

The RCS training also teaches IJCSA professionals of industry Standard Operations that are tried and proven for effective cleaning practices in the home.  It is always beneficial to have a professional utilize a protocol to clean because this method can be easily executed and repeatable for them which will allow ease to perform over and over.  These professionals have access to the standard as well as the special attention area practices which make the experience of cleaning the home unique.

Which brings us to the ability of an IJCSA RCS certified professional to customize a tailored or customizable cleaning solution specific to one's home.  The special attention areas that a customer would like performed can be done by this particular type of company or person because they are open to the needs of the client and have the know-how of more than just the basic cleaning.  Also customization, are the various products to utilize on specific surfaces, either client provided or otherwise.  

Achieving the Residential Cleaning Service Certification admonishes that this professional has attained the Expertise, aptitude and professionalism in order to do a great quality job for the customer.  The hours and hours spent studying, being tested, and posting articles on various subjects and specific areas is an industry standard that is second to none.  Again you can rest assured with the background checks, bonded and insured items as well as customer service that these individuals have attained, make them more than qualified to service a residential home.


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