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Harmful effects of everyday cleaning chemicals compared to green products

17 May 2024 4:10 PM | Robert&Tammy Harris

  The use of green products also referred to as eco-friendly, earth friendly and environmentally responsible. These products are much safer for us and the earth. Whether a chemical is green or not, once you clean your house or business with whatever product you choose, the chemical will start to break down or off gas. This is one area where eco-friendly products are superior. Regular cleaning products can release enough VOC's as they break down, decompose or off gas that they can effect your health, including headaches, dizziness, eye, nose and throat irritation. Also loss of coordination, damage to the liver, kidney's or central nervous system and more.

  The production and use of green cleaning products continues to grow and for good reason. The evidence backs these products. The EPA conducted a study at a school on the east coast. They found dust that contained a pesticide that was banned decades ago because it was found to cause cancer.

Harvard University's healthy building program also found a tremendous upside to using green products and having a healthy indoor air quality. They found that it increases cognitive function and increases memory retention to name two. They were also able to quantify their findings, it resulted in a $6,500 increase in productivity per employee annually. That's what it can do for a business, so think about your house. Do you work from home? Do you have kids doing homework? Do you have pets? 

  Regular cleaning products can negatively affect your finances not just your health. People can develop dermatitis, lung issues, eye issues and more, requiring you to seek medical attention. If you have pets you may need veterinarian services as well. Using cleaning products has a ripple effect. If there are hazardous byproducts produced during the manufacturing process, where does it go and what if it got into the environment. How about when your bottle is empty, do you rinse it out or dump the last little bit down the drain? Or do you just toss it in the recycle? Think about how many chemicals can be put down a drain, mop water , rinsing out a rag after wiping down the counter, cleaning your toilet, cleaning the shower, if you clean your carpets, etc. These chemicals whether regular or green don't always make it to the water treatment facility, they can go directly into a river, lake or some other water source.

  So the next time you need a cleaning product or a cleaning service. Think about the ripple effect and what you can do to stop it. The amazing companies found on IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory can help.


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