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Implementing medical cleaning into commercial and residential

14 Jul 2024 8:21 AM | Jennifer Medina

Implementing medical cleaning in residential or commercial settings can be done by first obtaining the knowledge of germs, viruses, and pathogens that can be present in a medical setting but also apply that knowledge to a residential or commercial setting. By applying this knowledge and further educating yourself, you can walk into either a commercial or residential property and be prepared for anything that may resemble a cleaning for a medical facility.

By doing this, you can also implement the proper utilization of PPE while also performing your duties. In a residential setting you would do your visual inspection, dust, and clean various surfaces. By implementing the use of PPE in residential or commercial cleaning such as goggles for example, you can clean high dust areas such as vents, light fixtures, and other areas that are located above your shoulders and protect yourself from any germs that may be harboring in these areas. 

The amount of hand hygiene that is performed in a medical cleaning setting can also be implemented. By implementing the way a professional who would clean a medical facility washes their hands each time they exit a patients room, it decreases the likelihood of cross contamination and if you were to implement this into a residential and commercial setting you would wash your hands after every room you would clean which can also decrease the likelihood of cross contamination. 

Implementing the strategies of medical cleaning into a residential and commercial setting can also improve the cleanliness and the ending result of the job and the decrease in bacteria being transferred. By focusing on high touch surfaces in a residential and commercial setting as much as you you would in a medical facility would help aid in germ control and virus control. Implementing other strategies such as using the figure eight method shown can also increase the ability of covering more surface area resulting in a more effective clean. By utilizing these strategies and PPE that are implemented in medical cleaning, cleanliness in a residence or commercial setting would be at a higher level and also decrease the never ending possibilities of being exposed to everyday germs and viruses. Finding a professional that can provide these services to you can be found through the janitorial directory:


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