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  • 14 Mar 2019 1:08 PM | Garret Penzel

    I'm looking for schools and businesses that need their carpets cleaned. I use an extractor carpet cleaner with Betco Fiberpro ES Steam cleaning solution. I service Winters and Davis in Yolo County, California.

  • 14 Mar 2019 11:12 AM | Bryan Trotman

    It's 2019, and with every passing year the general public is becoming more conscious of how chemicals have negative actions on our environment.

    In the Washington DC metro area, green certification among commercial cleaners is highly sought after, as the general population are among the most highly educated in the country.

    No matter where your business is established or frequently doing business, or who your clients are, cleaning companies are constrained to do their part in the sustainability of the earth.

    If ethics is not enough to persuade a company to have a green cleaning program, the clients that you won't obtain due to lacking a green program should be enough.  

    Find Professional Certified Green Cleaning Companies Here

  • 14 Mar 2019 7:45 AM | Katie Davenport

    Blood Borne Pathogens are pathogenic microorganisms that are present in the human body that can cause a disease in the humans. the pathogens included, but are not limited to hepatitis B which is known as the (hbv) and human immunodeficiency virus which is (hiv).

    Bloodborne pathogens can be transmitted when the blood or body form an infected person enters another person's body by needles, human bites, cuts, abrasions and through the mucous membrane such as nose and mouth. all body fluids with blood is potentially infectious.

    What I think is great about knowing what blood-borne is for is to help the safety of any staff so that if we were hurt by the many things that could happen. Staff and employees know how to protect themselves. Without this knowledge and protections staff and employees are at risk of possible death. Some of the smallest things that are normally overlooked by cleaning employees can kill them. That is why this training is so valuable. 

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  • 14 Mar 2019 6:43 AM | Thomas Wilkinson

    Environmental. Our impact on the environment we now know can and will cause issue for those generations to come every little bit we do to help reduce the harm placed on the environment reduces our foot print on the world. Saving the planet for future generations is key to a healthy future for all, this benefits everyone now and for future generations.

    Health. We have learned that the chemicals of yesterday have the ability to do and cause great harm to people and our pets and when you own a business and/or work with chemicals daily it is good to know that you, and those that will come into contact with what has been cleaned, are protected and safe from any harm due to chemicals. 

    Business advantage. Businesses do not have to adhere to Green standards and if they do they let people know about it. So, when a potential client sees that you are green clean certified that gives you an upper hand over those companies who do not state they are, because they are not and nowadays with the knowledge out that caustic chemicals are and have harmful effects people are concerned.

    Assurance. When I clean I know it is cleaned safely, I know others and myself are protected from the harm that can be caused, I know that I have done everything I can to help protect our environment. These assurances make me feel better and that shows in my work and my attitude towards is much healthier towards work and this can be seen by the client. That helps with customer satisfaction a goal we must all strive for.

    Professional Green Cleaning Certified Companies Here

  • 13 Mar 2019 6:07 PM | ZIJUN JIANG

    Mold spores are everywhere and cannot be removed completely, some people think mold is not a big problem. However, when moisture is present, mold will land on the floor, carpet, bathtub, furniture...then growing up healthily and attacking your house from their landing points. Things will be worse if they cause harmful health effects, such as allergic reactions, irritant effects, and hypersensitivity. 

    Having a mold cleaning program can eliminate the threat from molds. No need to worry that you and your house are exposed under those unknown molds and the concern of any potential health effects. Having a mold cleaning program can definitely make your house better and improve your health when needed. 

    Find A Certified Mold Removal Company Here

  • 13 Mar 2019 10:23 AM | Thomas Wilkinson

    While some states are passing laws on green cleaning products, cleaning companies are going to be faced with the fact that they can go green like these companies or eventually go out of business for not keeping with the times. As the “green clean” trend grows in demand its origins are clear and easy to grasp. In an article I read this quote: ““We should no longer be limited to repairing damage after it has been done; nor should we continue to allow the entire environment to be used as a laboratory.” – Council on Environmental Quality report published in 1971” really struck me. 

    We have known cleaning chemicals have been linked to cancer, death, water supply and ground poisoning and yet we still use them today. There are plenty of great eco-friendly products and green cleaning companies to choose from. There was a time when chemists would come up with a great solution for cleaning a product and everyone would clamber for it only to discover years down the road that it has a long-lasting detrimental effect on biological life and the environment.

    Besides all the known side effects like cancer, sterility, caustic burns take a look at this search result for study+ lungs + cleaning + agents  The evidence is out there educate yourselves on the products you/your company uses the results may just change your mind.

    Cleaning products with warning labels should be an indication to all that there is something horribly dangerous with the product, do your research on what the harmful ingredient is and then see if there isn’t an equivalent product that has no warning labels, and instead has a green cleaning solution certification sticker.  Knowledge does not have to be a factor anymore, we know, we have learned from those past mistakes and now need to practice what we learned.

    Our environment is precious to all of us and if we do not stop polluting it what will be left for our future generations. We cannot keep polluting our ground water and soil with these harmful agents at the rate we have been, or we will lose resources. We need to stop introducing harmful chemicals into our living and working spaces. To stop the effects of leaching of chemicals or the harm it can cause another human being or yourself, action has to start with each and everyone of us.

    As a cleaning company, by going green, you know that your employees are safe, the clients are safe, and you have done everything you can to reduce the chemical foot print we leave behind if we all did our part then this world we live in will be a much safer place.  Did your chemicals cost you a bit more? Could have, but boy is it worth it.

  • 12 Mar 2019 12:24 PM | Thomas Wilkinson

    OCD Cleaning is about a healthier environment for our client’s, their workers, ourselves and our planet. We all know that cleaning properly promotes a healthier space, but when caustic and harmful chemicals are used other health factors are introduced. Then while the work space is clean of germs and bacteria the chemicals left behind can have immediate or long-term effects on those who encounter them.

    OCD Cleaning prides itself on the fact that we implement Green cleaning practices which means more than just utilizing Green chemicals. That is why we are Green Clean Certified with IJSCA.ORG .

    OCD Cleaning not only uses Green Products exclusively, we also avoid the use of throw away cleaning products, set up a recycle program for trash created while cleaning. Finally, we utilize recycled goods whenever possible to replenish bathroom and kitchen supplies in the client’s space. As we all work to help reduce our foot print we leave on the environment

    Our certification from IJCSA allows our clients the peace of mind that their work spaces are safe, and OCD Cleaning is doing everything in its power to protect our environment. If you choose to go with another company hopefully you will choose one of my competitors who adheres to Green Cleaning Practices.

  • 12 Mar 2019 11:10 AM | Thomas Wilkinson

    When shopping for a company to clean your office you should consider a company that provides a “Green Solution” Like many of the companies listed here

    Why should you consider a “Green” cleaning provider - Caustic/harmful chemicals can have an immediate or long term effect on humans and our environment. I can remember when growing up in the hotel industry we had chemicals that I was not allowed to get near or use because they were so harmful they could eat through your skin in moments. Did they clean well? you bet they did. But they also left behind harmful residues and gases, I can remember having to open all the windows for a few hours to allow those to clear and one of our products actually ate through the plastic container. Times have changed, and we now know that these older chemicals have some very harmful side effects associated with them. From Cancers to poising our water systems and ground.

    If you don’t want to believe me just do a google search and you can find many articles like the ones listed below.

    When you go with a green cleaning provider you have the assurance that the space you are having cleaned is being done with safety in mind. So, when you are searching for that next cleaning company please consider one of the many great companies listed here:

    Go with a Green cleaning company so that you can be assured they are going to be using safe cleaning solutions and recycled eco friendly products.

  • 12 Mar 2019 11:07 AM | Thomas Wilkinson

    Purchasing Green certified products from an authorized dealer who has a full line of cleaning products is the first step in making certain you follow “Green” cleaning program. Reading the labels of everything purchased and ensuring the product is clearly marked as a Green qualified.

    Avoiding the use of throw away cleaning products helps reduce our global foot print on the environment. Also setting up a recycle program for trash created while cleaning. Finally utilizing recycled goods whenever possible to replenish bathroom and kitchen supplies in the client’s space. 

    Shop For Services At The Green Cleaning Directory

  • 12 Mar 2019 8:25 AM | kieron scott

    For my business, Simply Superb, I plan to use my Green Cleaning Certification in many ways. One way would be showing my future costumers not only am I aiming to be Eco-Friendly, but I took the necessary steps in becoming certified as a professional Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service

    Also, I feel as though it will increase my potential  customer gain due to the knowledge and awareness of hazardous chemicals used in the Cleaning Industry today. I will use my knowledge to promote a well-known clean and hygienic  cleaning service. 

    Find A IJCSA Green Cleaning Service Here

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