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  • 22 May 2019 12:13 PM | HL Humphries

    It is very important to wear the proper safety gear when working in an area where exposure to bloodborne pathogens is possible. You should always wear gloves and eye protection. Gowns and other protection may be needed depending on the conditions. 

    A person can contact HBV and HIV by exposure to blood and other body fluids. Care must be taken when working in an area where exposure is possible. A person should not compact the trash with hands due to the chance of sharp items with body fluids. Any one working in an area must be offered a HBV B immunization shot by their employer.

    OSHA requires a written plan for all companies working in an area where exposure to Bloodborne pathogens is possible. The plan must be available for all employees to view. 

    Learn More About Bloodborne Pathogens Here

  • 22 May 2019 6:23 AM | Edgar Ramirez

    Green cleaning has many benefits especially for your own personal and those around you. Here are 2 reasons why Green cleaning is so important. If you go green, "No longer will there be chemicals absorbed into the skin or breathed in by the person cleaning," This goes for both work and home cleaning. Second Investing in green products also makes sense for companies. The cost of environmentally friendly cleaning products has become much more competitive, while cleaning in an environmentally sound way reduces the risk of sick days for employees and the risk of fires and chemical spills. These are two reasons why we use green cleaning products in our business to ensure our customers stay healthy and also save money.

    Find IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Services Here

  • 21 May 2019 6:18 PM | John Nelson

    In today's modern world, families have become more concerned with the chemicals they come into contact with during their everyday lives. Harmful chemicals are prevalent in many industries and the cleaning industry is no exception. Cleaning chemicals can have a negative effect on human health and on the health of the environment. That's why it is important to consider the benefits of green cleaning products and procedures. 

    A residential cleaning company that makes use of green cleaning techniques can have a positive impact on the environment, the health of customers, and the cleaners who are exposed to cleaning chemicals. This has created an increased demand for green cleaning services in my area and is why I am implementing a green cleaning service. It gives cleaning businesses a way to give back to their communities by providing alternatives to traditional cleaners, which often use harmful chemicals.

    Find Professional Certified Green Cleaning Services Here 

  • 21 May 2019 3:23 PM | Thomas Wilkinson

    While some states are passing laws on green cleaning products, cleaning companies are going to be faced with the fact that they can go green like these companies or eventually go out of business for not keeping with the times. As the “green clean” trend grows in demand its origins are clear and easy to grasp. In an article I read this quote: ““We should no longer be limited to repairing damage after it has been done; nor should we continue to allow the entire environment to be used as a laboratory.” – Council on Environmental Quality report published in 1971” really struck me. 

    We have known cleaning chemicals have been linked to cancer, death, water supply and ground poisoning and yet we still use them today. There are plenty of great eco-friendly products and green cleaning companies to choose from. There was a time when chemists would come up with a great solution for cleaning a product and everyone would clamber for it only to discover years down the road that it has a long-lasting detrimental effect on biological life and the environment.

    Besides all the known side effects like cancer, sterility, caustic burns take a look at this search result for study+ lungs + cleaning + agents  The evidence is out there educate yourselves on the products you/your company uses the results may just change your mind.

    Cleaning products with warning labels should be an indication to all that there is something horribly dangerous with the product, do your research on what the harmful ingredient is and then see if there isn’t an equivalent product that has no warning labels, and instead has a green cleaning solution certification sticker.  Knowledge does not have to be a factor anymore, we know, we have learned from those past mistakes and now need to practice what we learned.

    Our environment is precious to all of us and if we do not stop polluting it what will be left for our future generations. We cannot keep polluting our ground water and soil with these harmful agents at the rate we have been, or we will lose resources. We need to stop introducing harmful chemicals into our living and working spaces. To stop the effects of leaching of chemicals or the harm it can cause another human being or yourself, action has to start with each and everyone of us.

    As a cleaning company, by going green, you know that your employees are safe, the clients are safe, and you have done everything you can to reduce the chemical foot print we leave behind if we all did our part then this world we live in will be a much safer place.  Did your chemicals cost you a bit more? Could have, but boy is it worth it.

    Find Professional Certified Green Cleaning Companies Here

  • 21 May 2019 1:05 PM | ANTHONY HOLLOWAY

    At home, especially after having children, I realized the importance of green cleaning. Considering the effect it would have on them if they got ahold of it, touching it or even just breathing in dangerous cleaning chemicals. The damages chemicals cause didn't seem beneficial enough to keep around, when there's so many alternatives that do not have a negative effect on health. 

    We plan to offer full green cleaning services for those interested. Instead of using harsh chemicals, we'll polish with an olive oil blend. Switch out stain removers for a peroxide mix. We'll explain to our customers the importance of green cleaning and help them understand the difference it has in their health and for our planet. When you think about green cleaning in detail over cleaning with harsh chemicals it just simply makes more sense. 

    Find Professional Certified Green Cleaning Companies Here

  • 21 May 2019 6:22 AM | Anthony Perales

    Green Cleaning Certification is becoming a major deciding factor when it comes to choosing a cleaning company. Nobody wants a home full of toxic chemicals that smell good for a couple days but remain toxic long after the artificial fragrance is gone .

    Green cleaning certifications can be incredibly valuable to companies that want to market their products based on environmental and health attributes. Green Cleaning Certified companies and their employees lets the customer know the products and the tools you are using contains ingredients safer for human and environmental health than conventional products. Every ingredient  a Green Cleaning certified product has must meet EPA’s rigorous science-based criteria.

    Consumer Reports found that 44% of the American adults surveyed would pay more for cleaning products they perceive to be safer for their health and the environment.  Green Cleaning certifications can help companies access this market, without falling into the trap of making vague and unsubstantiated claims that could land them in legal trouble. Plus, consumers who see the Green Cleaning label on a product will know that the claims are backed up by rigorous, independent review, so they are actually getting the safer, more environmentally friendly products they want.

    Using green products that are free of synthetic fragrances, you can reduce allergies in your workplace, not to mention the potential risks of cancer, neurological disorders and more.  Green cleaning Certification from IJCSA provides a directory of certified cleaners here on the IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory. 

    In summary, implementing Green Cleaning effectively:
    ●    Reduces pollution in our water
    ●    Maintains better air quality
    ●    Reduces exposure to allergy-causing substances
    ●    Reduces exposure to pollutants that have been found to cause cancer, neurological disorders, learning disabilities, infertility, hormonal imbalances and more.

  • 20 May 2019 3:43 PM | Rosana Constantino

    In today's world, we are constantly surrounded by toxic contaminants. The most dangerous are known as Volatile Organic Compounds and Persistent Organic Pollutants. The EPA reports that VOCs are emitted by a wide range of consumer and industrial products, among them, everyday cleaning products.

    These everyday cleaners are meant to facilitate our lives, but are, in fact, harming us. Unfortunately, we the consumers are the reason they are being manufactured. Organic chemicals are inexpensive to produce and are very effective, something very appealing to the mass production process.

    Please note that VOCs are not ingredients themselves, rather, they are gases that are constantly being released from organic chemicals used in the manufacturing process. EPA studies indicate that people who clean using products containing organic chemicals can expose themselves and others to high pollutant levels. Even after you're done cleaning, elevated concentrations can persist in the air for hours.

    The novelty of POPs is that they are highly stable organic compounds often used as disinfectants. POPs are a real problem because they persist in the environment, accumulate in human and animal fatty tissues, and are toxic to most forms of life.

    Most everyday cleaning products contain POPs as their main ingredient and are found in household insecticides and moth repellants. According to the EPA, nearly every person on earth can be shown to have detectable levels of POPs.

    There are also variants such as Persistent, Bio-accumulative, and Toxic pollutants that pose a risk to humans and wildlife ecosystems that make them horribly destructive to our planet and our health.

    Overexposure to VOCs can cause adverse health conditions such as coughing, fever, muscle aches, and allergies. High levels of VOCs and POPs have been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, and even death. The use of products that emit VOCs and POPs is also at least in part responsible for many conditions such as Sick Building Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and Asthma.

    Why then are they still being manufactured and sold to the public? The truth is that there are few regulations of these chemicals. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only tests prescription drugs and consumable products. The EPA only investigates after there have been many complaints reported. Basically, if a product ever gets to a point where it warrants an investigation, it's likely too late. Interestingly enough, the EPA already lists most VOCs and POPs as Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS), but unfortunately, chemical production continues largely unregulated.

    To protect ourselves, we need to reduce or eliminate our exposure to these substances. Some of the most toxic are found in everyday products like all-purpose cleaners, oven cleaners, and fabric softeners.

    These environmental poisons need to be replaced with non-toxic and environmentally safe counterparts, if not by the government, then by each and every one of us. For daily cleaning, baking soda and vinegar are wonderful natural alternatives that do a great job keeping things clean.

    For an ongoing green solution, you can seek out a green cleaning service provider at 


    VOC Information:

    POP Information:

    PBT Information:

    Extremely Hazardous Substances:

    Effects of POPs:

  • 19 May 2019 7:53 PM | Ariel Jala

    It is so important to find a great mold cleaning service. You want to find a cleaning service that is a good fit for your home or place you are concerned about. If you are concerned about having mold in your house there are some key areas that you should expect the company to inspect. Some of these areas include bathrooms, sinks, and window sills. Mold grows in moisture and any area that is exposed to moisture for two days is at risk for growing mold. If you leave mold than you are exposing yourself and your family to serious health problems.

    Surface areas you should have inspected are tile, wood, paper, cloth, plants, soil, and even food in the refrigerator. Mold can not only grow indoors but also outdoors at well.

    To find a great Mold Cleaning Service refer to the IJCSA Flood Damage DIrectory

    Finding A Local Mold Cleaning Service

  • 19 May 2019 7:16 PM | Ariel Jala

    The best mold cleaning product I have used is bleach. It gets rid of the mold every time no matter what surface it is on. It is very strong so I would recommend using a mask. It removes the mold quickly. 

    Directory Of Mold Cleaning Companies Here

  • 19 May 2019 6:40 PM | Ariel Jala

    The benefits of a mold cleaning program is that it can solve lot of issues especially in my hometown of Malibu,Ca.  Lots of people assume that Malibu is full of state of the art homes but in fact they are wrong. The locals who have lived there for decades have original homes that were built in the 1900s and have not been rebuilt. So many homes have so many problems but to get permits to upgrade is too expensive for so many working class families that live in the area. 

    The key to controlling mold is to control moisture. Malibu is a very moist community because it is right near the ocean. The temperature does not usually rise above 75 degrees. Having a mold cleaning program will help so many families protect themselves. It is also important to implement a mold program into schools. This program will improve so many people`s quality of life.  

    Find Professional Mold Cleaning Companies Here

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