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  • 11 Aug 2022 11:41 AM | Robert&Tammy Harris

      Did you know your carpets warranty has fine print? This fine print will usually tell you what you can and can't clean with, along with preferred methods and how often it needs to be cleaned by a carpet cleaning professional. The IJCSA Certified Carpet Cleaning Professionals clean to a higher standard. Those spots that are wicking back to the surface a few days later or the traffic lanes that just won't go away. The IJCSA Certified Carpet Pros know how to approach these stubborn carpet issues with the right methods and carpet cleaning solutions.

      CONGRATULATIONS!  Your search is over. Relax and use the IJCSA CARPET CLEANING DIRECTORY and let the stress fade away.

  • 11 Aug 2022 11:06 AM | Scotty Jones

    With the prevalence of the current Covid-19 pandemic, as professionals we are obligated to understand the importance of safe best practices.  Bloodborne pathogens are serious concerns and we as business owners must ensure our teams have been educated in these areas so they can perform their jobs properly.

    Utilizing PPE is a must especially when a spill contains body fluids, I advise my team to wear PPE regardless because you never can predict when the worst can happen.  Also, implementing an exposure control plan is vital as its important to have a set plan in place to ensure all necessary steps are taken in the event someone is exposed, gets a needlestick, etc. 

    By following OSHA mandated guidelines, having an educated workforce on the dangers of bloodborne pathogens will keep everyone safe while continuing to provide much needed services for our clientele. 

  • 11 Aug 2022 9:49 AM | Kim Worrell

    Safety is the most important thing when it comes to any work environment and cleaning is no different. When your staff has accurate and adequate information about safety protocols, it minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries. It is important that every employer keeps their employees up to date on health and safety guidelines.

    One of the most common dangers of the cleaning profession are bloodborne pathogens. Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms in human blood that can cause disease. We can be exposed to these pathogens in many different ways. Some of these possible exposures include making and unmaking beds, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms and other areas with bodily fluids, doing dishes, and much more. Laundry can often have items that are hidden and can cut your hands or fingers when you pick it up. It is important to wear protective gloves when doing laundry or handling soiled linens. Another reason to wear gloves is because you never know what fluids may come in contact with your hands. 

    If you ever think you have come in contact with a bloodborne pathogen, or you incur an injury on the job, always let your supervisor know immediately. If you are bleeding, always remove yourself from your work area to tend to your wound. Employees must always change their gloves and wash hands thoroughly before returning to work after handling any possible exposures. The universal precaution is that every patient is assumed infected to minimize risk. 

  • 11 Aug 2022 9:17 AM | Robert&Tammy Harris

      Ready to see the difference an IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified Company can make in your space?  If you are reading this then you probably are.  Wouldn't it be nice to find a cleaning company that can walk the walk and not just talk the talk? You can click on the link to find your IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified Company near you. If not please continue reading to see why you should.

      IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified Companies are committed to providing excellence, safety and consistency on a professional level of service.

      These IJCSA Green Certified Companies have the knowledge to choose the right eco friendly products, equipment and tools for your specific needs while using the best environmentally friendly cleaning practices for your environment.

      Put your mind at ease with an IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified Company. Our members understand you might be overwhelmed by the information out there. They can help you make sense of it all and answer all of your questions. You will be confident you made the right choice.

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  • 11 Aug 2022 8:35 AM | Jessica Dodds

    Blooborne Pathogen safety is important in the cleaning environment workplace. It is important for all employees and owners to be educated on the prevention of bloodborne pathogen exposure especially when working in a medical environment because exposure can lead to injury and even death.

    Important precaution is to be taken when cleaning medical offices such as wearing proper PPE including protective clothing/gowns, glove, eyewear, face shields, and facemasks. All PPE should be properly disposed after each use to prevent future infection. Workers are subject to risk of any SHARPS which refers to any type of needles, scalpel, razor, scissor, wire, rectractor, clamp, pin, staple, cutter, glass item, or anything that can potentially break skin if exposed.

    Exposure to sharps can lead to infections such as tuberculosis, diphtheria, herpes, malaria, ebola, HBV, HCV, HIV, and more. These conditions can be life-threatening illnesses.

  • 11 Aug 2022 7:21 AM | Elena Pena

    Using green, eco-friendly cleaning products can improve the air quality, reduce health and environmental concerns and sets the standard for environmentally responsible behavior. Contributing to a well thought out green cleaning practice will benefit not only client, but it will also ensure that you are reducing your impact on the environment. Your clients will appreciate this and maybe even start using green cleaning products themselves! green cleaning service directory

    To implement a good green cleaning service program you must first conduct an audit of the facility or area in which you have been hired to clean. This will help you assess which areas need the most improvement and build a comprehensive plan around this. Next is to train the cleaning staff with the use of chemical and equipment handling and cleaning procedures. Afterwards, review the progress to make sure the green cleaning program is successful and implement any changes. 

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  • 11 Aug 2022 6:38 AM | Guadalupe Gomez

        The primary benefit of Bloodborne Pathogens Training is for the health and safety of your employees.  Any custodial staff that handles sharp bins, biohazard waste, or potentially contaminated objects should know how to protect themselves against - what to do in case of exposure.  Furthermore It is for this reason any employee at risk to exposure to blood and other infectious substances be required to be Bloodborne Pathogen Certified. This Bloodborne Pathogens Certification training ensures your cleaning employees are Qualified to work in this specialized environment.  

         There is four main methods of contacting Bloodborne Pathogens.

    1.  Direct Contact- when infected fluids from one individual enters another individuals body.

    2.  Indirect Contact- happens when infected fluids from a person contaminates a surface or items that another individual will have to interact with.  

    3.  Respiratory Droplet Transmission- when an individual inhales contaminated body fluids from an infected person, for example through infected individuals breath, cough, or by sneezing around you. - Covid

    4.  Vector-Borne Transmission-  when an individuals skin is perforated by an infected source, such as getting a bite from a mosquito carrying malaria.

         It is for these reasons your employees will benefit from the training of Bloodborne Pathogens and they will be able to learn how to minimize the risk of infection against all these transmission methods.


  • 10 Aug 2022 11:09 PM | Eric Lane

    Janitorial work can be very dangerous when it comes to cleaning up hazardous materials in the workplace. You can come in contact with bloodborne pathogens directly and indirectly by touching , and  they may travel through the air when cleaning various surfaces around the workplace. Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV can be knowingly and unknowingly on surfaces around the workplaces. You and others can transport viruses from one surface to another and effect yourself and others. By not protecting yourself when cleaning and removing unwanted stains and germs from surfaces.

    Here are a few things that we should be aware of to protect ourselves and others from having bloodborne pathogens affecting our bodies. Wearing the right gear protects our body and may help keep us from transporting dangerous viruses to other places. Wearing gloves, goggles, facemask, smocks, and protective  shoes coverings can help keep us safe from getting blood-borne pathogens in our systems. We must make sure that we dispose of our protective gear or sanitize it properly for reuse to keep us safe too. Removing trash can be dangerous even though it seems very simple. Sharp objects, broken glass, needles are just some of things that may be in trash unknowingly. Hazardous waste also may be in  trash bins unknowingly to. Always handled trash bags and receptacles as if they contain sharp objects and or hazardous waste. You may not have to put them in a hazardous waste bin but handle bags accordingly you cannot always be able to tell the contents of a bag or a receptacle. After the use of equipment always make sure you sanitize your equipment including yourself. Do not leave equipment dirty and unsanitized for the next person or yourself. Hazardous bloodborne pathogens may be on equipment or even on your body from cleaning surfaces. To protect yourself and others make sure you dispose of properly gloves and other materials that are disposable that have came in contact with surfaces that are being cleaned. They may have hazardous materials on them you could not see when cleaning. Sanitize yourself as well you do not want to bring home any germ or viruses.

    This is just a few things to keep in mind when you're’ cleaning in the workplace. We don’t always know what is on the services of the areas that we are cleaning. Blood-borne pathogen’s is something that we should be aware of that they can be lurking on any surface anywhere at any time protect yourself. When we constantly take the steps to protect ourselves from bloodborne pathogens it becomes muscle memory and easy to do. It keeps us and others around us healthy and safe.

  • 10 Aug 2022 9:28 PM | Darnell Gooch

    It is important for cleaning employees and staff to know about bloodborne pathogens because anyone exposed to them are at risk for serious or life-threatening illnesses. Bloodborne pathogens are infectious microorganisms present in blood that can cause disease in humans.

    Follow standard precautions to help prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens and other diseases whenever there is a risk of exposure to blood or other body fluid.The Bloodborne Pathogens standard (29 CFR 1910.1030) and CDC's recommended standard precautions both include personal protective equipment, such as gloves, gowns, masks, eye protection (e.g., goggles), and face shields, to protect workers from exposure to infectious diseases

    Universal Precautions and Safe Work Practices are infection control guidelines designed to protect all individuals from exposure to illness and disease. In order to be safe, assume that all blood, body fluids, tissues, and secretions are infectious.

    The cleaning companies found on the IJCSA JANITORIAL SERVICES DIRECTORY know how to keep you protected.


  • 10 Aug 2022 6:41 PM | Keith Brown

    In todays world thousands of janitorial services are hard at work trying to curb the spread of Covid-19. We at EDA have been in the deep cleaning and biohazard remediation industry for thirty years and find that more and more clients are looking for Green solutions in trying to disinfect their spaces at work and at home.

    By implementing an array of Seventh generation products out of Vermont we have increased sales and brought on more clients that are satisfied and happy to use our services.

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