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  • 06 Mar 2019 5:31 PM | Tykee McDonald-Willis

    Green Cleaning is coming to a city near you! And i'm not talking about what they claim to be green cleaning. Non-toxic cleaning utilized by a certified person to perfection. Going green when it comes to cleaning can be so beneficial to you, your family, friends, loved ones, and even co-workers. Do your research before you choose a Professional Green Cleaning Company.

    Many companies use very publicly recognized cleaners. Have you asked what makes them "Green"? When going green you should also be aware of some of the dangers you are avoiding from everyday cleaners. Pat yourself on the back because you've just made an awesome decision. Let us change the world one cleaning at a time. 

    Find Professional Certified Green Cleaning Services Here

    Learn More About Green Cleaning Here

  • 06 Mar 2019 2:01 PM | Joe Isenberg

      Knowing about the risks of bloodborne pathogens is critical in the cleaning industry. Bloodborne pathogens can be easily spread if protective procedures are not followed properly.

      Blood, vomit, saliva and other bodily fluids may be infected with bloodborne pathogens that can cause HIV and Hepatitis B and it is for this reason that specific guidelines must be followed in cleaning and removal. Splashing with a mop can spread the pathogens about the area and enter the mucus membrane through the nose, mouth, eyes or skin. 

      Needle bins, trash receptacles and hazardous waste must be handled with care in order to prevent injury and exposure as well. International guidelines, if followed, may prevent or reduce infectious waste exposure. Wearing disposable gloves and eye protection play a strong role in prevention.

    More Info On Bloodborne Pathogens

  • 06 Mar 2019 7:28 AM | Tierney Mokos

    Being Green Cleaning Certified is without a doubt life changing. It's satisfying to know i'm making a positive impact toward the health of others, myself, and the environment. After all, the amount of toxic chemicals in the world today is unsettling. 

    I knew being Green Cleaning Certified would benefit me after my first study session. Being aware of our surroundings is very important, although there does seem to be a lack of observation in society these days.  Of course i've known there are plenty of hazardous products used and consumed today, but once reading how many solvents and other petroleum based chemicals have been shown to cause brain or other nerve damage (with repeated exposure) and "In the average American home, around 63 synthetic chemical products can be found", both stated by the IJCSA Green Certification course, I evoked an urge to protect myself, others, and the planet as a whole. (I must admit the motivation boost was somewhat of a surprise, yet suitable.) The green path has enlightened me to make a difference.

    If i acknowledge others on unknown, or maybe even overlooked, risks maybe it will reverse caused harm to their health. If not the case or beside from reverse health risks, applying green practices may (at the least) improve morale and/or lost optimism within the degradation of the planet. More often than not, people want to change or make a difference in the world. Further, less use and/or production of damaging products to the ecosystem would help reduce global warming and overall serve the environment. Follow this Green Cleaning Services link to find others making a green difference today.

    The damages of repeated exposure to toxic products seem a high price against avoidable and eco-friendly alternatives. Being Green Cleaning Certified offers benefits in a domino-like manner, starting with the individual. As health risks reduce and self-esteem increases with the green lifestyle and or certification, others recognize and are more likely to repeat such behavior. Ultimately the environment benefits from the healthy habits of its inhabitants. I imagine these events could show vigorous changes in Ecology--the interdisciplinary scientific study of the interactions between organisms and the interactions of these organisms with their environment (Green cleaning certification course). It's pleasing to know my habits are healthy for not only me, but my surroundings too.

  • 05 Mar 2019 6:25 PM | Roxanne Crockett

      Our company is honored and privileged to be IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified.  We can now be productive in our environment by becoming eco-friendly.  Our customers will benefit from better environmental and air quality as well as productivity.  

      We use only green cleaning products!  Our company use several green sealed certified products. For window cleaning, we use a product called "bio-renewable".   We use a foam hand soap that is green certified.  We also use "Spartan Xcelente" as a floor care disinfectant. These products will be used in all of our accounts. 

      We plan on ensuring that all of our employees are green certified and implementing the processes efficiently and effectively.   

    Find Green Cleaning Certified Companies Here

  • 05 Mar 2019 3:56 PM | Katie Davenport

                Janitorial employees need training in bloodborne pathogens prevention because as they clean various buildings from business offices to medical offices there is always potential to being exposed to bloodborne pathogens from accidental bodily fluid spills or needles or other similar medical devices that are not properly disposed of in biohazard bins.  Janitorial employees need to be prepared to prevent exposure and also what to do should they be exposed.  

                Training in how to recognize a potential hazard and how to properly handle said hazard should be provided by the employer to the employee.  Should an employee encounter a needle they should be wearing appropriate medical equipment and should handle the needle carefully and dispose of in a proper sharps bin that is labeled and has a lid.  Proper personal preventative equipment can include masks, gloves, gowns, face shields and/ or protective eyewear.   Those who are at a higher risk of exposure can also consider vaccinations to help reduce risk of exposure.  

                Employers should have a plan on how to respond to potential exposure and should keep record of any needle sticks (sharps injury log) or exposure and medical records associated with at work exposure.  Should an employee get stuck by a needle or have a pathogen enter thru broken skin, mouth, nose, or eyes needs to quickly wash out the pathogen with water (soap and water for skin) and seek medical attention.  After handling any item that is used to clean up a spill should be properly disposed of as well as protective equipment and hands should be washed with soap and water before putting on new protective equipment and continuing with assigned tasks.  

                With proper training in prevention and response the risk of contracting bloodborne illnesses while providing janitorial services can be greatly reduced.  With knowledge attained from training a person is able to make better decisions while at work to prevent themselves and others from exposure.  

    Learn More About Bloodborne Pathogen Training Here

  • 05 Mar 2019 8:43 AM | Tierney Mokos

    A green cleaning program shines with plenty of benefits. Not only is the environment affected by toxic chemicals, but human health is at risk as well. "Green cleaning", or the use of environmentally friendly cleaning methods, may help reduce the great amount of toxic chemicals which harm humans and the environment daily. Having a green cleaning program is highly beneficial.

    Making the world a better place is truly satisfying. If everybody just makes a small change it has a big impact on the earth. To start, reducing resource usage and pollution can bring acknowledgment from the community. Green cleaning improves self-esteem and efficiency in residents. Improved health becomes fewer sick days taken by employees. Liability from worker safety issues is reduced too. You see, green cleaning practiced by humans can both benefit their health and environment. Plus, benefits are increasing with more eco-friendly products now available. 

    Find Professional Certified Cleaning Companies Here

  • 04 Mar 2019 6:51 PM | Kelly Pitcher

    Bloodborne pathogens are incredibly dangerous and having a knowledgeable and trained staff is extremely important in preventing the spread of them.  Having trained employees is priceless, the smallest of mistakes or oversight could have life long effects when it comes to proper cleaning techniques and disposal of contaminated material. 

    Most anyone can clean up a spill or bodily fluid accident and have the area look clean again but having the knowledge to actually remove any health risks by properly disinfecting, protecting yourself during the clean up and knowing the steps to take to prevent spreading any contamination are very important.  If an employee without the knowledge and training were to mop an infected area and not disinfect the equipment being used and then used it elsewhere they would put themselves and everyone that comes into contact with those areas at risk.  

    Taking the approach that all bodily fluids are contaminated takes any guess work out of the equation and creates a safe and clean environment for everyone. Proper training makes you and your company an asset to any other company and is worth the investment. 

    Learn More About Bloodborne Pathogens Here

  • 04 Mar 2019 4:36 PM | Rosario Pezzulo

    At Newline, our goal is to set a tidy, sanitized space that enhances your day-to-day whether at home or work.

    Working with a variety of eco-friendly cleaning products from environmentally-conscious brands, we avoid harsh chemicals like ammonia, bleach, and chlorine.

    What’s more, by using highly-absorbent microfiber cloths instead of paper, we not only help control indoor allergens but help reduce paper waste as well.

    We're now officially Green Cleaning Certified by IJCSA!

    Learn more about our eco-friendly cleaning services at:

  • 04 Mar 2019 4:18 PM | Rosario Pezzulo

    It's no secret that conventional cleaning products such as Mr.Clean, Lysol, and Formula 409 multi-purpose cleaners, among others, pack a chemical punch.

    Products like these contain ammonia, bleach, chlorine, and other toxics known to wreck havoc on human health and the environment as they release high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) known to pollute the airways in your home or commercial facility.

    But is there a safer alternative to these products? Can we still get the job done without compromising so much? Sure we can!

    Green cleaners clean just as good-if not better-and you can make them yourself! Yes, you heard right! Mixing lemon and vinegar, for example, make for a great multi-purpose cleaner that can easily clean a sticky mess, leaving a fresh odor behind.

    Another option is to use plant-based cleaners from eco-friendly brands like Method, Mrs. Meyer's, and Better Life.

    Either way, natural is the way to go! Help yourself by finding a green cleaning service provider in IJCSA's Green Cleaning Directory:

  • 04 Mar 2019 7:48 AM | clayton harrelson

    With many of us knowing the harmful effects mold can do, it is alway good to have a mold cleaning program.  The health risks associated with prolonged exposure to mold are numerous. Having your home cleaned by a professional will ensure that you are living in a much healthier environment. You cannot put a price on your health and continued exposure to mold is dangerous. Despite what others may tell you no one can tell if a particular mold has mycotoxins or could cause you, or your family, any health problems. To know this stuff mold needs to be tested and you must see your doctor. 

    When a professional mold cleaning company comes to your home to clean for mold, they know exactly what they are looking for because they are experienced in the business. Many people think they can take care of cleaning mold on their own but no matter how hard you try, your cleaning of mold cannot compare to that of a professional. Proper mold remediation does not just contain the cleaning of the mold but also includes getting airborne mold spores down to acceptable levels with the proper HEPA filtration equipment. 

    Find Professional Certified Mold Removal Experts Here

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