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  • 06 Oct 2022 9:40 PM | Jessica Laurindo

    Universal precautions are safety precautions used with every client. Since you cannot identify every client who may transmit infection, you must treat all human body fluids as if they were known to be infectious. Handwashing is the single most effective means of preventing the transfer of infection.

  • 06 Oct 2022 8:28 PM | William Green

    How Important Are Janitors & Janitorial Staff To Our Daily Lives

    Janitors are extremely important to our day to day lives. Just think without janitors, going to the hospitals with bodily fluids and trash everywhere. I can tell you now that you would probably walk out. Or what about going to the grocery store and seeing trash and old food all over the floor, again you would probably walk out.

    Janitors make up the back ground of the world but without janitors the world would be a complete mess. Mostly every company in the world that allows customer access to their facility should understand that customer service starts with a clean waiting area.  If you agree, you are at the right place. Please see IJCSA's Janitorial Service Directory- for all your janitorial needs.

    Before I let you go, you should understand when go to the bank, gym, store, or even events that it take a lot of effort from great men and women to have cleaned up the place so you could enjoy the best experiences of your lives.   Please see a janitor, thank a janitor.

  • 06 Oct 2022 7:02 PM | Fatima Escalante

    It is important for cleaning employees to be aware of bloodborne pathogens and the risks that come from them. But first we need to understand what they are. Bloodborne pathogens are disease-causing microorganisms in human blood which include HBV and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

    It's essential for employers to have knowledge on the procedures that are used to be cautious to help prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens. One way could be by taking special training classes to increase their knowledge on precautions they can take. Without these training classes the employees could be at risk of getting infected if the proper measures aren't taken.

    In conclusion following the right steps when dealing with body fluids/ blood could prevent life threatening diseases in the workplace. 

  • 06 Oct 2022 3:34 PM | Anthony Epps

    When it comes to cleaning healthcare facilities, know-how and what to use to properly clean the hospital and maintain a clean environment for the patient and staff. For cleaning company to clean a hospital, they should be certification in cleaning and healthcare location. OSHA has set up good practices to follow.

    Following the polices from OSHA can ensure the cleaning services is properly being used. PPE use can help prevent cross containment. Cleaning to top to bottom and clockwise cleaning a room. Disinfection solution to wipe down hard surfaces and soft surfaces. Gloves should be changed every three-patient room. Washing hands is important to reduce the risk of diseases, such as HBV, HCV, HIV. 

    For more information on this topic Janitorial Service Directory.  In addition to practices the CDC guidelines for are healthcare environments. Medical cleaning certification is essential in the upkeep of a clean hospital.

  • 06 Oct 2022 2:10 PM | Darnell Gooch

    Janitors and cleaning staff play a huge role in our daily lives by providing a healthy environment by preventing the spread of pathogens, improving indoor air quality, and maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. Keeping spaces clean, organized, safe and hygienic is what my business services excels at the best.

    Cleanliness is always a plus to every establishment. A place kept clean gives any customer the idea that the owner of the establishment as well as the janitorial services provider, always sees to it that everything is well-maintained.

    These janitors help provide a sustainable working environment. Working in a clean environment can help you think clearly because the working area is organized and clean. Seeing all the mess on your working won’t help you think clearly, it will only add up to the stress that you are feeling.

    find other fellow Janitors/Custodians at

  • 06 Oct 2022 11:06 AM | Javier Velez

    Cleaning employees and staff are very important day to day in the working industry.Their job entails keeping Hospitals, Government Buildings, Residences and alot of working places free from deteriorating especially from hazardous waste and pollution.Day by day more professionals in this field are needed.

    Cleaning employees and staff such as Custodians, Janitors, Hospital and Residential Aides and  Nurse Assistants all must be well-trained in proper universal precautions(Universal Precautions are established by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommending that blood and other bodily fluids from all patients be considered potentially infectious and that infection control be taken to minimize the risk of exposure.This is the approach taken by OSHA in Bloodborne Standard) and dispose of all applicable local,state and federal regulations for infectious waste disposal.

    It is a proud job description that of cleaning employees have from many venues in the working industry. OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Association) regulates many laws and regulations for said workers so that they can take the time to learn more about the OSHA Bloodborne Standard (Guidelines to help eliminate exposure whether when coming in contact with someone's blood or body fluids, getting rid of trash, doing laundry, cleaning and removing spills and blood or cleaning up after a child to prevent serious illness or death from contamination).

  • 06 Oct 2022 9:20 AM | Marcus Gray

    In my current job (Maintenance - Janitorial/Custodial), I find that having knowledge of a lot of things can be tedious, but working with bodily fluids, even blood, to be essential to protect myself and others.

    Wearing PPE is a must, as well as being able to use disinfectants and antiseptics. My job requires all employees to learn about bloodborne pathogens to make sure everyone is safe, and it's constantly reported, as we don't want someone getting something like HBV, HCV, or HIV.

    I find it extremely important, not just only as a safety precaution for myself, but my partner as well as they are immunocompromised, but so that way they protect themselves as well, and we can determine what happened. Without such, the spread of certain things would potentially be much greater and could cause harm outside of our workplace.

  • 06 Oct 2022 8:12 AM | David Sartin

    There are many advantages to hiring someone to clean your home. It frees up more valuable time to spend with your families and relieves a great deal of stress that goes with having to come home from working all day and cleaning the entire house. 

    However, just hiring someone to clean your home does not relieve all of the stress. Now you are worried about if the cleaner will do everything the right way, if they may try to steal from you, or any number of other questions that may run through your mind.

    This is why it is important to not just hire anyone but, a professional certified cleaner. Someone who has been rigorously tested on the current methods of proper cleaning and sanitation techniques. Someone who has practical, real world experience that actually does this for a living.

    Every member of the IJCSA has this expertise. Cleaning certifications are available to every member organization and member from Chemical Hazard Training to Master Cleaning Certifications. We are meticulously trained and tested on every aspect of professional cleaning from residential to commercial and everything in between. Professional cleaners are dedicated, properly insured, and certified to do every job.

    Those are the key advantages to hiring an IJCSA Residential Cleaning Specialist. No smoke and mirrors only integrity, loyalty, and selfless service for our chosen profession.

  • 06 Oct 2022 6:55 AM | Erica Winder

    Win Services operates in the South Florida coast. We are specialists in vacation home rental cleaning. We are committed to the balance of the social, economic and environmental dimensions, offering the best living conditions for the current and future generations. We looked for the best company to certify and found Finding A Green Cleaning Service, where we found a committed and responsible partnership. You can also bring this benefit to your company by accessing:

  • 06 Oct 2022 6:17 AM | Robert&Tammy Harris

      Pure Green Janitorial is IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified! What does that mean for you? It gives you confidence that when you pay for a green cleaning service you are getting a company that has the knowledge to protect you, your buildings and your occupants, providing you with the best value. Pure Green Janitorial understands the vast benefits of using green cleaning, that's why we only provide green cleaning to our customers. We make it easy for you to make a positive impact on the environment and possibly impress your boss, improve your public image, reduce your footprint, increase your bottom line and more.

      At Pure Green Janitorial we use smart routes to clean facilities using the least amount of gas. We also strive to be a zero landfill company or as close to it as possible. We use cleaning tools and equipment that provide longevity and less chemicals (such as eco floor scrubbers and rags that allow us to clean glass/mirrors with just water). When purchasing cleaning chemicals we consider packaging, third party certification, pollution in manufacturing process (i.e. toxic by products), and can it be 100% recycled once empty.

      Employees are trained to use eco-friendly practices by not overusing chemicals and folding rags to get maximum amount of use, which means fewer loads of laundry, detergent and less water. Employees also have access at each location to a set of clean cards that are specific to each location. These clean cards cover what chemicals to use where along with the proper equipment and procedures for each area. This helps ensure consistent cleaning in case a new or seasoned cleaner forgets something they don't have to guess. It also helps a supervisor or floater that has not been to that account in a while.

      Pure Green Janitorial continuously monitors and updates any and all aspects of our green program when improvements are made to chemicals, equipment, and cleaning practices.

      Pure Green Janitorial will always strive to exceed and redefine the norm.

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