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Justice for Janitors Campaign Begins Bargaining With Denver Cleaning Contractors for Better Wages, Work Conditions

15 Jul 2021 6:10 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

Yesterday, SEIU Local 105’s bargaining team began their first day of negotiations with several Denver cleaning contractors to push for better wages and working conditions for janitors.

Meanwhile, several dozen janitors congregated at SEIU Local 105’s office in a show of support for their negotiators.

“Janitors feel like they’re in a good position. They really feel like they put their lives on the line last year, on the front lines of the pandemic,” said David Fernandez, Communications Director at SEIU Local 105. “Also, just the costs of commercial real estate, of building, in our downtown has just gone up in that time, so there’s really no reason why we shouldn’t be paying our janitors a living wage, why we shouldn’t be ensuring better protections for them.”

More at source: Colorado Times Recorder

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