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Electrocuted window cleaner 'incredibly strong'

31 May 2024 8:01 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

Electrocuted window cleaner 'incredibly strong'

A window cleaner who survived a 33,000-volt shock at work faces a "massive" surgery to save both his legs.

Jason Knight, 34, from Westbury in Wiltshire, was left with severe injuries when an electrical current jumped from an overhead power cable to his cleaning pole as he was cleaning a customer's windows on 6 April.

He was airlifted to Southmead Hospital where he has remained since, undergoing at least 20 operations.

His father John Knight, 58, told BBC Radio Wiltshire his son had "loads of fight in him" and was focusing on being able to return home to his family.

"Jason is incredibly strong," Mr Knight said.

"He's stronger than me, he's stronger than a lot of people mentally.

"He's going to do everything he can, he said, to eventually get home and see his children."

Father of three Jason, who had owned his own window cleaning business for two years at the time of the incident, was "catapulted" through the air when the deadly current jumped from an overhead cable above a customer's garden.

More at source: Yahoo News

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