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Cleaning Up Contamination: What Happens To Meth Houses

10 Jul 2018 8:13 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

A hazmat suit and respirator is what Jared Herbert typically wears to work. If passersby ask what he is working on, he tells them he’s just cleaning a house. Or taking care of a residential chemical contamination.

Meth Decontamination 01

He never gives the real reason why his cleaning crew travels in unmarked vans to rip out carpet, scrub air ducts or load furniture into a dumpster.

“We keep it as discreet as we can,” he explained. “You want to know that someone has meth in your neighborhood, but you also don’t want to know, you know?”

Herbert works as a foreman for Meth Mob, a local Provo decontamination company focused on cleaning “meth houses.” He travels across the state to clean all kinds of houses who report having high measures of meth contamination. His crew and asbestos-cleaning crews wear the same garb.

More at source:  Herald Extra

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