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Nearly 50 Eli Lilly janitors, others removed from rally for higher wages, health care

29 Oct 2018 9:28 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

SEIU organizers told IndyStar contract negotiations with SBM Management Services, the company that contracts the staffers to Downtown companies, have stalled. SEIU organizers say it comes down to SBM asking Lilly for funds to help cover the cost of raises and benefits.

Janitors And Supporters Protest At Eli Lilly

Perkins, a 36-year-old single father of two, works 80-hour weeks at two janitorial jobs to make ends meet. Among the group removed by police Thursday, Perkins told IndyStar before the demonstration that he felt compelled to speak up.

“This new turn, this new movement, this new fresh air of confidence," he said, "and making sure that we get the message across that we’re just as human as y’all are."

More at source: Indy Star 

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