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Janitors Are Our Invisible Heroes

14 Nov 2018 10:31 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

Those who keep the spaces we occupy clean and functioning are incredibly important. Schools, offices and hospitals and other public places obviously don’t clean themselves. The people who take on this dirty job are janitors and their work should never go unnoticed, but often does. A common narrative around janitors is that their jobs are deemed unimportant. Because of this, their work isn’t acknowledged in the way that it should be.

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A person’s work is theirs and deserves to be recognized. Even though it may not be “conventional,” it’s still a job. But why are janitorial jobs considered “unconventional” in the first place? I think that they have been deemed this in society because there is the connotation that cleaning up after others isn’t a job worthy of acknowledgment. However, there’s more to a janitorial job than cleaning up after someone. Without janitors, facilities wouldn’t be able to operate in the ways that they are supposed to on an everyday basis.

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