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'Uber of house cleaning' app launches in Edmonton

04 Jan 2019 1:34 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

A new Edmonton-based app aims to become the "Uber of house cleaning."

"Everyone has watched the growth of Uber and Skip the Dishes and all these other on-demand services and, for whatever reason, ... no one has really touched cleaning," said Angus Gastle, CEO of CleanNow on CBC's Radio Active.

"Maybe it's not sexy or maybe they don't understand it."

Handy, a cleaning service app developed in the New York, is available in Toronto and Vancouver, but, for now, there still isn't a service like this available across Canada, Gastle said.

CleanNow launched in Edmonton in November with plans to expand to Calgary and then across Canada, he said. 

Gastle said he has already connected with 5,000 cleaners throughout the country.

More at source: CBC

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