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Government cleaning contractors may not get paid back after the shutdown is over

20 Jan 2019 7:51 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

Government cleaning contractors may not getpaid back after the shutdown is over.

"Let’s say I have a janitorial service and I clean buildings for Tinker Air Force. If the government shuts down, so they no longer hire me…my company to do that and I no longer send employees to do that work…those employees, I’m not going to get paid as a company for work that wasn’t performed which means those employees that work for me, they’re not going to get paid for work that wasn’t employed," he explained. "It can be rough. Some are having to look for second jobs or maybe first jobs.

Maybe they’re looking to do something else and this is something people need to keep in mind. Sometimes working for a federal contract might sound like, oh this is going to be good. This is going to be stable. But there are times when you have conflict in government that are causes these types of periods."

More at source: KFOR

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